Next week really is shaping up to be something extraordinary, in already extraordinary times.  Human Design transits operate very differently to astrology.  In that beautifully contained circle that is the zodiac, everything has it’s obvious circular path that creates obvious angles and connections.  In Human Design the movement and connections can seem very random, even chaotic.

For example, Jupiter is retrograde in Taurus.  So far, so good.  In Human Design he is in the Ajna Centre opening our minds to the possibility that though we may feel like we’ve been here before, in fact many times before, if we just look a little more closely we’ll see doorways we never imagined that will open at a touch.


In two days time, at 4.30 on the morning of the 11th October UT, Jupiter moves ever so slightly in the horoscope and makes a gigantic jump to the Sacral Centre in the Human Design chart.  The elements of it’s position in the Ajna Centre are Earth over Thunder.  In it’s new position in the Sacral Centre the elements are Mountain over Thunder.   The first represents endless cycling, the second a balancing of stillness and movement. In both there is the sense of constant change with the appearance of not going anywhere new.

Within an hour of this shift, Jupiter is joined by Mercury, creating a connection between the Sacral and the Spleen Centres in a channel that denotes a new era, a new culture that is more attuned to the needs for care and nurturing.  Until late on the 14th October, this energy is about thoroughly purging and abolishing the old system that no longer nourishes the people (hello to those occupying Wall Street!).   After that we will be taking extraordinary action to prop up our ‘house’, to redesign our home.  We can sit on the floor, without fancy furniture, so long as we are loved, supported and nourished. If we cling to our need for status or empty refinement we will put ourselves in danger of recreating the old order.


The immensely powerful backdrop to this process involves the Earth, Uranus, Saturn and Haumea.   And here we see how the Human Design transits can appear chaotic and random, compared to the apparent elegance of astrology.  Uranus is still hovering over the Aries Point – where, according to astrologer Eric Francis, the personal and political intersect. This puts it in the Gate of Innocence in the Ji Centre – the heart and home of unconditional love in the Human Design chart.


Around 9pm on 8th October UT, the Sun and Earth shift so that the Earth makes a channel with Uranus.   This is no ordinary channel, but one that connects the ego self with the heart self; it is a channel that guarantees us the courage to step into a higher octave of being.  It’s also a channel that creates unexpected, even shocking events, or which at least leaves us open and sensitive to experiencing things in a way that shocks us.  Suddenly we see things in a new light, from a new perspective and ….  OH!!!!   Uranus adds hugely to the capacity of this activation to yield up the unexpected, the sudden shift, the shocking opening to consciousness.  The Earth brings the capacity to embody the shift.  They stay in this position until around  midday on 14th October UT.


Let’s take a look at where the Sun is.  Directly opposite the Earth astrologically speaking, we find the Sun in the Spleen Centre, in a gate with two huge luminaries – Saturn and Haumea.  While Uranus isn’t opposite Saturn and Haumea, it’s transiting in a channel with the Earth, which is opposite Saturn and Haumea, if you see what I mean.   So the effect is similar, and I expect we will find an edge of the traditional bun fight between freedom fighter Uranus and conservative Saturn (hello again to those occupying Wall Street).


On a more personal note, remember the personal is intersecting the political here, so look for where you are expecting others to take responsibility for your nurturing and nourishment because you are way too intent on fighting the endless war for freedom from your own illusory authority figures.  The effect of this transit will be at it’s greatest when the Sun is exactly conjunct Saturn at 6pm on 12th October, in Gate 57 line 6.  This gate calls us to the knowing inherent in our body, in our cells.  We are learning to trust it over and above the stories we are told of economic doom and gloom and the need to work harder, longer, and for far less as the only path to our personal survival.  (Hello to those occupying Wall Street).


So enjoy the next few days, ride the waves of change with the knowledge that we’ve build a solid foundation, a wonderful relationship with ourselves and each other and that the outcome can only benefit humanity.



Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.