The two most beneficial planets in your Human Design chart are Venus and Jupiter. Flight20body20in20sandrom 8th till 14 June they share a channel that sets up an opportunity, a challenge, an opening to something completely new. 

But between now and then we have a few other momentous transits that create the necessary groundwork.

How Not To Be A Hero

On 6th June 2015, Mercury retrograde moves into Gate 20, creating a channel with Saturn retrograde, in Gate 34. They stay together until 13 June.

This is a channel of power. In the past we were encouraged to ‘make’ things happen. We were taught to rush and force and bend life to our will. This was the hero’s way and the only condoned pathway to success. Those who didn’t take action were suspected of slacking off and would not succeed, according to the hero’s story.

But merely because you can act, does not mean you should! Staying aware and animated by your purpose will keep you in touch with the bigger picture, your role in the evolutionary trajectory of life itself.

This transit is about learning the magic of moments – one after the other, filled with wonder. Here we create space, where we can pause and respond consciously. Here we can shift old patterns, and choose joy, peace, abundance. Here we can resurrect parts of ourselves long lost to numbness and the impossibility of making their presence felt in the world. Here we can take a breath and remember how blessed we are.


 Money Money ……  Support and Nuturing

On 5th June 2015 Mars shifts into Gate 45. The Sun also moves into the same gate on 8th June. This is important for 2 reasons.

women in money bathFirstly, this is what’s known as The Money Gate. Both Pandora and Persephone have been shifting our relationship with money in June. I suspect this transit was more influential for women, simply because of the feminine archetypes activating it.

Secondly, because Ceres is in Gate 19 in the same circuit as Mars. Ceres has been in Gate 19 since 11 May, and I’ve been noticing how powerfully it is affecting people.

Gate 19 activates our security fears – do we have enough money/food/support to survive?

There’s been a tremendous amount of fear stirring around in the collective unconscious since the beginning of May. You may have been feeling your share of it!  Ceres also stirs up rage and grief, so those feelings may be your clue to where you fear being rejected for not being enough.

Richard Rudd views the energy of this gate as the breaking down of religious ideas that god is outside us, and we must behave in certain culturally and religiously approved ways in order to get the benefits of being part of the ‘tribe’ – ie. food and shelter and companionship. In this world view we are incapable of meeting our own needs without complying with the communal rules.

Unfortunately, we usually have to kill something off or tell a story making it bad, if we want to follow all the rules. What parts of yourself have you been feeling are wrong? How can you make them the best thing since sliced bread? What’s the upside?

In the traditional I Ching, Gate 19 represents the approach of a greater spirit, a great and growing presence of source energy in our lives. It asks for your full participation in bringing it to fruition. But rather than focusing on results, it asks you to wait patiently and nurture it as it grows into fullness.

This is a new way to manifest, and it shifts us internally as well as demanding that we do a relationship upgrade. No more playing out our powerlessness to provide for ourselves. No more feeling we are responsible (like God) for another’s survival or wellbeing.

We have been tossing and turning between pushing forward with massive action or opening to the gentle nurturing energy thas been flooding the planet (and our bodies) for the past month. The second option – opening to being nutured – naturally aligns us with organic processes of growth, so we’re not madly pushing to get step 8 happening, while at the same time putting inordinate amounts of energy into avoiding engaging with step 3. Because, hey step 3 is way too scary so lets just use our will to avoid it and pretend we’re doing something productive. Move along to steps 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 .. nothing to see here. If we just make ourselves busy enough it will all work out. Surely?!?

Ceres in Gate 19 has been bringing up all those places we have been avoiding in our old survival mode. Our desire is to be part of a nurturing group/family/community/tribe/relationship where we are loved and supported. What’s coming to our conscious attention is the reality that we get to slow down and feel the goodness in the very air we breathe, rather than freak out and rush to do what we’ve always done when we’re afraid.

There are steps in the process of creation that need our attention and we no longer need to be afraid to address them.


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Show Me My Divine Design!

Are You Ready To Believe In Yourself? 

outiharmaSo now we’ve set the scene for the beneficient Venus and Jupiter event, which begins on 8 June. This transit brings a huge influx of self confidence.

Over the past few weeks Mercury has been drawing out the poison that was gunking up our faith in our own capacity to succeed. In particular we have begun to see the unseen evidence of how wonderful we are. Either through others bringing it unexpectedly to our attention, or through our own efforts at focusing more on what is good in our own lives and efforts.

We’ve also been more attuned to the experiences of goodness, regardless of external evidence. Feeling good is a choice, believing in beneficial outcomes from our efforts is a choice. We’re learning how to create from the inside out, so that the outside is not the only reflection of our success. We’re learning to trust that things are shifting, even though we can feel but not see those shifts.

This is a more subtle, and more feminine, mode of creation becoming available to us. And at it’s heart is relationship. Part of this new way of relating is a more gentle interpretation of who we are and how we are valued. Enter Venus, stage left!

Venus in Gate 31, the Gate of Influence, augurs in a more feminine way of relating – to ourselves, others and our environment. We feel more open and available to be moved by more subtle influences. We have to make room for them, allow our actions to be informed by them. (And one hint, sometimes ‘action’ means relaxing, walking on the beach, seeing a movie).

We are able to almost magically step past divisiveness, opposition and aggression. We are impulsed to keep the right company, build the right relationships, nurture the right friendships. This is a time to be called and moved. It is always an encounter with something new.

Your New Story and Purpose

When we put Venus and Jupiter together we get expansion (Jupiter) of harmony, sincerity, beauty and relatedness (Venus). We get a new story (Jupiter) of our value in relationship to others (Venus). We get la dolce vita .. the sweet life filled with everything we enjoy. But Jupiter demands we take advantage of the opportunities he is sending our way. And Venus demands we are sincere and truthful with ourselves and others about what we value.

Jupiter in Gate 7 line 5, the Gate of The Army, brings optimism and trust and generosity and new learning. We are becoming more confident of our own opinions, our gifts and talents. We can see our own leadership potential within the big evolutionary picture. What are we called to? What new sense of purpose is arriving?

This is a time when everything revolves around a central objective in your life. Your inner and outer resources are being realigned and reordered in accordance with it. It’s up to you now. Can you make room in your life for this more subtle pathway to success? What new story does it require you to tell about yourself and your life? Go do some re-writing now.

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.