Gisel FranquetAs the US budget starts to look even more shaky, and the Pope retires, we are being impulsed to take control of our own lives.  The time for economic and religious paternalism is over.  This is your chance to step up and shine.   The key is our love for and support of each other.

We are approaching a major month long transit that is going to rock our cute cotton socks.  We’re already feeling the build up.  In May 2013, Jupiter and Uranus will activate the channel that Jovian calls The Money Line.

This channel holds our genetic imprinting for economic and religious structures.  So it’s no surprise that both our economy and the Catholic Church are looking a bit shaky just now.  But this is not just an external event.  It’s come about through our work to take back our freedom to act in our own best interests, to do what’s truly loving and caring and supportive and prosperous.

Rather than continuing to enrich those at the top of the economic food chain, or who claim they are closer to god than you and I, we are creating a world that is caring and sustainable.  We are choosing life!   The way of domination and submission is coming to an end on this planet.  The way of rules from the top down has had it’s day.  Enough, it’s completed.

I’ll write more about this as we approach this momentous time.  The dates?  Uranus moves into Gate 21 at the Heart Centre on 16th April, and is joined by Jupiter in Gate 45 on 29th April.  The two will activate the channel until 28th May when Jupiter moves on.  The chart below is for 26th May.  Notice that Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in Gate 45 – which is about rulership, domination, money and, more importantly for us in 2013, how we manage community resources.

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is not coincidental, coming as it does just weeks before this activation.  In astrology Jupiter represents the Hierophant or Pope, and Uranus represents sudden change.  Uranus operates at the global level, where external events reverberate within our inner being.  And things shift for good.  Whoever the new Pope is, this change will open the way for us to connect more directly with our spiritual aspects of self – our inspired creative genius.  Just as the world economy keeps money locked in the 1%, so does the world religion keep our inspired genius locked behind cathedral walls.  In the new age movement this is also evident in gurus and mystery schools with restricted access to ‘higher’ knowledge.  These restrictions, once so necessary, are no longer required.

I’m watching amazing shifts in people’s lives just now as we all feel the need to move from the old paradigm of doing as we’re told in order to stay safe.  It’s tough creeping out of that place for some, and a wild dance of freedom for others.  Some days we can experience both. Whichever way you’re experiencing it, know that turning up and being present is all that’s required of you.  Allow life to come to you, to show you the way.  And remember, our connections with others are key – tune into who feels right for you and the creative impulses that flow.   Another important thing to remember is this, the old heroes story of girding our loins and going out to do battle in order to succeed against all the odds – that’s done.  This new reality we are creating is more gentle, more about us than me, and more about how good we can be to ourselves and others.  Imagine what will be available to us when all that blocked energy and all the resources from the existing economic and religious structures begins to flow!

We are becoming aware of our unique role in something profound, a greater energy that is supporting us to become something different.  We are learning to let go and trust in it.

This is not a breakdown, it’s a breakthough.



Human Design Transit chart for 26th May 2013


Image: Gisel Franquet ~

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.