Anes WyantRemember last month’s Grand Cross? In May we’ve been getting the free added bonus that comes with all great offers. The bottom line? Let go of all the old ballast that’s been holding you down. We’re jumping ship.

That ballast is encoded in your DNA. It’s ancient survival strategies, techniques and beliefs that have saved humanity from extinction (job well done, by the way!) and kept us on an amazing evolutionary trajectory. Irma Kaye Sawyer says: This week has been so intense and odd that I sat down this morning with Guidance to check it out. Yesterday was one of the strangest days I’ve had online in a very long time.

It has been strange and it’s because this is not a one-lifetime kind of deal.  This week has opened up a doorway to the three major evolutionary themes of the Age of Aquarius.   In this post I explore your personal opportunities to align with them.

All our circuits are being triggered at the same time.  The outgrown is falling away, what has been a source of security and protection seems not so reliable.  Jobs and relationships in particular don’t seem to be doing their thing to ensure we feel safe and secure.  Family dynamics are shifting under our feet and challenging our sense of self, as we strip away layers of  self that we put on like a costume.

We can feel new challenges and possibilities on the horizon.  At times the landscape feels unfamiliar, and we are being called to trust in seemingly mysterious forces that seem strangely familiar and yet too powerful to contemplate.  We’ve had romance, exhaustion, beauty, fashion, music, expansion and contraction, rules and renegades, confusion and clarity.

The Trigger For A New Cosmic Cycle


[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] As the power of Venus aligns with Eris this week, we tap into a 12,000 year cycle. It’s both a completion and a new beginning. Click To Tweet   [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

These two planets – Venus and Eris – are joined by expansive Jupiter in a Human Design channel activating life cycles. It’s about how we begin new cycles, how we move through them, and how we bring them to completion. We’re talking about all areas of your life here, relationships, business, health.

There are two important ideas that will help you navigate your life cycles.

1. Enter into new situations in a way that is authentic for you. If you rush, or hold back, or are motivated by intentions or beliefs that aren’t really serving your higher purpose, you’re probably not going to enjoy a big part of the ride.

We can all remember a time when we regretted the opportunities we were too timid to grasp when the ducks all lined up. Or got over excited, blinded by lust, or allowed ourselves to be talked into something we knew deep down wasn’t right for us. Once we’re in, we have to go through the whole cycle before we can complete it and move on. That could mean spending time in a messy relationship, or living in a house we didn’t really want to buy. I bought some shoes a few months ago that aren’t really comfortable but I let the salesperson talk me into them. They look great, I just can’t walk properly in them and my feet hurt when I take them off. I’m wearing them anyway, as a protest against the part of me that reminds me every time I look in my wardrobe – I told you not to buy those shoes! They’re nothing like the shoes in the video below, but these models are a great example of humanity caught in the grip of a (fashion) cycle that’s not working out so well! I know, it’s mean to laugh … but ….



2. Once you’ve entered into a life experience, it takes on it’s own natural life span. Relationships, health issues, any kind of experience comes with it’s own desire for growth and expression. It’s almost like the experience is having us, rather than us having the experience. If you pull out of the cycle too soon, if you rush the messy bits and try to move into the next thing too quickly, you’ll find yourself repeating the experience – probably with different players, but you’ll recognise all the landmarks.

It’s the classic example of love gone wrong .. again .. and again. We all know someone (often ourselves) who keeps choosing the same kind of wrong person. Or choosing another crap job. In relationships I often tell people – don’t agonise about whether your relationship is over. It will be over when it’s over. Just focus on yourself and what you need to learn as you move through it. One day you’ll wake up and realise it’s done. Or it will have become wonderful because you’ve both moved into a new cycle together!

But wait! This is not your average everyday new cycle. This is a massive, major cosmic new cycle. Eris transiting in Gate 42 is signalling to our DNA that we are completing one universal cycle and beginning a new one. You could call the new cycle The Age of Aquarius. Or like Lynda Gratton, author of Future Work and Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, says .. we are in the midst of the biggest transformation that the world has ever seen.

What’s The Big Picture?

We can view the big picture of the evolution of humanity as having three distinct phases.  We had the tribal era, when group survival overrode individual needs.  Next we moved into the era of the individual, where individual needs trumped group concerns (remember Greed is Good?)  We are now well and truly within the time of  collective consciousness where as individuals, we can make a profound impact on the collective while holding our individual essence intact.  The internet is a major player in this era, but it’s not so much about how we communicate (think global) as what happens when people from all around the world begin to have conversations with each other about EVERYTHING on a daily basis.

I’m calling the major themes of this new cycle as:

Fractal – we are experiencing a breakdown of the old social structure of hierarchies. Which means you and I are reclaiming our role as creators at the centre of our own universe,  dissolving the blockages in the flow of all manner of things – emotions, money, energy along the way.  When there is no longer ownership and control outside of each individual, when a certain mass of people begin taking charge of creating their own reality .. well!

When you claim your power as a force of nature, and hold your authentic essence as an individual, you shift from being a cog in the machine to being a spark of brilliance in the universal firmament.  Concepts like employment and poverty will be left by the side of the road scratching their heads, wondering how they became redundant in our new reality.

Your inner shift: let go of putting others first, believing in a lack of anything, feeling you’re not as good as others.

Spiritual Intelligence – in the 1990’s and 2000’s the idea of Emotional Intelligence broke through into popular culture. We are now entering the era of Spiritual Intelligence. This is a really big deal. Consciousness is a breakthrough tool of humanity that is only just on the very outer edge of awareness of health, science and business. Science has to deal with it because it shows up in the data, but only a few are embracing it.  It’s rarely discussed openly in the mainstream, but is set to become a HUGE player in the way we humans do life.

Your inner shift: recognising the incredible power of your inner knowing, especially as a tool for creating your own external reality

Relationships – most of us were raised on a diet of romantic stories of love conquering all or the pain of loss when it’s unrequited. Oh so dramatic. The truth about love is that we were made for it – our bodies, our emotions, our minds. Without love we literally fade away and die. But this love we need is different to the one we learnt about in When Harry Met Sally. It’s not something we seek outside ourselves, it’s something we experience. And we can build our love muscles in the same way we can work on our triceps.

Barbara Frederickson describes love as connection – a stretching of the heart, the sense of shared purpose, a momentary upwelling of positive emotion that creates a synchronicity between you and another person’s biochemistry and behaviour. The key to our new understanding of love is that is creates a motive to invest in each other’s wellbeing and supports mutual care. Evolutionist David Sloan Wilson believes evolution is now selecting for pro-social traits such as altruism.

Your inner shift: savour moments of positive emotion to shift your biochemisty and align with the higher evolutionary principles.

The Human Design Transits

Human Design transit chart 24th May 2014Two major planetary shifts have influenced the strange energy this week. Uranus has moved to The Gate of Shock (51) and Chiron shifted to The Gate of Grace (22).

During the week, the Sun and Earth activated what’s known as The Channel of Charisma – gates 34 and 20. This is a channel of expressing power.   Activated by transit, it’s like a turbo blast through any old patterning of withholding your vital energy through fear or belief that it will endanger you in some way to live your dream.

When we add in the life cycle activation – this is a major shift in unblocking the abundant energy that flows through the cells of your body and expresses in the world as self love and self empowerment.

Let’s look at Uranus, newly arrived in the Gate of Shock.

This gate deals with sudden and unexpected shocks – a perfect home for Uranus, aka the great awakener! These shocks can come in any form, they might be physical, emotional or even spiritual.  I jumped on a vacant treadmill at the gym a few days ago and it was still going!  There I was, sure of my reality and about to start running when I was thrown, suddenly and unexpectedly, to the floor!

One of the major themes of Uranus is this – GET IN YOUR BODY!!  I was back at the gym after gradually building up my health over the last 18 months and I was a bit nervous and out of my body.  Otherwise I would have noticed the treadmill doing it’s thing before I stepped onto it.

I’ll have more for you on Uranus in Gate 51 in the next few days. It’s there until 22nd September, when it returns to Gate 21.  Uranus will return to Gate 51 for a second time on 13th March 2015.

One major softening impact on Uranus has been dwarf planets Ceres and Vesta transiting in the Gate of the Gentle – Gate 57.  This is the programming partner of the Gate of Shock – which means it’s astrologically opposite.  When we have major transits creating polarities, we tend to swing between the two trying to find a balance.  In this case we’ve got a swing between our will (Heart Centre) and our body (Spleen Centre) and between racing out of our bodies (Gate 51) and tuning back into the gentle message of our intution (Gate 57).

The pivot point of consciousness here is to be aware of when you experience a shock and to take the time to tune into what your body needs to do to deal with it.

And all the while, Mars has been transiting in the Gate of Correction (18), shifting ancient survival patterns buried deep within our DNA – watch out for mastedons!!!  And other fears that no longer serve us.

Mars has been behind the anger some have been feeling – look for ways you’re holding yourself in and places your passion is blocked to protect the (very dodgy) integrity of inherited family beliefs.  Things like .. Are you really going out dressed like that?  Or maybe this ..  that’s a silly idea.  And how about …   no one will want you if you’re (add your favourite put down here)  My daughter’s had two teachers tell her last week that she’s stupid.  That’s shocking!  As I explained to her, they’re most likely projecting their own fears onto her.

And what about Chiron in the Gate of Grace, you ask?

Adding to the general intensity, has been this week’s Mercury transit through the adjoining Gate 12 – Standstill.  In Human Design, this represents a stop codon in our DNA – which means that it calls a halt to our headlong rush forward. When we feel obstructed, it’s because we are pushing against the true flow of change.  We need to move out of our comfort zone, where we’ve become stagnant and find fresh new beauty elsewhere.  In these situations we can only preserve our own integrity and make what small changes are possible. As we do that, the flow opens out again.

Chiron will be in Gate 22 until 1st August 2014, when it shifts back to Gate 63.  It returns to Gate 22 on 4th March 2015. (Pluto shifts to Gate 54 a few days later, on 8th March 2015 and remember that Uranus shifts back into Gate 51 on 13th March 2015 – what a month that will be!).

The tricky bit with Chiron and Mercury this week has been the desire to get out and be social and meet people, while the other planets are calling you into a more contemplative and individual space.  The desire to be social is there, even romance feels like it’s in the air.  But the old patterning will keep pulling us back into old cycles unless we really dig deep and find our own essence.  So, there’s a strong desire to be alone and tune in.

So what about you?  How are you experiencing the energies this week? Do they feel very weird?  Or is it just another day in paradise?  Have you noticed what’s ending and beginning in your life?



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