fern_sprouts_in_the_forest_by_wolfepaw-d5a0ttrIf you feel like you have to struggle … stop. Take a breath, feel yourself connecting with the whole of the situation, open yourself energetically to support.

Right now we are doing two things. We are learning to manifest our desires on the physical plane.  And we are in a portal that asks us to imagine, as the first step in developing these new skills, what life we want to live .

Part of this is to learn to let go, to surrender, when we get into a struggle or blocked mindset. The yang in overdrive is a sign that we aren’t fully trusting the yin to support and guide us. It can show up as anxiety, depression, feeling blocked, being too active.  This is a time to allow ourselves to be held in a space of creative imagination, to dream and wonder what if.  To plan and speak about how it could be.  And trust that every breath moves us closer, just as we imagine it.


We don’t do this alone, the connections between us are shifting so that we are becoming open systems rather than closed systems.  Closed systems are numb to the relationships and support available to them.  As human’s we have been traumatised to the point of not being able to see or know when support was being offered.  This has encouraged isolation and a massive reduction in our capacity for creative expansion.  Our reliance on fossil fuels and our collective resistance to free energy is a great example of a closed system. Within humanity, closed systems are based on fear.

Open systems are infinite in their capacity to change and evolve.  As an open system we delight in connecting with others to enhance the experience of everyone involved.  We trust our own capacity to choose who we connect with, when and how.  Huge groups can come together with little if any friction, because we hold our individual shape, our wishes and dreams intact, and offer them up, along with our capacity to act on their behalf, to the group.  Open systems give us strength, flexibility, resilience and a sense of meaningful inclusion.

All you Projectors out there can rejoice!  In open systems, we are recognised and appreciated.  I call this the Projector Revolution.  It is the beginning of our ability to recognise and act on behalf of our own Projector aspects (even if you are not a Projector type, you’ll almost certainly have Projector channels in your design).

Watch how these subtle inner shifts are about to change the world as we know it.  Our personal imaginative capacity and newly found ability to build powerfully creative relationships is a force that cannot be resisted.




I’m planning a new PlayGroup – My Flourishing Business ~ how Human Design can support you and your business to flourish to take advantage of this new energy of flourishing.  

PlayGroups are held online, so anyone can attend, and this one will begin in late August.  You can pre-register for first chance to grab one of the 8 PlayGroup spots here.  Pre-registration is free, and simply means you’ll receive further information about the PlayGroup in your inbox as it’s available.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.