tumblr_lg31tvkS8x1qf6jy9o1_500_largeIs it safe to be here on planet earth?  Have you settled in yet?  Or are you packed and thinking of going somewhere more comfortable?  Instead of (consciously or unconsciously) wanting to leave, you could instead choose to learn this week’s immense lesson –  the art of the powerful transition.

Today Pluto and Chiron are communing with each other.  There’s a positive aspect here – it’s an astrological sextile, which is almost as if they are tickling each other to see what might happen.  But hey, it’s Pluto.  And Chiron.  So this is no picnic.  AND the New Moon on 1st March is happening within a few degrees.

The quality of Pluto is rebirth.  Oh, and did I mention the death part?  There’s a strong and deep current of transformation that Pluto demands of us.  We simply MUST release what is worn out and not going to support us as we journey on.  No point taking the old currency into the new country!  Pluto and our ego do not make the best of friends. Just when our ego feels we have our personality all sorted out – hey, sure, I know exactly who I am now! – along comes Pluto, smiling quietly to himself, Really?  How intriguing! 

The most fascinating thing about Pluto is in his demotion to dwarf planet.  Or rather, his return to his natural family.    Pluto is now the gateway to our galactic selves.   And creation happens differently out there.  It’s not about dying and being reborn.  It’s more about constantly shedding and creating.  Each moment is a new act of creation.  There is much less need to let go because at this level of consciousness change is the constant.  We are less attached to the way things should be, the way they’ve always been.  Because there is no always in this place. There is only now.

This Pluto/Chiron event is about shifting into that ‘only now’ consciousness.  Not that we shouldn’t be planning, not that we can just shrug off any responsibility.  But there is a different quality.  NOW informs us.  NOW is created by you and I according to our relationship with the divine.  NOW is what we have, the pivot point. According to Robert Tennyson Stevens, the Hopi didn’t have a word for now because they couldn’t get out of now to have to use the world now to get back to now!



Pluto is in the Root Centre, in Gate 38.4, which deals with feeling isolated and cut off, an outsider, and what we feel pressured to give up in order to be accepted, loved, included.  It’s fine to make compromises in any relationship, but not to the point where we damage our own integrity.  You may be experiencing this activation more strongly this week due to the connection between the Root and the Heart Centre, and particularly because the Sun and Earth are in 40/37, a channel that deals with our experience of being supported both emotionally and materially.

This brings up the issue of how well we feel attached to our ‘tribe’ – our family, our friends and our lovers – and how much fear/panic/pressure we feel to act out of integrity through not feeling securely attached. There is recent research that indicates our capacity for feeling securely attached affects every aspect of our lives, and that it is almost impossible for us to succeed if we are unconsciously seeking support and feel unable to get it.

With my Chiron in 37, this has been a huge illumination for me this week.  While I was aware of a general feeling of lack of support, I have been really tuning into the impact that feeling has on my life and I have been stunned at how subtle and pervasive it is.

So, let’s go have a look at Chiron.  Discovered in 1977, Chiron was the original self help guru.  He brought us a new message – if something isn’t working in your life, best you go take a look inside yourself.  Chiron is a spiritual teacher, and he teaches through pointing out where we are wounded and where we need to go within our own psyche to heal that wound.

Chiron is transiting in the Head Centre right now, up in Gate 63.2.  This is a transitional gate – we’re done here, we’re already across the river, we’ve committed ourselves and made the transition.  BUT, the changes are still only internal, they are not yet reflected in our lives.  Here is the wound.  We must stay committed to the transition we are seeking, and continue to make small changes in our outer lives till they match our inner lives.  In this way we prevent the old ways slipping back in.  There’s a discipline to that. Sometimes the inner changes can be fairly easy but making those shifts in our outer lives is much harder.  It seemed like a good idea in theory, but now we realise all that we will loose and all the new challenges we must face.

We might swoon over having the perfect love, but what does it take to create such a thing in our lives?  A new baby sounds so romantic, but look at the upset to our routine and our personal ambitions!  When we come up against challenges that clash with our idea of how it should all be panning out, we can take it as a defeat.  It’s not. Rather than see failure and lose our optimism we can simply recognise that there is a small death of ego happening, and that we are being re-routed to a more favourable pathway to make our dreams come true.

We simply cannot become powerful co-creators until we get this message.  It’s not all smooth sailing.  It requires some effort on our part.  Some of it is uncomfortable. And sometimes we think we know the way and try to push on.  But very likely, that’s because we have fallen for the belief that we’re doing it alone and have to overcome (our self created) obstructions of  ‘that’s not who I am’ or ‘it wasn’t supposed to be this way’.

Lucky, lucky, lucky for us we have Panacea in Gate 45 right now.  The Goddess of Universal Remedy, Panacea has the capacity to completely solve large and complex problems.  Gate 45 relates to money and relationships and it’s core meaning is that you are the centre of your own universe and an integral part of the whole. There is no better than or worse than.  You are unique and it’s all about what you choose to invest your attention in, and what you seek to create.

With Chiron in the Head Centre, take some time this week to tune into your guidance.  There is an abundance of support for this transition coming in from those ‘higher’ realms, and you really are not expected to know how to do this on your own.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.