Many people are experiencing this as a very intense time.  Jupiter is bringing healing and growth, but the ground we are walking right now is not always easy.  There is a strong flavour of loss and grief in the mix.  I got this for my daily email tarot today and it perfectly sums up the mood:


Denial or control is no longer an option and I am ready to experience a breakthrough. My suffering, fear, or emotional loss is/was valid, incredible and deserves to be acknowledged and expressed in order to heal or transform the sacrifice. I am empowered by recognition and my virtue is choice.


Denial or control is no longer an option.  Well, there’s our coping strategies gone out the window!  What to do now except face our own suffering, fear and loss?  The hurts we experience in life are valid.  Whether others perceive them or consider them important doesn’t matter.   Have you ever seen a small child fall down and heard his parent say …  “that didn’t hurt, come on up you get” ….   If you feel hurt, you are hurt.  If you feel pain, you are in pain.  The many times when you haven’t been validated, your losses, your griefs, your very perceptions of life seeming not to matter, this is the ground beneath your feet right now.


I was frustrated not to be able to write for you over the past few weeks, with so much going on.   But going deeply into this place has been so wonderfully clarifying and I’ve learnt, with my only Throat Gate being Splitting Apart – sometimes it’s just not right for me to try to put myself back together again. Sometimes it’s exactly right for me to be in pieces looking for the new pattern. And because I have my Venus there, it’s so comfortable for me to be in this process.

Isis is just coming over the Aries Point – at 1 degree Aries in the Gate of Innocence – this is about disentangling yourself, even if have have to hack away what’s no longer useful. Isis takes elements that have been torn asunder and makes them whole again.  She’s not always gentle and she’s at home in the Underworld, or at least has the courage to go there and do what needs to be done.

Jupiter is very active in the transits just now as he weaves his way around the Throat Centre.  He is making a channel with another visitor to the Underworld – Orpheus.  In search of his beloved Eurydice, Orpheus was granted the right to travel down and recover her from death.  His soulful music, played out of the place of grief, was his ticket.  It touched the heartstrings of Pluto/Hades, who opened the gates of Hell to Orpheus.

He wasn’t successful in bringing his love back, because he couldn’t meet Hades’ conditions, but nonetheless music is probably very important just now, to get beyond the language barrier that can keep our feelings trapped in worn out logic.

There’s another important side to the Orpheus story.   There are, as always in ancient myth, competing versions.   Plato says that Orpheus merely pined for his love, refusing to die to be with her.  In other words, his love was not deep and true, and Hades knew this and punished him for it.  It brings to mind the idea of believing we are making a transformation when in fact we are clinging to the surface and making all the right noises.  It’s a bit like faking an orgasm.  Actually, it’s a lot like faking an orgasm.

The channel that we find Jupiter in just now pulls us away from the pleasant surface of life and deeply into what’s real.  Even if, like Isis, we have to hack our way through.  Just like sex, real life is not always graceful, but it’s deep rewards flow from it’s authenticity.

For the past few years the asteroid Hylonome has been inching her way towards the Galactic Centre (which is in Gate 11).   Now, just as she is about to arrive, Jupiter turns up in the opposite gate, triggering her influence in our lives and connecting her to the Orpheus story.

Pandora is right there alongside Hylonome so we know there is something hidden away here, something we have been conditioned into believing is bad, cursed even.  Pandora was originally, before the patriarchal retelling, a goddess of earth’s abundance and all good things.   When Pandora is active in the transits, we are clearing ancient curses from our lives and finding the courage to open the lid of the box to reveal something glorious.   Hylonome also brings the need for courage.  A warrior, she lost her lover during a battle.  So grief stricken was she by his death that she took her own life, falling dead on his body.

Unlike Orpheus, Hylonome was prepared to die (transform) for love.   When Hylonome is active by transit, we experience grief and loss and a feeling that life isn’t worth living.  She represents self-sacrifice, martyrdom, and the tendency to believe we are nothing without relationship. But remember, Hylonome was a beautiful and courageous warrior.  In the Gate of  Peace and Advancement (11), she helps us to think things through, to have hope that everything will be okay, to refrain from emotional actions that we may later regret.  Hylonome asks us to consider what is worth living and ‘dying’ for.

And let’s add another visitor to the Underworld.  Psyche is conjunct the North Node.  The simple version here is that we are being impulsed to travel towards (North Node) our original soul wound (Psyche).  There is more relationship drama here as well.  Psyche was in love with Eros, but refused to keep her agreement not to look him in the face to discover his true identity.  After a number of incredibly difficult quests, including heading down to the Underworld to fetch Aphrodite some face cream, Psyche earned the right to become immortal.   Her divinity arose from her tenacity in the face of potential loss of love.   While Hylonome stayed in the Piscean state of bliss and sacrificial love, Psyche took a more grounded route of looking at reality.  Hylonome ended up dead, Psyche became a goddess and married her beloved Eros.  This is not so much a love story as a pathway to resurrection of your own divinity through becoming whole.


The last Goddess I want to bring into the picture for you is Ceres.  Actually, let’s not snub Eris, we’ll include her as well. There is much that has been invisible that is now rising to consciousness and it is embedded in your deepest wounds of invisibility.  (Ophelia, the invisible one, is conjunct Chiron in the transitional gate 63 just now, but I digress)

Ceres and Eris are both transiting in a channel that portends a new cycle of nourishment based on taking responsibility for ourselves and working well with others to achieve wonderful outcomes.  Ceres lost her daughter Persephone to Hades and the Underworld, and the earth was ravaged by her loss and the grief and rage it evoked.  Ceres is in the Root Centre, and gives us a grounding point.  Stamp your feet on the ground, feel the earth rising up in your body to fill you with love and abundance, breath in your capacity to flourish on this planet.  The Underworld is simply the place where we’ve been taught to hide what is best about us.  We can go there, we can acknowledge our own hurt, our own grief, our own rage, our own thoughts and emotions, our own perceptions.  It takes courage, and the payoff is enormous.

As the Moon passes through Aquarius and Pisces over the next few days, it may trigger a conflict between rules (Aquarius), perfectionism (Neptune) and our actual emotions.  Be aware of any constraints on the flow of your emotions and watch the relationship between your emotions and your thoughts.  The emotions, and the logical ideas they engender, probably aren’t true.  They were once, but not now.  So there’s no need to act on them, or even believe in them, but there is a deep and powerful need to experience and acknowledge them.  If you need support to do this, please reach out for it.  You don’t have to do this on your own.

We are in yet another space of cosmic shift that calls out our skills in attuning to multidimensional reality.  We can have compassion for our own humanity, while at the same time holding a larger evolutionary view.  The weave and weft of this shift calls us to have courage, to hold true to the potential we can feel within us.  We need to remind ourselves that we are loved, that we are special, that we have capacities within us that we have barely even begun to make use of.   Remember to sing and dance!



Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.