18th April 2011

This is a delicate and potentially confusing Full Moon, whispy with many meanings and fraught with the potential for misunderstanding.  It is bringing a kind of madness to the surface and allowing us to see just how we have survived and what it has done to us.

The Moon is in Gate 50.2.  This gate represents the beginning of a new era.  Hexagram 50 is traditionally known as The Ting, a ceremonial cauldron.  In ancient China, when a new dynasty began a new ting was cast in bronze and the new constitution was engraved upon it.

Gate 50 also represents the link with our ancestors, the union of the family and the care of it’s members.  People with Gate 50 in their design tend to find it difficult to balance their desire to cling to old values and their need to find a new way.

We’re all in that particular boat just now, still clinging to the past and yet desperately seeking out the new.  Sometimes we take responsibility for holding onto things that are naturally falling away in the mistaken belief that this will support others.   If it’s stressful, it’s probably not supporting you or anyone else, no matter what fears you may experience at the idea of letting go.

In line 2 we find a time when the ting is being cast but not yet complete.  We are like seeds, filled with potential and some sense of what we are to grow into, but we are waiting for the rain to come and the germination process to begin.   We are beginning a new era for humanity and this is not a short term project.  The benefits of what we are creating now will continue for a very long time.

What is very important during this time is that we give some seriousness to this process.  We could be cajoled by Mars (21) opposite Saturn (48) to push and shove to try to get things to fit back into the old container.  Especially as Zeus is conjunct Saturn, adding to the Mars feel of wanting to do anything necessary to feel safe, to feel our feet on solid ground, to get our own way.  But Mars needs to let go of his deeply embedded self esteem issues, the things that make him so reactive and aggressively defensive.

The new Mars is protective not defensive, he ensures the safety of what is yours.   There are some things, like blood, that are meant to be kept for you and not shared with others.   There are things in your life that are sacred and meant only for you.  It might be your special moisturiser, or time alone, or a space where you do yoga and meditation.  It could be an idea you’re not ready to share.  Mars and Mercury in Gate 21 are telling you that this new protectiveness needs to be treated carefully and respectfully and that the results will be far beyond what you might imagine.

This is definitely a time when it is your sacred duty to ask “what’s in it for me?” because you are returning to the centre of your own life and everything to come will radiate from that place.

The Sun is in Gate 3, in one of what I call the birth channels.  These are the channels that connect the Sacral Centre (creation) with the Root Centre (birthing into the physical).  It adjoins Magdalena in Gate 60 – Limitations.

Gate 3 holds the potential to create something new.  It’s not about action per se, but it signifies a time for preparing to take action, to observe and respond to the subtle shifts that are creating a new order out of old chaos.

In line 2, we are resisting a familiar and dominant pressure to accept an alliance with the old order, and waiting with patience for new alliances to form.

There is a lot to be said about insanity in this Full Moon.  Venus holds an important position in the Solar Plexus Centre in Gate 36, the place where our brightness is injured, where we feel that our soul is locked in a dark and difficult place.  This is the place where we believe ourselves to be insane.

In line 4 we flee a place where insanity seems normal, and wait for things to change before returning.  It’s fascinating in Human Design terms that this line also talks about going into the heart and belly to find the truth.  Mars and Mercury (21) and Jupiter (51) are in the Heart Centre and the Sun (3) is in the belly (Sacral).  There is a huge importance for us in listening to what’s happening in our hearts (Ji Centre) just now and avoiding the pressure to continue to believe the insanity. To actually trust in our own sanity.

Another, perhaps more personal, aspect of the insanity is Ophelia who is linking Pluto and Saturn.  She is in Gate 18, which deals with family madness, the curse of sharing a delusional view of the world with those we love so that not one of us can really see clearly what is going on.  Ophelia, a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is fascinating me just now and that’s not surprising given that the asteroid Ophelia is transiting in an incredibly crucial place in the Human Design chart.

Given the current activations to the Gate of Shock, I was intrigued to see this quote about Ophelia:

Her frailty and innocence work against her as she cannot cope with the unfolding of one traumatic event after another.


Ophelia is innocent and inexperienced in the ways of the world, aware only of love and affection.  This leaves her open to being manipulated by those who purport to love her – her father, her brother and her lover.   Rather than treasure her they abuse her innocence to gain their own politically motivated ends and in the end she goes mad and then dies, perhaps at her own hand.  In Gate 18, Ophelia represents the family madness inflicted upon the innocent within each one of us.

Given the placement of Venus (brightness wounded), and Uranus (innocence), there is a definite energy here of how we have been made mad by the world.  That madness has, in a sense, served it’s purpose in keeping us safe by providing some shield to our innocence.  But now we have to find the courage to drop those defences, to reach the place where we are consciously aware of the insanity of the world and it’s shockingly abusive ways.  It’s crucial that we see how we have separated from this insanity, and how we are now about to recover from it’s effect on us.

Helping out in a big way is the Kuiper Belt Object called 1992 QB1.  On the Full Moon she was conjunct the Sun.  She’s become one of my favourites, providing a bridge of consciousness between the old world: think Pluto and his obligatory trips to the underworld,  and the new world: think Haumea, Makemake and Quaoar and their message of dancing and celebrating new creations into life.

It can seem that there is an overabundance of things to be done just now.  That’s the old energy trying to drag you away from your own simple knowing.  As aspects of your life break and fall away, thank them for what they have brought to you and release them with love.  As things rise in a crescendo of chaos, breathe deeply and wait for the implicit order to arise and inform you of the new creation you are bringing to material reality.  Take yourself and your journey seriously, but don’t be too serious about it. The Galactic Centre and the Nodes are fully engaged in this Full Moon.  Aligning with a greater sense of reality brings peace …. and a sense of sanity.  It is real, and so are you.


Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.