I woke up feeling depressed this morning.  Even though the Sun is on my Jupiter (Mr Happy Planet), I just felt bla. How could that be?

I thought I’d better investigate!

The Sun and Mercury are in Gate 41 – Emptiness, Decrease. This is the place where everything that needs to go is taken out of your life and the subtle new beginnings arise. We can only feel it if we are still, empty, expectant and focused on the new rather than obsessing about repairing the old.

Sitting right between the Sun and Mercury is Nemesis – helper to the Fates, she balances karma. In the chart she represents the thing we find we have to come back to again and again. “Oh no, not this again!”

Nemesis by Gheorghe Tattarescu, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The shift is coming through the feminine – through the quiet opening to something more that we find in our own heart.  Saturn in the Gate of Coming To Meet (44) represents the power of the co-creative feminine returning.

We have been taught to fear it and resist it.  We have learnt to take action, to do anything rather than allow ourselves to be engulfed by the immense power of this Yin energy.

The Nodes are in a channel that cracks open our perception, sends the new still chaotic ideas out into the world and asks us .. out of all this immense wealth, what do you like the look of?  Choose what you want and become it’s companion.  (23/43, Ajna to Throat)

Back to the Sun and Mercury in the Gate of Decrease in the Root Centre – Gate 41.  This gate asks us to do a stocktake on our lives, to determine what we have too much of and what we feel we’re missing out on.  The advice is to reduce the first one and use the energy that’s released to increase the second one.

One problem highlighted by this gate is our rush for stimulus, our over-doing.  It leaves us no space to know what we truly want to fill our lives with.  It’s like finishing one meal and immediately beginning the next.  We have no time to properly enjoy, to digest, to get the nutrients from our lives.  We don’t even get the chance to become naturally empty and hungry, and so we lose the opportunity to figure out what we are hungry for.  In this process we are at the mercy of generic hunger.  We are easily manipulated by tempting morsels that have nothing to do with us at all, but are packaged to take advantage of our lack of personal knowing.

We’ve lost our connection with what floats our boats.  We may think we know, but the physical and emotional clues, and they’re the one’s that count, are buried under multiple distractions.  We can rationalise all we want, but deep down the sense of unmet hunger remains.  What we think of as our ‘conscious’ selves is being driven by that unmet hunger and we live in a world of fantasy, mistaking it for the real thing.

This is the point in evolution where we do something quite extraordinary.  We are opening a channel between our unconscious and conscious selves.  This is so different from acting instinctively for our own survival.  This is a team event where our conscious selves are listening deeply to our unconscious selves and in this way we are discovering something absolutely unique that is seeking to shine forth in our lives.  Your ancient lineage, hidden in your DNA, built into your Spleen and Solar Plexus Centres, is coming to light.




The Sun and Mercury together suggest that we are becoming more conscious of something we need to develop in ourselves.  In this gate I would expect to see a theme of filling our lives up with things that we don’t want, stuff that then stands in the way of who we truly are.  What can you safely let go of?  Walk away from?  Release?  You only have to have a clear conscious intention to release, to disconnect.  And then relax and allow the yin energies of the universe to carry you into the new space.

The arch rival of Nemesis was ego or hubris.  This is like the false front we all put on to avoid having to show that we have something quite empty inside.  When ego is used in this way it is an unhealthy force in our lives.  Relaxing into the emptiness, the unknowing allows us to gently release the hubris, the false mask of managing, coping, making do.

2013 will bring a number of points like this.  We could call them tipping points.  In evolution, chaos and instability increases until the organism can find the one thing that will lead it through to a new form.  Each of us is being given the chance to find our own ‘one thing’ just now.  Don’t get anxious though!  Relax, breathe, connect at the heart level.  The HeartMath Institute have found, in 20 years of research, that what it calls global heart conherence is the most important way we can shift this planet.  You can find out more about it here.  http://www.glcoherence.org/

Nemesis, like all goddesses, got a makeover in the Greek and Roman myths.  Robert Graves, in his wonderful book The White Goddess, describes the pre-patriarchal Nemesis as the priestess who avenged those who breached sacred taboos.  He associates her with Vesta and Diana, both protective feminine forces who are dedicated to the sacred ways.  Her name comes from the Greek Nemos, meaning grove.  She also represented the wheel of fate, so consider her a bringer of changing fortunes.  Those who follow the sacred ways can trust in the wheel to bring them the good fortune they deserve.

Amazingly, Richard Rudd associates Gate 41 with the Wheel of Samsara.  When we get off the wheel we move out of the cycle of suffering.  Tipping Point indeed!

Jupiter is key to this transit.  Today he is aspecting, Mercury, Uranus, Chiron and … Nemesis!  I’ll write more about the amazing effects of Jupiter in the Gate of Delight another day.  But just to give you an idea, this is a gate that connects to our use of CHI – universal energy – at the physical level (Gate 48).  Jupiter is retrograde now, but will turn direct on 30th January.  Expect a huge influx of energy at that time, and between now and then, bring your attention to where your chi may be blocked.   Consider the possibility that you are in the process of learning the skills of releasing yourself from all karma and from the illusion of suffering.  

And thanks Nora for sharing the Moon/Jupiter conjunction that occurred last night.  Photos here.

Img:  http://www.andrewjudd.com



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