Uranus doesn’t know how to take things easy, he leaps  … to conclusions, to action, to new endings and new beginnings.

Uranus’ main game is to step outside of the bounds of authority, beyond the rules and into a life of freedom.

And today, he’s joined by the Sun, creating a channel that connects our minds with our throats.

This is a 5 day global transit that allows every person on the planet to speak their mind, no matter how outrageous their utterances might be.

Add to this Mars, opposite Uranus astrologically, and hanging out with Pluto in a channel that’s all about challenging authority.

For the next five days, expect people to be reactive, opinionated, outrageous and unpredictable.  Expect people to feel that their unique genius isn’t appreciated.   You may feel a twinge of this yourself .. nah, not you :).

Jupiter and Venus at the Throat are still helping by cheering us all up, and Mercury is about to go retrograde in the Gate of Retreat, taking us inwards.  The key here is that this is a time to absolutely shine.  There is potential here for you to suddenly and unexpectedly discover something so new about yourself that you’ve never considered it before.

This is the place where we make the quantum leap. Are you ready?

Did you know that in quantum mechanics there are three kinds of quantum leaps?  The first kind comes when our energy at one level becomes so strong that we inevitably have to ‘leap’ to the next energetic level, like when we grow out of a job we’ve been doing too long.  The second kind comes when fate bumps up against us, like the day we meet the person we know we’re going to marry.  The third kind of quantum leap is when someone just … well, leaps!  For no good reason.  This third kind doesn’t necessarily have purpose or direction, and is probably more reliant on fear, anxiety and trying to escape limitations rather than work with them to create something worthwhile.  Don’t go there this week!

This Uranus/Sun activation has the flavour of both the first and second kind of quantum leap.  We’ve grown as much as we can, we’ve evolved, we’ve sculpted and perfected and meditated and yoga’d ourselves beyond recognition.  There’s nowhere left for us to go.  Now along comes the ‘bump’ and off we go.

The Sun in the Gate of Small Exceeding tells us that taking small steps here leads to success, and Saturn in the Gate of Duration agrees with him.  We have such a strong conditioning to push to change the old agenda, but Uranus and Pluto are saying …. no, really, don’t bother.  Change is upon us, listen deeply.  Trying to push anything just now will only get you stuck halfway between realities.  Relax, allow life to move you!  The leap doesn’t involve struggling, and it’s not a journey but an experience.

Mercury has a secret for us.  Retreating into our own world just now is how we make progress.  Our natural rhythm of life is being restored, our hunger and  impatience healed. Our connections to what truly feeds us are being restored.  It is a time to be open, to dream of what we want to create, and to allow life to enrich us.  Just not in the old ways.  Been there, done that!


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Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

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