Using Progressions in the Human Design System


Louise-Gallant-Metatron-cubeYour Human Design chart shows the position of the planets at the time you were born.  It shows something very important about you, but it is only your potential.

One question I get asked all the time is whether the planets move in the chart,or do they stay in the same place all your life?  

The answer is that yes they stay in the same place all your life, and yes, they also move.  

How is that possible?  Well, that’s where we get to meet your Progressed charts.

I’ve been using progressed charts in my Human Design practice for about 4 years now, and I find them astonishingly useful for confirmation of what you’re experiencing, it’s deeper meaning and positive potential.  They contribute to a picture of ongoing soul growth, and show the areas of your life that are likely to be more active at any particular time.  While your standard chart remains the same throughout your life, your progressed chart shows your evolutionary trajectory, complete with themes for inner growth and possible outer events.


what is a progressed human design chart?


A progressed chart is simply based on moving your planets forward one day for each year.

At age 50, your progressed chart would be calculated for 50 days after you were born.  Sounds ridiculous, but it works.  Progressions are one of the most popular predictive techniques in astrology.  Just as it’s possible to create a return chart in Human Design, it’s also possible to translate the astrological progressions to Human Design.

Your progressed chart differs from the Solar Return chart, because it shows a pattern of inner growth.  The solar return tends to have more of an external focus.  For many of us, the progressed chart may feel even more relevant than the standard chart where we began our journey.


your major life themes


Of course, Human Design isn’t astrology and things are always going to be different here.

One of the main differences, and the most useful, is that the movement of the Sun/Earth matrix in Human Design creates a constantly evolving 5 to 6 year thematic cycle throughout your life.

This is because the Sun moves through a Human Design gate in 5 to 6 days.  When we apply progressions, this translates to a huge shift in emphasis in your life every 5 or 6 years!   It’s very common for people to seek out a consultation during the last year of these thematic cycles, as they can instinctively feel a shift coming and are looking for direction.

The progressed chart creates  a window on your personal growth pattern.  Each year your progressed Moon will move through three different Centres and Gates.  This provides you with a key to your own inner emotional journey for the year, and what you are seeking to integrate within yourself.  Your progressed Mercury shows what you are bringing to consciousness – your alchemy.  Your progressed Venus shows what you can attract in this year.  Progressed Mars shows what you desire, what you are likely to be passionately chasing.


The movement of these progressed planets throughout your lifetime is VERY personal – they map out your unique evolutionary unfoldment. 


The progressed planets may be creating a channel in their own right.  I saw a client yesterday who had the emotional manifestor channel of 35/36 activated by a passionate and unpredictable progressed Mars and Uranus. With an undefined Solar Plexus Centre in her standard design, she was confused about why she had suddenly become so emotionally volatile!  These two planets were activating her Solar Plexus, and thus her emotions, for the next 4 years.

There’s personal meaning beneath these shifts, and the Progressions provide us with the keys. Understanding the precise effect of the progressed planet, it’s position and timing will support you to make powerful shifts in your response, bringing great release from conditioning in the areas impacted.

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Barack Obama’s Progressed Charts

Barack Obama's Progressed Human Design chart for 2008When Obama was elected in November 2008, his Progressed Chart had just shifted to an activation of a channel that is all about finding success by doing things your own way (46/29).  you can see it connecting the Sacral Centre (the red box) to the Ji Centre (the yellow diamond).  There’s danger here, but also the potential to give birth to something new and different.

He was completing a 5 year emotional cycle (6/36)  that had given him the strength to find ways of dealing with his own emotional sensitivity (19).

Progressed Venus was conjunct his North Node (29) attracting his destiny to him, regardless of how dangerous or uncomfortable it may have felt.   His progressed Mars and Mercury were conjunct (in 32) giving him the courage to communicate their message which was “If a man remains at the mercy of moods of hope or fear aroused by the outer world, he loses his inner consistency of character.

This is a direct quote from the Wilhelm I Ching for Obama’s Mercury and Mars in 2008, note the use of the word hope!


2010 and how it all played out

Barack Obama's Progressed Human Design chart for 20082010 was not an easy year for Obama.   You can see that Obama still had the activation from the Sacral Centre to the G Centre, driving his direction.  This channel will continue to play out for him till 2014, which will be in the middle of his second term.  It will be fascinating to see what happens in his life when that channel is no longer activated in his personal evolutionary journey!

What’s new in 2010 is the mental activation, showing how he has had to become more mentally alert.  I expect he has found that he can no longer rely so heavily on his charm and rhetoric, which would have stood him in good stead up until his election.  He has also entered a new phase of his personality (Sun in 46), where he needs to hold true to his own heart and his innocence (Earth in 25).

There’s no doubt that he’s had to find some new level of personal determination to stay aligned with his goals (29/46) while staying true to himself and his vision (25).

His Moon indicates that he might be doubting his decision to run for President (63).  He probably feels let down by people he believed he could rely on.  He feels that they cannot see the actual gains that he believes he has achieved.  It represents a personal emotional watershed for Obama, a transition into a new emotional maturity.

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