In her lead up to her magical transit on 6th June,  Venus has been busy making connections.  After 10 days healing our hearts with Ceres, she’s now partying with Uranus.   And what a party it will be!

The two most connected planets in the inner solar system, Venus and Uranus are about to bring us some unexpected but quite lovely experiences of relationship and a renewed sense of  the sacred aesthetic in our lives.

This isn’t the romantic melting of Neptune, it’s something quite different.  The essence is to find ourselves, whole and intact, as part of the collective.  Understanding who we are and finding our place.

Venus envelopes us in a desire to respond anew to beauty, and helps us to find a new sense of value – what we value in ourselves, in others, in our lives.  Uranus pushes us out of our comfort zone and expects us to let go of any old paradigm thought we’re still clinging to.

There’s a lot of planetary support for this, as Mars continues retrograding in the Ajna Centre and Mercury plays in our Crown – it’s difficult for us NOT to change the way we think and conceptualise just now.  Neptune and  Chiron in the Solar Plexus Centre (emotions) are asking us – what are you devoted to?

Between now and 26th February you may find existing relationships get a major makeover or suddenly end, new ones suddenly pop up out of nowhere. At the end of these few days you’ll think of yourself in a whole new way.  There’s plenty of opportunity to go off like a firecracker here, but the important thing is to stay calm and centred, to allow time to make the right choice, to stay with what’s sacred within you.

The connection is between the Heart Centre (ego, will, meeting our emotional and material needs at the personal and communal level) and the Ji Centre (collective heart, soul geometry, the fractal patterning of our lives).

Expect sudden changes in life direction.  And as Venus transits typically give us respite and time for recovery, expect old traumas and shocks, especially around exclusion and being tangled up in the wrong life direction,  to come to consciousness for healing.

Especially look for reactive patterns of pushing forward when we are hurt, shocked, shaken.  In the past we have probably not allowed ourselves time for our ego selves to repair from these experiences and so have developed what we might call a ‘false ego self’ rather than a strong natural container of self.   Those dints and dents in our natural boundaries of self will get a makeover during this transit.  And yes, this also applies to those with undefined Heart Centres, who are perhaps softer and gentler but not totally lacking in personal boundaries of self or wounds thereto.

The chart is for 25th February 19:00 UT, when the Moon is exactly conjunct Venus!  The Sun and Earth begin a 5 day activation that links the Uranus/Venus combo with Neptune and Chiron.   This is an extremely powerful day and one to navigate with a gentle hand on your own tiller – what is of value to you, what are you devoted to, what is sacred in your life.  These are important questions to guide you.

There is a strong unwinding of addiction energy in these transits and at the end of this week, we will find ourselves with a much clearer sense of reality.

Ophelia and Atlantis in 10, dwarf planet Haumea in 57 and Cyllarus (the lost warrior) in 52 bring in a whole new dimension of the lost self.   Women lost in the dangerously life denying machinations of power (Ophelia/Atlantis in 10 and Haumea in 57).  Men lost to the creation of home and community because they’re off being used as battle  fodder (Cyllarus in 52).    I expect the last few days of this transit – 25th and 26th of February will bring a massive focus and sense of renewal to our concept of community, and the question – what truly sustains us?




Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.