We’re having a heatwave here.  I was gazing at my goldfish this morning and feeling envious.  That water’s got to be cooler than the air in my living room!   Not that they know anything about it.  Water, what water?  Humanity is like that with culture.  Even though I can watch cooking and travel shows from about 10 different areas of the globe at the push of a button, I still have trouble seeing my own culture and the effect it has on my life.

From the relative safety of my lounge room, I watched tv anthropologist Bruce Parry’s journey down the Amazon over the weekend.  He visited a tribe high in the Amazon, far from what we call civilisation. These people have kept to their own ways for many, many generations.  They live in the forest, eat from their gardens and catch fish and monkeys for food (yep, that bit grossed me out too).  They use ayahuasca, but generally only once in their lifetime, when they ask for a vision. You can see it here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aixxaVGFIl8

A few days later he journeyed down river to the next tribe.  The difference was shocking.  The oil companies had moved into their area, with no recognition for their culture, their life, their land, their health.  They can no longer eat the fish from the river, and the animals they relied on for food have done the sensible thing and moved on.

Parry contemplated what it would be like to experience that lack of regard from the oil companies.  But we don’t need to be high up the Amazon for that experience.  We’ve got CSG mining beginning to show up in our area, regardless of a 98% opposition from the community.

The oil companies purchase the mining rights to land and existing ‘owners’ can do nothing to stop them from coming in and ‘fracking’ – blasting apart the rock that keeps our precious water aquifers safe and undisturbed.  This process releases the gas that is then shipped off to a hungry China for consumption.  The ads on tv tell us, in a weird hypnotic tone, that this is ‘the future’ and that it’s all for our own good.  Not many people believe this it seems!  We are becoming less susceptible to mesmerisation.

As an ex-lawyer I know about mineral rights, but it’s not common knowledge.  Our idea of ownership is not ‘reality’ so much as an agreement, and one most landowners didn’t understand very well.  Certainly not as well as the oil companies.  Of course, our Australian Aborigines have been there done that.  When the English arrived they declared the land ‘terrus nulius’ – nothing here but empty land – and this was enshrined into our law until recent recognition that it was a terrible lie.


lies, lies and spiritual initiation


There’s a lot of lies about, and the really great thing about them is that we are beginning to see them clearly.  This is a part of humanity’s spiritual maturation.  Michael Grundwald wrote a great article on the media’s reporting on the fiscal cliff issue yesterday, the apparently widespread agreement not to see or report on the lies being told at the leadership level.

This is a protection mechanism well known in abused children, who take on the ideas of their abuser/protector because they have no alternative if they are to survive.  The wonderful psychotherapist Alice Miller (one of my heroes), discovered that if a child has one person in the course of their childhood who says to them … this is NOT okay! … they will have a chance to recover.  If, however, the child lives immersed in the lies of the abusive adult they have little chance of ever getting free of their own shame, guilt, etc.  It’s one reason the internet is so very important for world healing.   It’s a place where we can all hear the voice that says ... THIS IS NOT OKAY!   We can say it over and over again to each other … THIS IS NOT OKAY!    Until finally, we begin to feel safe in contemplate more healthy ideas about our lives.

Richard Tarnas believes that we are involved in a global initiation.  Unlike traditional initiations, we are doing it without elders to guide us.  This is unknown territory and we are stumbling and tripping and getting up and trying again.   Our culture has lost it’s way, with little remaining connection to life or the common good.  It represents the abusive parent,  narcissistic and with only the most superficial concern for our wellbeing.

The Sun is creating a channel this week with the mother goddess Ceres.  Ceres knows about lies.  Her brothers Zeus and Hades plotted behind her back to steal her daughter Persephone away.  Without her daughter, and struck down with grief over her loss and anger over her betrayal, Ceres wandered the land, lying about her identity as a goddess and masquerading as a mere mortal.

Ceres is in the Gate of Extremes (15) – where we bounce from one extreme to the other trying to find some balance, something we can rely on.  Persephone is in the Gate of Duration (32) meeting Ophelia in the Gate of the Marrying Maiden (54).  While Persephone married Hades and took her place as Queen of the Underworld, Ophelia died alone, probably carrying the heir to the throne within her.  Both involved a transformation.  Persephone’s brought a trip to the underworld, a taste of the forbidden (pomegranate seeds) and the courage to let her mother move through her separation angst alone.  Ophelia was lost amidst the politicking of her father and lover, the very meaning of her life hidden from view in plain sight.

This channel relates to economic transformation, and I’ll be writing more about the economic aspects of culture over the next few days.  No surprises that there are huge shifts lining up there!  The Main Belt Asteroids are lining up to completely shift our relationship to culture, religion and economics over the next few months.  I’ll be writing more about this over the next few days.

The Sun is creating a channel with Ceres this week.  The Sun is in Gate 5 – Waiting For Nourishment.  This is the gate of earth time.  Waiting for the rains to come, the buds to burst, the fruit to ripen.  I could say that there is nothing we can do to change this rhythm, but in fact we’ve done just that. Witness Superstorm Sandy, a tropical cyclone complete with winter snow!


young things need time to grow


As we reacquaint ourselves with the idea that young things take time to grow, and that they require nurturing, Ceres reminds us that even our extremes are part of the learning process, part of our growing rhythm.  Sometimes the tree is bare, other times it is weighed down with fruit.

The Asteroids Magdalena and Child are hovering on the Aries Point.  My work with Magdalena has shown that she represents a newly visible divine feminine.  Hidden away to protect the wisdom of the feminine and the blood of the child, she is now standing poised at the beginning of a new era.  The asteroid Child represents a place where we hold a trauma of disconnection from reality, a place where we have internalised abuse.  In the Gate of Innocence we are being asked to connect to something truly nurturing (Ceres/ Magdalena) and disconnect from the old lies.

This is echoed throughout the transits just now.  Remember the story of Pallas Athene springing fully formed from the head of Zeus?  A wonderful lie that obscures the true growing process of anything worthwhile.

Ideas are not reality.  They are simply potential reality.  Robert Graves believes the mother of Pallas Athene was Metis, Goddess of Wisdom.  Athene was ‘stolen’ by the patriarchy, like so many of the old goddess treasures, to legitimize their taking over the cities.  Did you you  know that back in March 1802, when the asteroid Pallas Athene was discovered, Lord Elgin was busy ransacking the treasures of the Athenian Parthenon and shipping them off to the British Museum?  More lies, more theft.

Pallas is in Gate 36 just now – the Gate of Wounded Brightness – the place where we have hidden our light until it was safe to reconnect, to shine.   The Earth is creating a channel with Pallas, in the Gate of Progress.  Our wound is that we haven’t had time to just be, to develop naturally. We’ve been rushed into grow, grow, grow!  Overstimulation, overconsumption, overgrowth.

What are we connecting with?   Mother Metis is in the Gate of Gradual Development (53) in a line that expresses the grief of the orphan forgotten amidst the rush to be out in the world.  Eris and Kassandra in the Gate of Growth (42) speak but are not believed.  Every tree has roots, and a unique growing pattern, even if others don’t recognise them.

There are lies being told, truths being obscured. The human race has no shortage of ideas.  It’s how to harness them and put them into practice that has us all running around crazy.  We try one thing and then another.  We get all tangled up with each other, our projections and fears.   This is the trauma of transformation without access to the guidance of the deep feminine and the organic masculine.

This is a time to transform our own lives, and the experience of humanity on earth by going slow and steady.  As we each take appropriate action, we gently mature in perfect timing.



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Statue – Pallas Athene by Brunnen von Karl Donndorf auf der Karlshöhe in Stuttgart (1911)

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