holding_heartWe are entering a period of crucial repatterning.  Not just of our DNA, our humanity, our relationship to the planet.  It goes beyond the survival of humanity to the very nature of life itself.   From our conscious relationship with life, we are evolving to a whole new form of evolution.

Change has always happened.  Things go along fine for a while, and then a sudden shift happens.  It marks a transition – the end of something, the beginning of something else.  We are at such a transitional point now.  But this one is different.  Because we are consciously creating the shift.  We are the shift!

Within our universe, where time and space arise from our modes of perception, our conscious role in the shift is opening dimensional doorways and changing the nature of life beyond our current imagining.  It is no wonder we are experiencing swings from exaltation and excitement to extreme fear and confusion.

During 2013 and 2014, the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Uranus – will open us further to the galactic impulses that are fuelling this shift.

The important thing to realise is that your personal dramas go way beyond the personal.  You are engaging consciously in a monumental and universal shift in the very nature of life itself.  Your struggles are not caused by personal faults or failures.  They are the last vestiges of  humanity’s separation from universal love and wholeness.

There are a few themes it might help to be aware of just now.


Return of the Mother

This is the inner child, shifting it’s attention and attachment from the imperfect personal mother to the universal and unconditional mother.  This reconnection brings healing of  wounds carved deeply into our DNA.  It heals fear, anxiety, anger and grief, down to the level below our conscious awareness, the places where we were not even able to store our pain in language.  These places of pain have been impossible for us to access before now.


Rebalancing Yin and Yang

Our western culture is so seeped in the idea that creativity is solely a masculine function that the obvious creative aspects of the feminine have become invisible.

Everyone has yin and yang.  I prefer this to feminine/masculine.  It removes the shadow of gender wars from the shift.  And whether we see it as the Feminine or the Yin energy, we are experiencing a return of a balance in our creative energies that incorporates both the Yin and Yang, the Feminine and the Masculine.

This rebalancing takes us on a profound journey into our culture and out the other side.  We have been accustomed for thousands of years to see only the masculine/yang as creator.  Our Father Who Are In Heaven.  Our Mother who …   hey, what happened to the Mother?

The creative energy of the feminine/yin have become almost invisible, and almost impossible to trust.  To do ‘nothing’, to wait for inspiration, to rest between bursts of activity, to trust our inner guidance over external cues, all of these and more are returning to our creative toolkit.


What’s Glamorous?

Neptune has been doing a monumental job of pulling back the veil and revealing a greater truth.   Neptune has been transiting in the Solar Plexus Centre almost exclusively since 1999, fine tuning our emotional responses to higher vibrations.  The resulting emotional clarity has allowed us to stand firm in our own personal truth and see abuse, trauma and deception.

We’ve healed our DNA.  Our cells and the particles in our field no longer carry this energy.  We don’t vibrate at this domination frequency any longer. This new clarity has released us from continuing to recreate the wounds, and we are now shifting the trajectory of culture from one of hierarchical power to a universal collective based on truth and love.

The old power structures can  no longer pull the wool over our eyes, because now we can see their actions clearly.  What was glamorous is now revealed as deception, designed to keep us working hard and eternally hungering for what we really desired.



Creating Connection

Last week Juno and Venus passed over Pluto and triggered an intense point of relationship shift.  It’s not easy, but the outcome is that we are letting go of old projections and finding our self focus.  What we long for is within us, always available.  We simply have to drop deeply into the wound, the lack, and ask to be shown the place within us that holds the key.  As we bring our full attention to ourselves we are able to commit ourselves more truly to those connections with others.  Without the attachments based on fear and lack, a new kind of love emerges.  Like circles of ripples joining together in a pond, we are co-creating something more beautiful as we connect.

Pluto in Gate 58 – Joy – between 2010 and 2012 helped us find the places where our family conditioning had prevented us opening to each other joyfully.  Now we’re ready to spread the joy!   We are learning to meet each other and blend without losing our unique essence.  We are creating entirely new forms of co-creative relationships and, in the process, new cultures and economies.

Pluto is now in Gate 38 – Opposition –  bringing up the struggle of having to go it alone.  Again, it’s not that we need someone else to save us, to fill in the gaps in our lives.  We can find those wounded and weary parts of ourselves and embrace them.  There’s a relaxation in this process that simplifies our lives, shifts us into a more relaxed way of feeling, being.  We slowly open, connect to our higher knowing, our bodies, our shared experiences.

Being and Doing

And speaking of being.  It’s no longer possible to Do without Being.  Or to Be without Doing.  We can’t spend our lives meditating to feel good.  We must integrate our disparate selves and bring them out into the field of infinite possibilities.  We can’t go out into the world protesting, struggling against evil, incessantly helping others without stopping to take a breathe and connect to our own inner essence.  We are being called to a place where Being and Doing are the same thing.  In this place we find synchronicity and joyful co-creation, because we have moved beyond egoistic achievement and unconscious self sabotage.  It also moves us out of trying to live our ideals, a place that is akin to slavery to old religious or philosophic beliefs.

You are taking part in a monumental shift in the expression of universal life.  You are doing it in the density of a physical body, engaging in the seemingly impossible task of connecting higher dimensional energies with a walking, talking, living, breathing human.  This is an extraordinary thing!  Be gentle and kind.  Trust in your own evolutionary impulses.  Set your focal point on your own best outcomes – what’s most joyful and relaxed for you?  There’s your direction, pointing your path through each day no matter what external events you encounter.




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Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.