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As we face unprecedented challenges, we need a new way to understand who we are and how we can live.  The Human Design System gives personal, precise and powerful information about you, your relationships, your life.  It provides simple solutions in a complex world, revealing your emerging global self.


Imagine if you added Astrology, the Tree of Life, your Chakras and the I Ching together to create a unique map of your personal energy field.   That’s what the Human Design System does.  By bringing together these systems from the four corners of the globe, your personal Human Design chart is literally a map of the energy field of your emerging global self.


Using your birth data, in the same way an astrologer does, we create a personal Human Design chart that gives astonishing information about your emergent self.

As our world changes, we need to explore new ideas and ways of being that nurture us and create happiness and success. Human Design opens that doorway.

You can get your free personal Human Design Chart here.



Becoming Global

Global economics, global politics, global communities – I’m sure you’ve noticed how global we’re becoming.  Understanding your newly emerging global self is crucial to finding happiness and success in the 21st century, helping you find your way in relationships, career and community.

I have been so deeply moved by this reading.  I need time to integrate this but my soul is singing with a great unburdening and clarity and renewed sense of purpose and strength.  Lisa, Nov. 2010.

Thanks to the crew of Apollo 8, we got our first glimpses of what the Earth looks like from space back on Christmas Eve 1968.  It’s taken us another 40 years to gradually realise we all share one home.

At the same time we heard about an intriguing new idea called The Gaia Hypothesis.  James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis stuck out their scientific necks and declared the possibility that our planet and all her creatures were part of one living system.

Earth had became a different kind of home.

Global Being

Becoming global is a big shift.  It wasn’t too long ago that people spent their entire lives within 50 miles of their birth place and rarely ever laid eyes on any more than 150 people at most.

The steam engine, the telephone, television, air travel and the internet have completely changed the landscape of our lives.

This global shift requires an evolution in our idea of what it means to be human.  The old rules and structures are breaking under the strain, as we move past the old cultural, political, religious and economic frameworks.

Where To From Here?

Whats the effect of this global life we’re living?  It’s shifting our DNA, changing our brainwave patterns, and evolving us beyond what we can imagine.    We think differently, we act differently.  We feel different.  Who are we becoming?

Our shift to global is happening hand in hand with another massive shift. We’re not only becoming global, we’re going fractal, quantum, chaotic.    We’re moving beyond the old mechanistic ways of being and becoming increasingly aware that we live in a chaotic quantum world where nothing is definite, and we are always approaching infinity.   The limits of the old linear and mechanistic lifeview are dissolving as we are propelled into a whole new dimension of being human.

Meet The Evolving You

Imagine if you added Astrology, the Tree of Life, your Chakras and the I Ching together to create a map of your personal unique energy field.  That’s what the Human Design System does.  These four ancient teachings bring together the spiritual wisdom from all over the globe, synthesising them into one chart.

Human Design is an essential tool of consciousness for our times.

Your personal Human Design BodyGraph chart is unique.  It represents the evolving global you, the person you are becoming.

The stellar map that you showed me was the very map etched out in my cells. EM, March 2011

The Human Design BodyGraph

Before we add your personal activations in, the BodyGraph looks a bit like this.

Human Design BodyGraph showing Ji Centre









This underlying structure is created by combining the chakras and the tree of life.



In Human Design, we call the chakras CENTRES, and the tree of life pathways between the Centres are called CHANNELS.

There’s nothing of you there yet.  But we’re getting to you!

The next thing we add to the BodyGraph is the I Ching hexagrams.   Each of the 64 hexagrams has their own special position.

Human Design BodyGraph showing Gate Numbers








In Human Design, we call the hexagrams GATES.  Each channel is made up of two gates, one at each end.

It’s those three layers that create the underlying structure of the Human Design Bodygraph chart – the Chakras, the Tree of Life and the I Ching hexagrams.  Or as well call the, the Centres, Channels and Gates.

And then finally, we add the planets.  We use the same birth details that an astrologer would use.   It’s when the planets are placed in the BodyGraph that we begin to see how unique you truly are!

Each time  a planet activates a gate we color that gate either red or black (there’s a reason for that, but you can learn about that a bit later).


John LennonHuman Design Chart of John Lennon

This is the Human Design BodyGraph chart of John Lennon with all the planets included. We’ve just created a unique personal chart for John Lennon by synthesizing four ancient wisdoms!

We can also view the Human Design chart as a mandala wheel.

John Lennon Human Design Mandala Wheel










Lennon’s Human Design chart tells us that he:

  • was always being influenced by the people around him – there’s lots of white space in his personal design,
  • created from a place that was deeply emotional – his two defined CENTRES are activated by the dreamy combination of Moon, Venus and Neptune,
  • had a strong intuitive sense of what was right for him, but it wasn’t always reliable – his Intuition Gate is activated, but not connected to the throat for easy expression, and
  • could rely on his gut instinct, but needed to connect with others to make things happen.

Paul McCartney gave him a voice and Yoko Ono helped him feel safe.

What Can I Learn From My Human Design Chart?

There are  some very important but quite simple ideas contained within your chart that can change your life.  Unlike traditional spiritual teachings, these ideas are unique to you.  We need to move beyond generic ideas.  No matter how good these one size fits all ideas are, they prevent us from releasing our unique gifts into the world.

By looking at your particular combination of planets, gates, channels and centres, we can create a set of ‘life experiments’ that can shift who you believe yourself to be!

Imagine if you felt completely confident in every decision you made.

In my years of working with people to help them re-discover their true selves I’ve learnt something very interesting – most people are guessing about what’s right and wrong for them in life. Not some of the time but pretty much all the time. Which means most of us are creating our lives from what we THINK is right.

Human Design is astonishing for understanding your own decision making process.  It is also quite profound in supporting you to understand your relationships.

There is literally a lifetime’s contemplation held within your chart.

WOW … this was extraordinary !! I feel like I have a road map now that makes complete sense. KB, USA, 2011

Where did the Human Design System come from?

In 1987 a man by the name of Ra Uru Hu was on retreat at Ibiza in Spain, when he spontaneously went into a trance state and began receiving astonishing information which has become known as The Human Design System.

In 1992, he gradually began to experiment with, and then teach, the system in Europe and the US. In 2003 I began working with the Human Design System in Australia and over the years I have had the opportunity to assist people from all over the world to discover an entirely new answer to the question – Who Am I?.

How does Human Design work?

love yor designYou simply give me the same details you would give to an astrologer – your time, place and date of birth – then I create your personal Human Design chart, which gives an infinite amount of information about how you were designed to be in this life. You can download a free chart right now.

Human Design will not only give you useful information about yourself, it’s power lies in the practical and deeply transformative life experiments that it reveals. These strategies are like a personal guidebook to your life, they are different for each individual, just as each person’s DNA is unique

Experimenting with these simple strategies gently creates a sense of recognition and understanding at the level of global being.

Evolve on Purpose.  Love Your Design!


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