Full Moon  in Gate 37.2  ~  7 Virgo 24, opposite Sun in Gate 40.2)  ~  7 Pisces 24
Monday 25th February 2013, UT 20.26pm, CET 17.26pm PST 12.26Pm, EST 15.26pm.   In Australia, Tuesday 26th February at 7.26am AEDT.

I once read somewhere that our earliest memory holds a deep secret about what’s important to us in life.  So when I was trying to figure out a subject for my first Toastmasters speech a few years back I decided to tell the story of something I used to do when I was 2 years old.

We lived in a coal mining village, in the Hunter Valley.  Our house sat between two railway lines – one at the front of the house and one at the back.  This was in the days when the old black steam trains would carry the coal from the mines, down the valley and all the way to Newcastle Harbour.  They made a hell of a racket as they chugged down the hill, closer and closer to our house.

I would stand with my nose pressed to the screen door listening to this monstrous noise getting louder and louder. And as the train burst into sight I would run and hide on my bed. It was so much fun!
choochoo choochoo ….  choochoo choochoo  …. choochoo choochoo


What did I learn from revisiting this story?  That I enjoy the feeling of power approaching, that the unknown feels thrilling to me and that although sometimes I may appear to be afraid, I’m just storing up that experience to turn into a gift, an offering to my own future.


Tomorrow’s Full Moon is a bit like that train approaching.   It’s powerful, it’s potentially thrilling and it holds the opportunity for us to alchemize our fears into a magnificent future.


The Full Moon will happen in the Gate of Deliverance (40), which is about relieving pain and distress.  The I Ching story is of a thunderstorm that moves on, leaving the air clearer, relieving the tension of the heat and humidity.  The guidance is that if you have nowhere to go, return to your centre.  If you do feel called to do something or go somewhere, get on with it!  There are two important components – timing and harmonious relationships.  If you actions arise from or are creating harmonious relationships, thats a GO!   But, there’s no rush. Don’t create a difficult situation for yourself, and remember to always return “home” if you’re unsure of what your next step is.

The Sun is in the Gate of Friendship and Family.  It holds the energetic signature of ‘household’ relationships within our culture, and the holographic nature of these relationships – how they move out from parent and child, to our work environment, and into our government.  This is the place where we create culture through how we relate to each other.  Again, this gate is about creating harmonious relationships.

There’s a subtle new trajectory here.  When we put ourselves and our relationships first we shift culture, and we change governments and the economy.  The idea that we are dominated by a powerful force, and that our only option is to be the best possible cog in the machine that we can, comes tumbling down in the face of our trust in something more nourishing.

Chiron is in the Gate of Friendship and Family too.  When the Sun and Chiron get together we have to face an issue with our sense of self, our capacity for development.  This is a wound to our entire species and this Full Moon activates our recovery.  There is something of Self coming to life here.


This Full Moon is calling us to step into the creative centre of our own world.  There’s no need for gigantic leaps, in fact the Gate of Deliverance reminds us to keep it real.  It has a gentle recuperative quality to it.  Do what feels right to do, and if you feel like there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do … stay home, have a cup of tea, watch a good movie or do some gardening.  Or go sing in the rain!


Full Moon Feb 2013polarities


There’s something special about this Full Moon.  It happens in a gate that meets it’s opposite within the same channel.  The Moon will be at 7 Virgo, in Gate 40, and the Sun will be in 7 Pisces, in Gate 37.  So they’re opposite each other astrologically (Virgo is opposite Pisces), but they are in the same Human Design channel, standing face to face.

There are only three channels in the Human Design chart where the gates are astrologically opposite each other.  They are not easy channels to work with, because we tend to swing wildly between the two opposite poles until we finally find a balance where both possibilities can exist peacefully and creatively with each other.

The two polarities riding through the centre of this Full Moon are the need to express your own will, to be who you want to be, and the need to be treasured as part of your community.

Have a look at where this channel sits in the chart.  It’s right between the Solar Plexus Centre – that powerhouse of emotional energy, and the Heart Centre – willfullness, ego, support and encouragement.  The fundamental issue here is  ….  if I do exactly what I want to do, will you still give me the emotional and material support I need to live?

How can we reconcile those two polarities?  I need to be an individual and also I need to be part of the community.

This is tricky ground we’re traversing and the more consciously we do it the better.  Saturn and Jupiter are both retrograde in the vicinity of the Spleen Centre and the energy there is  …. stop digging!  You’re far enough down into the problem.  It’s time to focus on solutions, to enter into our fears and really get to know them.  We aren’t about to be saved from what we fear, there is no rescue mission underway. It’s up to you and I to turn and stare into the face of what afears us, to call it for what it is.  The Spleen Centre represents the amygdala, what you might know as the lizard brain.  It’s sneaky because that’s how it’s kept us alive for so many millenium.  But the fears it’s manufacturing in your body and mind aren’t necessarily helpful these days.  And we can put so much energy into unconsciously managing our fears that we miss obvious solutions to our problems.

We don’t need to know what we’re doing, we don’t need to have a plan in place, we don’t have to take any action.  All we have to do is look there.  The lizard brain doesn’t like that, but still it’s good to know – under all that mental and emotional drama, what is the fear?  And how is it useful, if it’s useful at all.  This process changes our brain structure, lighting up the more enlightened and heart centred parts of the brain, bringing us a more positive and broader view.


the Pluto/Uranus/Chiron generation


There’s something else special about this channel.  For anyone born between 26th August 1960 and 6th April 1964, Uranus and/or Pluto are in Gate 40 and Chiron is in Gate 37.  That makes this very personal, especially when we add in Eris in Gate 21.  Eris holds the gift of natural networking and interdependence, but in this sort of difficult situation she carries the blame and guilt of trying to break free of a culture that keeps us all bound in old relationship ethics based on blind adherence to the elders.   Follow the rules or you will be given all blame and expelled.

This generation has lived on the edge, but it mostly doesn’t look that way because Chiron in the Gate of Friendship and Family calls us ….   come in and we’ll love you and feed you ….  come in … come in. The only way to come in is to quell the intense need to break free, to allow our willfullness to lead us out beyond the beyond.  We compulsively try to break free, and then swing back to safety.  This week’s Full Moon activates that intense desire to be a powerful creative individual without being blamed for breaking up families, raising unruly children or not having a proper job.


is there any money in it?

Bringing the energy of the Full Moon to the Throat for expression is Asteroid Lilith in Gate 21, and Dwarf Planet Ceres in Gate 45.   It looks like this:



Lilith is someone who wants to do things her way. She’s young, fiery and idealistic. Some people see her as a troublemaker, others as a cultural artiste.

After she left Adam – the story goes that she wasn’t all that keen on the missionary position but I can’t say if that’s true or not – Lilith was cursed as the murderer of babies.  You can’t get more vilified than that!  But the truth of Lilith is her unswavering devotion to what felt true to her, even against the weight of culture.   And that she took action on her own behalf.

Gate 21 is all about organising our lives the way we want them to be, eradicating what prevents us from living a peaceful, prosperous and happy life.  What’s obstructing you from getting your life to fit you properly?  What small changes can you make today?

Eris was in Gate 21 between 1955 and1960, so if you were born during that time Lilith is perched right on top of your natal Eris.

Lilith and Eris have a lot in common when it comes to disrupting the dominant paradigm.  For many of today’s adults this Full Moon triggers that clash – my true self v’s cultural norms, and brings up the fears of the lizard brain – exile, starvation, lovelessness.

This channel – from the Heart  Centre to the Throat – is partly about money.  This morning I got an email from someone running a ‘how to make millions of dollars’ seminar.  Even he seemed surprised to get 11,500 subscribers.  The reason it doesn’t surprise me is that Ceres is in the money gate – Gate 45 – and Ceres can have us acting obsessively, even neurotically, when our needs aren’t being met.

The lizard brain might think a million dollars will keep us safe, but it won’t.  So the course is basically worthless.  It’s teaching people how to fit into the dominant paradigm.  Instead, what we need to be doing right now, is taking baby steps into disconnecting from that world, and finding what’s truly nourishing for us.  This is another step in our process of creating a new world.  It’s really happening, and it’s happening in your life, in your home.

We don’t need to plunge quickly into anything, but moment by moment we can choose what nurtures us.  We can have compassion for our anxiety, for our depression, for our fears.  We can understand that this is a major evolutionary process and not something that can be taken casually.  We are not doing a weekend meditation workshop anymore, we are inviting our soul into the world.

2013-02-25_0907Have a look at the Heart Centre – the red one in the chart.  It has three possible connections – the Solar Plexus (emotions), the Ji Centre (soul) and the Throat (expression).  The Heart Centre represents our ego.  According to Freud, our ego mediates between our super-ego and id – between the higher aspects of self and the lower reactive parts.  This interests me, because in Human Design the Heart Centre is a mediator between the Ji Centre (Soul/higher aspects of self) and our emotional reactivity (Solar Plexus).

If we rush to express our will – straight to the Throat without taking into account the Soul or emotions –  we are very human, limited in our visions and our capacities.  When we allow our will to be tempered by our emotions and changed over time, it gradually aligns with the higher self.   Our lower emotional faculties begin to align with our higher soul faculties.  This is a divine process.  It’s not so much of let thy will not my will be done … co-creation goes beyond the idea of humanity as an empty vessel filled with spirit.  This is about activating your Soul – the part of you that is essentially you, and also eternal.  The Soul is personal, and it’s that part of you that seeks to be activated, to, in effect, be born.

So there are three ways we can express our will – from emotional reactivity, through co-creating with our Soul, or without any awareness at all, straight to expression (Throat).

Notice that Mercury and Mars are in Gate 22 in the Solar Plexus Centre – that’s the Gate of ….  breeeeaaaattthhhheeee.  Please take some time to breathe over the next few days.  It’s stimulates your emotional energy and allows anything stagnant to find some movement.

So, what was that about money?

The money economy is linear, but we live in a creative matrix.  Rather than becoming rich step by step, a more valuable metaphor is to consider our lives as a garden.  What seeds are we planting, how are we tending them, and what is growing strong?   This is the garden of your Soul.

Money has been used as a tool to keep us separate from our Souls, and from loving ourselves and each other.  Money has been used as both the whipping stick and the carrot, to lull us into what seemed to be an easy life, and to force us to deny and betray ourselves over and over again.  This Full Moon is about separating our energy out from the economy, rediscovering the will to live truly and authentically, and taking small steps on our own behalf.  Our Souls are calling us to step beyond being an economic human, a cog in the machine. Your divine creative self is waiting for you at the centre of your world, and she invites you to join her there.


Image:  Alexander Millar at http://www.working-man.co.uk/

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

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