Today the Sun moves into the Gate where Heaven meets Earth, duality is resolved, and we all find fulfillment (yes it’s happening for the next 5 days, but read the small print for extra conditions). There is also a dwarf planet event that is adding to the power of this process.

Haumea is currently transiting in the Gate of Gentle Penetration (57) and Mercury is retrograde in the adjoining Gate of Great Power (34). Together they are shifting our ideas of what we want to achieve when we apply our energy to something.

Human Design Transit Chart for 15th December 2011

Human Design Transit Chart for 15th December 2011

Haumea transits can activate a higher level of consciousness in us about the connection between our mind and emotions and how they impact on our health at the physical level.   Our physical bodies are, in a sense, the source of our lives on this planet.  How do we align these bodies so that we can receive and transmit nourishment?

This is a quote from LiSe Heyboer about the Gate of the Well, the discovery point for Haumea.

To make life alive, there must be a source.

So dig a well, keep it clean and drink from it, then the water will always be fresh and pure.

Don’t depend on an occasional shower, it works only temporarilywhen it is over, everything will dry up again. But your own well never dries up. The source is always there, but it will only fill the well if it is being taken care of.

Never leave the place where your well is situated.

We have been like children, using our power to push and shove to get the rain as it falls.  But if we become the rain, become the source of our own nourishment, we never have to leave that place again.

As we align our mental and emotional bodies with the reality of our physical vehicle we are able to  blend the yin and the yang, the receptive and the active.  We know when to be still and when to move, when to give and when to receive.  And then there is another step beyond that – a quantum shift to the centre – where we are always still and always in motion, always giving and always receiving.   At the centre they become the same thing, as the yin and yang dance together in a continual motion of universal creation.


Haumea is currently in Gate 57 line 5 in the Spleen Centre, which represents our physical body field.  This gate is about penetrating subtly to the core of things, not just for the sake of curiosity, but so you can fully understand the situation from within yourself and also on the situation’s own terms.  Thus we are able to hold our own centre and also approach a person or situation much more realistically!

We become influential in our own lives, not through acting on situations, but by becoming a part of the situation and acting within it.   Here you can stand firm, in your own great power and strength, because you have slowly, subtly and imperceptibly found your way to your own source and from that place you are always at the centre of creation.

Here we can simultaneously be and become, we can act and be acted upon, we can be receptive and active, yin and yang.   We can examine within to find the truth and at the same time step forward knowing that we are always safe and that our impact upon the environment can only be a positive one.


Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.