Why the Womens March is so important

We’re in the countdown to the inauguration on Friday, with the Women’s March on Saturday.

How are you feeling?

I’ve seen many commentators expressing great concern, and also saying they hope they are wrong. It seems as good an approach as any!

It’s not just the US which is affected by a Trump presidency of course. Here in Australia our politicians are scrambling to understand how our relationship with the US – our closest ally and trading partner – will be affected. People are worried about a flow-on effect in loss of civil rights and social benefits, and the potential for military action with our neighbour China. Our right-leaning politicians have been copying the US right for years now.

In Europe, as well as coping with Brexit, there is also the fear of an unleashed and expansionist Russia. And if Jared Kushner is let loose in the middle east, who knows what might happen!

On top of the political upheavel, we also had news today that 2016 was the hottest on record, coming on top of two previous ‘hottest’ years.

All in all, it’s an interesting time. While I’m not wanting to be a debbie downer, it’s important that we’re all up to speed here. There is no going forward from here if we have our eyes squeezed shut and are humming lalala so hard we don’t know where ‘here’ is!


Who Knew There Were Sides?

But before we go on, I want to talk about hyper-partisanship. It seems like just now, everyone is either on one side or the other.

This morning I’ve been reading Margaret Wheatley’s book So Far From Home: Lost and found in our brave new world.

Wheatley talks about something I’ve been watching for the past year, the deliberate cultivation of tribal identity as a strategy for gaining control.


“The leader creates an inspiring definition of who we are, an impermeable boundary is drawn between us and them, we now have enemies and must defend ourselves.”


We’ve seen it in the Brexit debate, in the US election and here in Australia with the offensive ‘lifters and leaners’ rhetoric.

These tactics are a gross mis-use of our natural creative drive for an identity which we can connect to a greater narrative embedded in supportive community.

Hyper-partisanship increases polarisation, and is the basis of most war. It is tribalism, harnessed for the purposes of dark money and power, which has driven us to where we now find ourselves. We have evolved to cling to those in our ‘tribe’ as if for our very life.

That survival strategy is shifting now, and FAST! Tribalism is more threat than help right now. It causes us to lose sight of one of the most important ideas for our survival.

We are all in this together!



Hyper-partisanship takes hold because our old survival codes trigger us when we meet someone who looks different, or sees things differently to us.

I remember reading a book set in England in the 19th century and the heroine was amazed that someone had been to the next village. How excitement! It was less than 10 miles away, but she had never met anyone who had ventured that far from home before.

Our survival mechanisms have been thrust so quickly (in evolutionary terms) into a global world with massive immigration and internet/cable tv which allow us to meet up with every culture on earth at the touch of a button. Pluto in Gate 38 – the gate of opposition – was all about discovering that difference is not a threat, but an opportunity.

As Pluto has just shifted into Gate 54, we should have moved on, but the Pluto-Uranus connections from 2013 to 2015 will continue to play out for a while yet. Especially as Uranus is conjunct the troublesome outsider Eris.

Eris is generally blamed for the Trojan War, but that’s not how I see things. Eris was a trigger for unrest, which Zeus strategically manipulated to get his way. It was Zeus who wanted war, saw his chance in Eris’s ill considered actions, and took the opportunity.

Poor Eris was left forever holding the bag! The trick here is that while everyone is busy pointing the finger at Eris and heading off to assert the honour of their tribe, a few people are snatching all the common-wealth from under our very eyes. Zeus didn’t want to go to war with the Trojans just because he thought it would be a fun time! He had plans. He covered up his real motivations by pointing his finger at Eris anytime anyone was looking for a scapegoat for the destruction.

Eris adds to the idea that women are to blame for unrest, so watch that rhetoric and don’t buy into it! Uranus will be in close proximity to Eris till March 2018, so expect this attempted sleight of hand to continue.


Exiled No More

Which brings me to the Women’s March. I mentioned in my last post that both Lilith and Medusa were active. They are still crucial, and are sitting at the heart of the Women’s March.


Inauguration Chart – members of MyDivine.Design can click image for full interactive chart


Mars went into Gate 36 today. That’s significant. This is a polarising gate, which says – either I’m crazy, or it’s you! At the time of the inauguration, Mars will be bringing this:


Wounded and in darkness, you decide to do more than just hide away, you set out on an active determined hunt for what oppresses the light. And you have success! You grasp the source of the problem and the key to it’s solution.

However, this is not the same as having a complete solution. You have an insight of enduring value. A positive outcome will require time and constancy. If you rush you risk further injury. You must carry your understanding forward with steadfast determination. You simply cannot do this if you are motivated by injury or feverishly anxious to have everything resolved.


We are not crazy, this is not a good situation for the USA or anywhere else in the world. We are at a systemic tipping point. We must seek out the source of the problem, and explore possible solutions. Mars is accompanied by no lesser lights than Lilith and Medusa! The Women’s March seems a perfect expression of these two related asteroids.  Kelley M Hunter, in Living Lilith, says Lilith and Medusa both represent our relationship to darkness.

Lilith represents the exile of women’s true being, and the suppressed rage and resentment arising from our experiences. Her position in the chart (in 30.3) indicates:


This is the end of one phase. It is time to take what happened and move into the present moment, celebrating your achievements loudly and deliberately.


It is indeed the end of one phase, as thousands of years of patriarchal dominance dissolve into a more equal relationship which recognises not only the social rights of all, but also the divinity of each human on this planet. Magdelana, who represents the equal divinity of women, is conjunct Pluto in this chart! (Gate 54.5: you have reached a place where you can grow into your potential and be of greater service).

Like Eris, Lilith has carried the blame for millenium for not ‘lying down under’ Adam. She wouldn’t give up her essential humanity and was demonised, as if she were in the wrong. There is much in this! Who’s the crazy one?

And Medusa? Like Lilith, her “speechless woe” carries the weight of ages of female grief, rage, repression and hopelessness (Mary Elizabeth Coleridge, 1882).  Our speechless woe arises from our numbness. We have made ourselves blind, cutting ourselves off from our own awareness, feeling like we are the crazy ones, taking on the shame of all of what we, and our world, have become. These are the too-crazy places in our lives, where we have succumbed to blindness because the injustice felt overwhelming. We couldn’t bear to see anymore.

But Medusa’s fearsome mask is meant to evoke awe at her power. Can you feel that power? As women confer and plan and colaborate, and refuse to cooperate with what they believe is wrong?

Perhaps we are just getting our first taste of what comes from trusting each other, all of us together.

Kelley Hunter talks about the Eye of Medusa, is it open or closed? I found this fascinating, as the image I kept wanting to use for the upcoming Emergent Womens Program is this one:


painting collage, violet makeup


and my marketing person kept asking me – how is this image relevant Kim? My answer now is … because, Medusa. She is the mirror of the universe, reflecting the depths of our souls, the dark energy which science is now able to measure and identify as making up 90% of matter where previously there is a void. For a long time now I have been saying this – the 90%, whether it be junk DNA, or dark matter or dark energy, is the feminine matrix of consciousness from which everything else arises.

Women no longer believe that they need a god/father/pope/president to mediate between them and reality, or the divine. We will stop pretending we are powerless and oppressed and come forth from the place of our own sacred power.

What we see is important now. It is time to open our eyes. Lilith is in the gate of clarity. Hilary Barrett suggests we ask ourselves these questions:

  • What do you see?
  • What does it mean?
  • How can you nourish a high level of awareness?

Women are waking up, opening their eyes again, honouring their own awareness as it arises from the matrix of consciousness. It’s more than time we stopped allowing others to define our reality, particularly when they are destroying our planet and blaming us for it.

In this article in The New Yorker, Jia Tolentino asks the obvious question – when women’s rights are so clearly under threat, how can a women’s march be controversial? Why is pulling together all the stakeholders, African American, LGBTI, Asian and Pacific Islanders, Trans Women, Muslim women, Native Americans, disable women and yes even men, why is this controversial?

Because, in a climate of hyper-partisanship, we are not supposed to trust each other, let alone work together for the the greater good. This is the type of behaviour that authoritarians abhor because they require one cultural narrative (their own) and absolute obedience (blind, deaf, speechless, numb). They are busy pointing at us, blaming us. It is a strategy to give them cover for grand theft of our common-wealth – our water, our trees, our air, our communities.

This is, of course, much more than an issue of sexual inequality. The clear efforts for inclusion demonstrate an antidote to hyper-partisanship. We are all in this together so we better stop trying to manipulate each other to get rich and powerful, and learn to get on.

The signs are clear, women are stepping into a new relationship with reality, and with their own power to create it. The time is now.


Find out more about the Emergent Woman Program 2017 here

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