31st August 2010

I tried to book my son in for a Cranio-Sacral session last night and my friend didn’t have a free space until the end of September. When I asked her ‘why so busy?’ she told me ‘things are pretty wild and woolly out there at the moment!’. So true!

We are at a powerful point of shift. Have no doubt that this is a time of great evolutionary importance. We truly are creating a new world and here’s the thing about new worlds. They are different to the old ones.

I often wonder at the courage of people who left Europe on sailing ships and headed into the land of here be dragons simply out of a spirit of discovery.  Can you imagine having grown up in 17th century England and then, after a long and perilous sea voyage, turning up on the shores of Tahiti!   This is exactly what we are doing.

Dwarf Planet Haumea and Trans Neptunian Object Altjira are connecting with Pluto to bring massive change to the way we experience life.  Our culture truly exists in a place of mind, we think about things, we work out what to ‘do’, we have ideas.  We are taught that our body senses, our body knowing, are at best second rate citizens in the awareness stakes.  At worse they are evil and to be avoided at all costs.

I’ve been talking to people all weekend about timing.  Each one of us has a personal rhythm, and when we tune into that rhythm our world makes sense.  We go at exactly the right pace and have time for everything that we need in exactly the right way.  When we are out of our natural rhythm life becomes chaotic and confusing – a struggle. When life becomes chaotic and confusing and there’s only one place left to go for answers – our head!

Those people with gates 5 and 15 in their design are holding a template for personal rhythm that holds the rest of us in alignment.  But the very idea of living in your own timing is considered crazy.  Isn’t it a selfish and lazy thing to do whatever you want, whenever you want?  I have two teenagers asleep here this morning.  They both should be on the bus to school.  But guess what, they haven’t woken up yet.  How can it be good for them to be artifically woken up and fed and dressed and packed onto a bus when they should really still be asleep, dreaming, regenerating and connecting with other dimensions of experience?  And how does this artificial time construct, so taken for granted, affect their innate wellbeing, let alone their ability to be sovereign in their own lives and express their personal creatively powerful selves?

Can you see how insidious these controls are?  They are so built into our society that we take them for granted and yet they keep us from discovering truths about ourselves.  What could you experience  if you could go at your perfect pace?  How extraordinarily different could your life be?  And how impossible does it feel to live in that way?

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This is a time of connecting with our body wisdom, our physical senses, our natural abundance and connection with the earth and with each other.  It is a time of deconstructing the mental conditioning that holds us apart from ourselves and our loved ones – those we’ve met and those we haven’t yet.  We are reconnecting our bodies with our hearts.

When we are confronting choices we need to change the way we frame our way forward.  It’s no longer about what we are going to DO, but who we are going to BE in response to the challenges we face.  Haumea is challenging us to connect with the seeds of abundant life within us.  We are learning to trust that listening to her voice leads us towards something so new we can’t even image yet how wonderful it is.

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