There is an underlying shift happening in our relationship to money, so subtle it’s barely discernable. This shift is about the relationship between hard work and money.  What do we need to do to succeed financially? Can we manifest simply by holding a frequency?  Or do we need to work hard? This important evolutionary touchpoint is being activated right now by two powerful goddess energies – Pandora and Persephone.

There’s a channel in the Human Design chart that holds the keys to our relationship to money.  It represents the arrangement of our economies, whether they be tribal, feudal, communist, capitalist. Right now, in this channel, we find Pandora and Persephone.  Pandora is in the Money Gate (45) and Persephone in the Resources Gate (21).

Let’s look at those gates a little more closely. The Money Gate – Gate 45 –  is the boss, the Lord, the CEO. He (traditionally) doesn’t necessarily own the resources but holds them and ‘husbands’ them for the greater good. This is the gate of noblesse oblige – where nobility holds wealth in return for acting in the social good.





There seems to be a belief that the modern version of ‘nobility’ (aka great wealth and/or celebrity) acts in the opposite way to noblesse oblige, and brings exemption from social obligations like paying taxes, treating employees well, pursuing humane corporate goals.

In Human Design, the evolutionary arc of this gate is not so hierarchical.  Instead it is about gathering together to co-invest together for a common purpose.  When people naturally bring their time, energy and resources to a jointly held goal it will bear fruit. That fruit will be shared in some equitable way within the community, with the aim of strengthening shared roots.  In working towards this shared goal we are able to understand the everyday mundane tasks of life as having a greater purpose, a true value beyond the effort we expend. We are, in effect, working within a certain fractal of conscious evolution and relationship, that leverages our efforts beyond what we exert as an individual.

The ‘lord’ in this version of the Money Gate doesn’t hold all the money and power.  Instead s/he holds the vision that attracts the right community around it.  Each one of us has our own internal ‘lord’ who recognises our greater purpose and seeks to pull together all our internal resources to fullfill it.


Pandora in the Money Gate


Pandora by Rossetti

Pandora by Rossetti

The asteroid Pandora moved into the Money Gate on 22 May and will be there till 5 June. She joins Persephone, who will be in the adjoining Gate 21 till 11 June.  During this time, these two chthonic goddesses are shifting our ideas about the relationship between work and money. (Cthonic in this context means personal power and abundance that arises from within the earth, or from our physical level of existence)

The myth of Pandora is generally seen as one of a curious woman opening a box and releasing evil, but somehow trapping hope. Astrologically Pandora is usually seen as a surfeit of curiousity leading to unintended consequences. But this myth has many layers and it’s worthwhile looking more deeply.

Pandora, like Eve, represents the first woman. Also, like Eve, she was curious and took some action that was frowned on by ‘the gods’. We can take the parallels even further, because, just like Eve, Pandora’s actions upset Zeus so greatly that he cursed mankind with ongoing toil to make their way. I’m no Greek or Biblical scholar, but the similarities between Genesis – you have eaten of the tree and cursed is the ground because of you and in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life – and Pandora in the Hesiod’s works – Now that Pandora has arrived, man is fated to work upon work in order to have sufficient livelihood to survive – are very clear! Here is a trigger for a shift from natural ease and abundance provided by nature, think Garden of Eden, to a different reality entirely where men must toil to survive.

The distinction between the two situations – ease and hard toil – is starkly highlighted in Gate 45.

We can toil in the fields for the feudal lord (or the 1%) and almost our entire natural abundance goes up the chain to the ‘lord’ or the gods, who get very rich. This is the old hierarchical financial system, which despite those who still cling desperately to the idea of the trickle down effect, is creating more and more economic inequality. Or we can shift to a new evolutionary fractal where we maintain our own personal frequency of natural plenty, connect with our natural community, and leverage our efforts towards a higher good.

The interpretation of Pandora that has resonated most strongly for me over the years has been – what’s in the box???   Each one of us has given into shame and guilt, locking up within ourselves that which we believe is a curse on others. When we finally open the box and release what has been trapped there, we realise it was a gift all along.

In your design, your Pandora activation will show something that you perceive to be so bad you can’t show it to the world.  But when you connect with that energy and begin to express it, you can stop giving away your capacity for natural prosperity, and are able to shift from hard toil to ease and community.



Venus_Verticordia_DanteGabrielRossettiPersephone represents the journey from innocence to greater wisdom, via our own personal underworld. On the journey we suffer a separation from what has previously held us safe. Again, we see parallels with Eve.  Eve ate her apple, Persephone her pomegranate.  They are the women of the forbidden fruit, the eating of which changed everything for them.

I’ve always thought Persephone was quite keen to get away from her over-protective mother (Ceres / Demeter) and off into her own adult life. And she clearly relished her new role as Queen of the Underworld.

The channel that Pandora and Persephone are activating this week is a willful one, the only pure ego manifestor channel in the Human Design chart. While Pandora acted on her will in opening the box, Persephone started out as more of an unwilling (unconscious) player. But she did learn to hold to her own desires, to create a compromise (half my time with mum and half with Pluto, being Queen) and in the process to grow up and claim her place as an adult woman.

For me, this growing into independent adulthood is key to understanding how Persephone works in your Human Design chart.

This week’s transits have Persephone activating the gate of taking in all the circumstances, and applying our will to bring order to our own world – Gate 21. We can’t be allowing ourselves to be la-de-daing about pretending mother will take care of it all.  We can’t be blaming the men. We need to grow up, look around and take stock of our world. We may need to change our plans, to use our resources differently, to come together with a fresh new agenda.

What we can’t do is stay frozen in a kind of child-like innocence while our world dies around us. What we can’t do is allow the current monetary system to fool us that we only have the corporate world, the patriarchial economic structures, our jobs or usual ways of doing business, to limit us in our options.


What’s New and Different About You?

I have watched a number of women this week being flung from, or crawling away from, the wreckage of significant careers. Worn out and demoralised, they may well ask – what now? Where do we go? How can we survive?

At the same time, I have observed a growing swell of conversation about the Law of Attraction, and how we create our own reality – our own happiness and success. Do we need only to hold our frequency in alignment with what we desire? And if so, why isn’t it working? Do we need to take action to make things happen or will they turn up effortlessly for us? What about working hard to succeed?  Isn’t that essential?

Pandora and Persephone are sharing a new truth with us. they are suggesting that we can prosper without the curse of hard toil.  That doesn’t mean what we desire turns up and knocks at our door just because we vibrated it into existence. What it does mean is that our work has a different quality these days. Creating our own reality, a new and different reality, requires we step into a new level of personal responsibility. As the asteroid Child sits in the wealth creation Gate 14, suggesting we can access all kinds of personal gifts if only we will do so, we are being pointed towards a greater maturity. We can’t have our new reality and remain the same old person we always have been. That person lives in the old world.  What gifts do you have to release into the world? Who do you need to be to take responsibility for them?

One aspect of Pandora I haven’t yet mentioned is the tendency to be seduced by something that seems beautiful to us, but is actually evil. There is something seductive holding you back, an old narrative that is rooted in powerlessness and victimhood.  It says ‘But I am only a child, what can I do about this situation?‘ We live on hope but it doesn’t sustain us in our material reality.

What you can do is step into ownership of your gifts, and certainly your child knows what they are.  But it’s your mature adult who must take them into the world.  It’s your grown up self who must navigate the new co-creative relationships coming your way. It’s your big picture person who can see why you are of value and how important it is to have the self discipline to stay true.


Imagine your new reality.  

In that world, what is new and different about you?

What is so challenging about that new you that you might be avoiding becoming that person? 


Pandora has given us the keys to a new kingdom. We are released from hard toil. How hard we work is no longer the touchstone for how much finaincial freedom we have. And if you believe it ever was, just look at trust babies.

We can find those who share our ideas and build prosperous lives of ease. Work is not toil.  Work is our creative space, where we live gracefully and gratefully. Where we contribute not to the destruction of our planet but to the highest good of all.  Work is not something we have to suffer, to switch off and cut away and split from.  It is who we are, our soul purpose, our reason for being here. Work should be a joy, a dance with spirit and a flow that has both busy and quiet times. Work should be informed by our own inner knowing, our inspiration and instincts, our emotional engagement and our passion. We should be doing work with those who light us up and fill us with joy, not those we tolerate. When we work, our life should be filled with appreciation for the magnificent outcomes we can leverage because we are with the right people who make our life easy.

Look around and see who shares your passion, who you would enjoy investing your time and energy with. What outcomes are most important to you? What feels fun and easy? These are your clues to shucking off your innocence and stepping into your natural flow of abundance.

Pandora and Persephone are calling women to step out of a kind of childhood, a place where we don’t need to take responsibility. They are calling us to a new adventure, where hard toil is a thing of the past. We are creating something – a new way of working –  that is as natural as breathing. What do you need to let go of so you can step into this new space?





Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.