Kim Gould

Do You Have Big Dreams and 

Aren't Sure How To Grow Into Them?

Your dreams are not just a what, they're also a HOW! 

If your business plan looks like this 

and you freakin' love it, but it doesn't work ...

Might it be time for you to learn HOW 

to be naturally successful and live your big dreams? 

Because we need to do things differently now. 

Kara Tiare Alii,

Los Angeles, California USA

Loren Wilder,

Aspen, Colorado USA

"working with Kim has helped me 

become the woman of my dreams."

"Kim is an energy quickener, 

turning the dial up for people to upgrade massively."

Emergent Human Design

Personal Sessions and Coaching

About You

  • You have a dream to change the world but aren't sure where to start
  • You are ready to show up, but no one seems to be noticing
  • Your brilliance is bursting out of you and you need to understand how to channel it
  • You are ready to invest in yourself to be all of who you came here to be
  • You want to make a bigger impact and create a better lifestyle
  • You need support to clarify what your business is about, and how to begin or expand.
  • You may have a fear that your dreams (or you!) are too weird. 

About Kim

Kim Gould is founder of Love Your Design and creator of Emergent Coaching and Imagine Perfection.

Kim has been a leading global Human Design practitioner since 2004, and is a multiple-certified coach.

She uses her skills in Human Design, Conscious Language, Flourishing Business, Divine Living and HeartMastery to provide a coaching style that is unique and powerful.

I booked a single Emergent HD Session with Kim because I had been following her online for a long time and finding great wisdom and confirmation in her blog posts.  I needed help with the inner turmoil I was experiencing around my work. 

I help people regain their health after a cancer diagnosis.  I love what I do and have a great sense of purpose, but it's a turbulent and emotional journey at times, especially as I'm a cancer survivor too. There's so much we don't know about healing and there's a need to find the balance between what we know scientifically and what we know intuitively on a cosmic level.  I was struggling with that and it was affecting my business. 

Kim helped me articulate things that I somehow knew in the back of my mind but couldn't express. She explained how conflicts I was experiencing related to the way I was showing up in the world. 

With her expert prompting I could focus my energy, define my message and feel more comfortable with my work. I even learned that the unsettling nature of my work is part of my design - which has helped me accept it.  Perhaps the most valuable thing was her insight into how I can renew my own energy while continuing to support others. 

The work I did with Kim in my Personal Emergent HD Session has renewed my trust in my inner knowledge, the insights we shared will be guiding my decisions for a long time to come. 

r service. How can you benefit them?

Dawn Waldron

Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach

Tunbridge Wells UK

Your session goes for 75 minutes. You receive pdf's of all relevant charts, an audio and/or video recording, and I pay call costs in most circumstances.  

Click the link to book your session now. 

Your investment - $420 usd

Lots of people I work with are on a cusp of amazing change. When you find yourself at that place your old ways of thinking and acting just don't get the results you desire. Your personal strategies might have worked in the past (or perhaps they didn't), but we need new ways of being in the world now. 

Book your single Personal Emergent Human Design Session if you desire to:

  • fine tune how you are design to create your amazing life
  • clarify your purpose
  • find simple clear solutions to a personal or business challenge
  • explore a deeper understanding of yourself through Emergent Human Design

Personal Sessions

I reached out to Kim and had a single Emergent HD session to help me understand why I was experiencing such self doubt about my work. I love what I do and feel deeply 'on purpose' in offering soul-level energy sessions but I was feeling stuck and unsure how to market myself. 

Kim covered numerous factors in my chart that could lead to doubt and fear and shared ways to move back into my own deep intuitive knowing, my natural gifts and greater ease and flow. She offered everything from book recommendations, the best decision making style for me, how to check in with my heart wisdom and the reminder to get out and work in a cafe to support my open root and spleen centers. 

An unexpected part of the session was Kim's offering spot-on intuitive and practical guidance to support me in providing even better service and transformation for my clients. 

Working with Kim was like having a brilliant lightbulb shown on my greatest gifts and what I uniquely provide to the world.  

Shannon Jackson Arnold

Soul Specialist

Eagle Wisconsin USA

Hi, my name is Kim Gould.  

I have been working with people from around the world since 2004, helping them attune to their highest potential. 

When you sign up as a private client, you and I work over 3 to 12 months to completely change your life.  In that time you will: 

  • evolve into a new sense of yourself, from the inside out
  • learn skills for creating a life that is fun and easy
  • let go of old beliefs that keep you struggling
  • tackle issues like deservability and lack of confidence
  • be gently guided into a whole new skill set for creating your life
  • get in touch with your own inner authority and learn how to live from your unique knowing rather than follow the dots of other people's journey
  • create or fine tune a business that supports your dreams to save the world and have the lifestyle you crave

Emergent Coaching

Sometimes a single session isn't enough.  

When you are ready to focus on your own big picture and take consistent action to make your dreams come true, you need someone there with you for the journey. 

Living your big dream should be fun.  Not work! 

Are you ready to help more people?  Develop your natural gifts? Transform your lifestyle? Finally act on that dream that's been calling you for ever?  

You don't fit the usual formulas for success. You need your online presence, your marketing and your offerings to be completely authentic and aligned with your natural way of being in the world.

You are ready and willing to change your idea of who you think you are. You are committed to being your successful self.

You desire the personalised attention of one-on-one coaching for 3 - 12 months (or more) to support you as you make this transition.

Kim was able to see what I had to offer, with it's own particular uniqueness, and shape this in a way that became understandable to others.  

She managed to draw out so much unknown potential and to support me to have confidence. This has given me clarity of focus, a way of distilling a lifetime's work, and courage in taking a leap forward in the dark. 

Kim is working in a unique way - she understands the new economy through living it. You will never get a copybook answer from Kim! She was able to plumb the depths of what is important to me. I highly recommend her to those willing to make substantial changes for a richer and more aligned life. 

Dr Bronwen Rees

Psychotherapist and Systemic Evolution

Cambridge UK and Budapest Hungary

How Long Have You Been Dreaming Your Life Away? 

Do you deserve the life of your dreams?  Hell yes! 

Do you have something that people will pay you for?  Absolutely and without question!! 

Can you learn the HOW of succeeding in your own unique way? Others have, why not you?

Do you have someone supporting you to clarify and align with your big dream, and guiding you to the steps to your fulfillment? You CAN!   Click the button to learn more. 

I needed a coach who knows about two things - starting a heart based business and Human Design.  

Kim's knowledge about Human Design is huge and she guided me in navigating a whole new way of living and manifesting.  I am a Projector, and Kim showed me how to bring my dream to the world in my own unique way. 

Kim's support is loving, caring, warm, clear, to the point.  She knows exactly where to put emphasis or ask further questions to pinpoint the core issues. 

She's sharp as a knife to notice the smallest changes in your mien that could be vital to the moment.  Besides, she's gifted with the talent to detect your feelings or state of mind when something is off track or out of alignment.

If you work with Kim, your life will never be the same again!  

Mirjam Liefting

Coach - Doubt God Find Truth

The Netherlands