There’s a whiff of depression in the air, and sadness. It’s that Root Centre getting so much activation we hardly know which way is up. With the Sun, South Node and Mercury all in Gate 39 – Obstruction – it can feel like being between a rock and a hard place.

But the solution to our ills is in not allowing the past (South Node) to inform us. Easier said than done, as our cells can scream quite loudly when they feel we are threatened, and the ego self wants to have it’s say in our survival as well. “We were doing fine the old way,” it tells us, “there’s no need for all this change!”

Well, need or not, we are amidst the change and we may as well be on the lookout for the wondrous new solutions to past ills that are coming our way.

2nd July 2010

2nd July 2010

Mercury will shift today to Gate 53 – Development through Gradual Progress. It’s in the Root Centre and, most importantly, it’s going to create a channel with Eris. Of course, as usual with the dwarf planets other than lucky old Pluto, we can’t see Eris in the chart, but there she sits nonetheless, a perfect example of the unseen forces gradually being revealed to us.

Eris has many facets, one of which is that when we ignore her presence we experience a sense of discord in our lives. The other aspect is that we need to look carefully at the causes of discord we are experiencing, find out part of the ‘blame’ and take responsibility for it.

In family dynamics we often find that each area of family ‘discord’ is blamed on a particular family member.  What were you habitually blamed for?  What have you always felt responsible for?  Where do you feel you have failed your family, or let them down?

When we become conscious of what hooks us into the family dynamic ~ as we unconsciously try to ‘fix’ that bit of it’s brokenness ~ we are able to gently release it and move closer to our natural shape and size and pattern of being.

Again, we find the sadness of releasing those old ways of relating.  It can truly feel like a death and can trigger a sense of being alone in the world and unloved. But that is not the truth.  There is a fractal global filament of light and love that is picking up each one of us as we come loose from that sticky old web.

There’s something quite profound that we are creating in our new relationships, and it is that we are allowing each other to be.  To be true, to be ourselves, to hold our own reality.   It is one of those monumental but again unseen things that are happening on the planet just now.  You won’t read it in the newspaper but you’ll feel the difference and gradually you’ll notice people start to write books about it and they’ll turn up on the bestsellers list.

It’s as if you have a matrix and I have a matrix, and we have always gotten together by trying to blend them.  But we’ve finished with that, and now we are learning a new way, which is to bring those two matrixes together, preserving their essence, and finding out how they can fit together.  It’s a bit of a bumpy ride as we rub against each other, bumping into old patterns and accidentally trying to shift each others matrix.  This week in particular we are discovering how amazing we are when we come together in this new way.

But we’re still on our training wheels, so we need to be gentle and kind to each other, as much as we can be anyway!   There is an incredible leveraging of universal energy when we come together in this new way, that shifts us into an entire new reality of creation.  It’s so delicious!

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.