Emergent Human Design Personal Sessions

I’m Kim Gould, creator of Emergent Human Design.

Like most people, you are probably in the midst of an immense personal transition. Your old ways of being and doing simply don’t work anymore. While you can probably feel something new coming, you’re not sure what it is or how to get there from here.

We are entering a time of profound transformation and you have an innate purpose to fulfill. You cannot do this unless you are able to make decisions that respond to and create change at the highest level.


You need new ways to be in the world

An Emergent Human Design Session with Kim Gould will completely change your notions of who you are becoming and how you can get there from here.

Change is not a concept, but an action. Your Emergent Human Design is your PERSONAL BLUEPRINT for creating change. In your session you will learn how you can embrace a whole new sense of who you are, and HOW you go about getting there, step by step.


What Others Have Said:

My session was absolutely stunning, brilliant really, awe-inspiring in its reach and depth, with invaluable insights and guidance. You will never know how much you have helped me.

Aparna, USA

You are brilliant at what you do.  The depth and grace with which you present this material is phenomenal.

Karolynn, Switzerland

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About Kim

Kim founded Love Your Design in 2003 and has been using Human Design in her teaching, coaching and mentoring since then.

As Creator of the Emergent Human Design System, Kim seeks to always keep her people informed and flourishing on the evolutionary edge of consciousness.

Emergent Women 2017

Registrations for Emergent Women’s Program 2017 are closed.

But you don’t have to miss out entirely! The Emergent Women’s Program 2018 will open for registration in November. While you wait,  I have created an Emergent Women’s mini-course for you, completely free!

You will learn about the major evolutionary themes for 2017, shifts in consciousness and how to navigate them, the five quantum properties of Human Design, and much more.

Access Your Free Emergent Women Mini-Course here

Online Program

Join our very own online community for exploring Emergent Human Design.

  • Discover a more expansive and gentle approach to the Human Design System.
  • Sign Up For a Free 7-Day Trial.
  • Explore your Subtle Layers, Asteroids and Progressions
  • Create and save Human Design charts of friends and family
  • Access all your charts on any computer or mobile device
  • Join in the Emergent Human Design forum
  • Be part of a community and learn online – from beginner to Advanced Emergent HD Mastermind Groups.

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