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Human Design is an experiment in being your true self, a lived experience of yourself emerging. It is both a profound recognition and a wake-up call to your unique role in this great awakening. The old spiritual rules no longer guide us, we are in a time where each individual has their own personal pathway. Human Design reveals that pathway, teaching you how to trust yourself on the journey.

Kim Gould
Kim Gould

A little about Kim…

Hi, I’m Kim Gould. I deeply live what I teach, and since 2004 I have been supporting people from all around the world. I mentor, coach and teach people to access their own unique way to create meaningful change. The Human Design System is a consciousness tool that awakens us to where our own personal transformation meets universal evolution.

More Ways to Love Your Design

Whether you’ve been studying Human Design for a while, or you’ve just started out, you’ll understand how complex it gets. Sometimes it feels the more you learn, the more you realise you don’t know!

The Love Your Design Community brings together folks who are diving deep on their Human Design knowledge and want to discuss it with others on the same path. It’s our mini-lab where we unpack Human Design beyond the online posts. Whether you want to learn much more about Type, ask questions about the asteroids, or delve into your Multidimensional layers, you’ll find it here.


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