Emergent Woman 2017

Registrations are closed for the Emergent Womens Program in 2017.

Join us in November for Emergent Women 2018!

  • We are in the midst of global change, facing an unknown future.
  • Women feel called to create a positive change, but what does that look like?
  • It can be challenging to stay positive, especially when family and friends hold different beliefs.
  • And when the world seems overtaken by negativity, what can one person do?


We are in the midst of massive personal and global change. Are you ready for a community of women dedicated to real and positive change?

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About Kim

Kim founded Love Your Design in 2003 and has been using Human Design in her teaching, coaching and mentoring since then.

As Creator of the Emergent Human Design System, Kim seeks to always keep her people informed and flourishing on the evolutionary edge of consciousness.

Personal Sessions

We are on the cusp of amazing change. Your old ways of being and doing just aren’t working anymore. You need to find new ways to live and love being YOU.

You are naturally successful when you love your Design. Your personal session will uncover what’s blocking you, and re-align you with personal meaning and a renewed sense of purpose.


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Online Program

Join our very own online community for exploring Emergent Human Design.

  • Discover a more expansive and gentle approach to the Human Design System.
  • Sign Up For a Free 7-Day Trial.
  • Explore your Subtle Layers, Asteroids and Progressions
  • Create and save Human Design charts of friends and family
  • Access all your charts on any computer or mobile device
  • Join in the Emergent Human Design forum
  • Be part of a community and learn online – from beginner to Advanced Emergent HD Mastermind Groups.

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