2020 and Beyond

Beyond 2020

A few years back I noticed something in the transits. It was so big I didn’t know what to make of it. I figured, that’s okay, I’ve got time to sit with this. And now, it’s here. And I’m still a bit like .. hmmmmm, how will this play out?

On 31st October 2020 we have:

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Gate 61


Uranus and Earth in Gate 24.

So not only Pluto and Uranus (think the upheaval of the 60’s), not only Jupiter and Saturn (BOTH our cultural building blocks) but also the energy of the Sun and Earth showing up as a trigger.

Together these two gates make up the Channel of Awareness, which shifts our shared agreement on what is true. Read more here and here.

Channel of Awareness

But this is just one powerful day, part of a long transitional process that has it’s most intense period between now and mid-January, and then fans out to 2027. In this post I want to give you a longer view, to build the picture of what we are creating.

Jupiter-Saturn 2020

Jupiter and Saturn meet up like clockwork every 20 years, as they move through the astrological elements – earth, air, wind and fire. The last 200ish years they have been in the earth element, which ties in very closely with the Tribal Circuitry in Human Design – focusing on possessions, experiencing the material benefits of life, caring for each other in practical ways. This maps closely with the Cartesian view of the world as a well-oiled machine! But now we are going quantum!

Jupiter and Saturn begin a new 200 year cycle
Jupiter and Saturn begin a new 200 year cycle on 21st December 2020, part of a larger 800 year epochal process.

In just a few weeks, December 2020, we shift into a new 200ish year Jupiter-Saturn cycle in the air element. The shift will take us away from the more materialistic society we live in now, and into a more networked, collaborative and mentally curious time. It will bring our attention to aspects of life generally hidden, the resonance of frequencies, bio-networks like moss and funghi, free energy and peer-to-peer networking.

The focus will shift from what can I own? to what can we create together?

This shift to the air element fits well with the new energies after 2027 – the Incarnation Cross of the Phoenix, with it’s potential to bring each individual into a matrix of brilliance that supports a new epoch of human experience. This is the end of the era of the nation-states. We are moving into more fluidity in our identity, race and community.

The previous cycle has taken us from imperialism, colonialism, slavery and the rise of the middle classes for whom a good job is key to a good life. We are leaving behind these old hierarchies for a more networked approach. Pluto is seeing out the last of the power struggles, with those at the top desperately trying to keep the inequities in place so the wealth keeps trickling up. But that time is done.

The influence of Pluto and Uranus turning up right on the cusp indicates this is more than a 200 year thing. Pluto is transforming the very nature of Jupiter and Saturn from the old cultural structures of religion, government, law and into the new archetypal energies of creation. Jupiter is the creative ideal and Saturn is the new form principle. The old hierarchies of religion and government have no foothold in this new energy.

Important Dates

The next few months are pivotal in this shift. Here are the important dates

  • 30th October – Jupiter shifts into Gate 61, with Pluto and Saturn
  • 31st October – Full Moon with all planets in Channel of Awareness (chart here)
  • 3 November – Mercury goes direct (US Election – read more here )
  • 4 November – Saturn shifts into Gate 60 in the Root Centre
  • 15 November – New Moon (chart here)
  • 28th November – Uranus shifts back to Gate 27, making a channel with Haumea
  • 30 November – Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse (chart here)
  • 2 December – Jupiter goes into Gate 60, joining Saturn
  • 14 December – New Moon and Solar Eclipse (chart here)
  • 21 December Jupiter and Saturn are both in Gate 60 line 5, beginning the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle (chart here)
  • 29 December – Jupiter shifts into Gate 41
  • 4 January 2021 – Saturn shifts into Gate 41.

Full Moon 31 October 2020

The very day the Sun and Earth activate the full house in the Channel of Awareness, we have a Full Moon ….. in that channel. EXACTLY on the Uranus activation.

Full Moon 31 October 2020, exactly conjunct Uranus
Access interactive chart here

This represents new beginnings (44) but they come in unexpected ways (Uranus, and also the line 2 activation). Keep everything simple, be open to what is emerging, focus on long-term possibilities, make a place in your life for creative transformation. Expect revelations, fake news, the unexpected. As the Sun is in Gate 44, making a channel with Gate 26, expect it to have some connection with Covid. And expect protests, all around the world. Despite the apparent instability, the underlying energy is incredibly positive.

I’m watching the dwarf planets closely, as they are a doorway to a new level of consciousness.

Mercury is sitting with Haumea (in 50.1) – this is about new social technologies (which is also very Uranus) and keep in mind the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which is shifting to the air element (networking/ideas). Mercury is the messenger of the gods, a doorway to higher consciousness, bringing through the higher mind of Uranus, and Gate 50 is about new epochs, what we keep and what we no longer need.

Read: Haumea in your Human Design

Venus is with Makemake in Gate 18 – correcting ancient patterns of human DNA through seeing stories that have been hidden within the dominant narrative of colonialism and imperialism. Magdalena is also right there, which gives an insight into what is emerging from the chaos, the invisible feminine aspect of the divine, the power of women’s creative potential, and a recovery of women from the handmaid version of religion back to an original sacred expression.

You must deal with the corruption of authority. This means danger with roots in the past. If you do this the Way will open. Be active, you can realise hidden potential through the change.

Stephen Karcher, Total I Ching

Read: Makemake in your Human Design

New Moon 15 November 2020

This is where we begin to see radical change, as everything is turned upside down and the stream of events can require you to release old ideas about what you value, who you give your power away to and how you can maintain a sense of order in your life.

New Moon 15 November 2020 –
access full interactive chart here

Notice the activation of the central channel from the Head Centre to the Throat. In the Kabbalah, this integrates wisdom with understanding through lived experience. It is calling us to acknowledge the truth, regardless of our fears for what it might manifest into our reality. This is a time of finding the power to engage in ways that are more subtle and attuned to what we might call the cosmic order, rather than societal rules.

Read: Global Immune System

It can feel as if everything is overwhelming and wouldn’t it be nice to be somewhere else, but the way through is to pay attention to your small daily tasks, to contemplate what is important to you and what you can release. There’s no need to go looking for solutions, don’t try for too much, you’ll just get exhausted. The quantum realm doesn’t require you make a huge effort (that’s Cartesian thinking).

There is something really significant in Pallas meeting both Pluto and Jupiter in Gate 61 line 3 in this chart. Pallas is all about recovering from imperialism, taking back the natural order including the need for organic and natural growth processes. The feeling of being blocked is not a problem, because things are moving. You just have to release yourself to move with them.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse 30 November 2020

The asteroid Terpsichore anchors this Full Moon. In Gate 48 she meets the Earth in Gate 16. Terpsichore is the Mother of the Sirens, dark, powerful, ecstatic, transformative, she is moving us outside our comfort zone and into a new relationship with the true feminine energy. We are reclaiming our physicality, the pleasure of being here, living gracefully in response to nature and life. We are connecting with the life within us, down to the cellular level.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse 30 November 2020 – access full interactive chart here

There is an emerging sense of some new purpose, a clarity, a new sense of identity coming into view. Terpsichore brings you the courage to dance with it, allow it to move you outside your comfort zone through small daily acts of uniting your purpose with the big picture. Imagine greater possibilities and weave them into your day in small ways. Rather than trying to create outcomes, master who you are, align yourself with your gifts and future possibilities.

This is also the energy of Gate 26, that is so prevalent through this entire process – we have been conditioned to accumulating money, possession, status and influence. Now it’s time to shift, to begin to accumulate integrity, passion, purpose and to gently allow them to build up in our lives so we can act when the opportunity arises. Rather than exhausting ourselves trying to make things happen.

Mars is still in the Gate of Shock, the Arousing energy that wakens everything to life in spring after a long cold winter. Allow yourself to be roused, shaken to life. Don’t look back to what you have lost, but align yourself with a new sense of long term possibility.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse – 14 December 2020

Dancing with powers beyond your control, you may want to escape to the past rather than engage with the flow. There is a dawning realisation of how profound this transition is.

The idea of putting things in order is appealing, but how you do that is key. You enter into relationship with the creative flow as it moves through your life. You do this by paying attention to the small daily tasks, aligning yourself and your actions with the greater harmony. You are actively engaged in change, but not in the old way. Now you are disentangling from the old toxic energies and letting go of any particular outcomes. You move with beauty and grace, allowing blockages to be, without seeking to engage with them in the old way, just working with what’s in front of you. In this sustained active way you create synergy and momentum despite it seeming as if you are doing nothing much at all.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse 14 December 2020 – access full interactive chart here

2021 and Beyond

As we move through the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on 21 December 2020, a doorway is opening to a new world. There are powerful forces to master, work to be done and a new kind of creative responsibility arising.

As Pluto shifts out of the Gate of Inner Truth in January 2022 we can no longer compromise our own truth, our own piece of reality within the matrix of brilliance.

Jupiter and Saturn are making a pathway through Gate 60 – Limitations, and then Gate 41 – Decrease. These are gates that teach us how to create in alignment with cosmic forces. How to have a rich inner world that is reflected in our outer reality. How to overthrow the tyrant, the old king, and his controlling rules that rob us of vitality, and connect with the sweetness of life. The limits and decrease of the next few years will only work in our favour, to return more of what fills us with pleasure. As Pluto follows along behind – through the Gate of Limitations (60) in 2022 and Decrease (41) in 2027, we can engage powerfully with this call to harmonise our highest conscious potential with the earth plane.

Our work is to build a life that allows us to be available to the subtle shifts, and to weave them, day by day, into our lived experience. Our role is to be alive to our emerging sense of identity and purpose, and to live more each day as that unique version of ourselves. Our purpose is to bring a new consciousness to the form principle, as Gaia called for us to do many millennium ago.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

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31 thoughts on “2020 and Beyond

  1. Hi Kim- thanks for such a wonderful post – an acknowledgment of what is but also pointing to the flows of the future let’s try and speak soon. Love b

  2. Hi Kim, Thank you for your inspiration and reminders in living simply moment to moment and the view of the bigger picture. I appreciate it. I can feel the energies currently I’m living between two stories. The stories I have made up and the new stories I would like to create. Thanks again for the update.

    1. Yes! The old stories feel so heavy, so DONE! And the new stories like dancing. My experience 😀. Glad you are living on that emergent edge Molly.

  3. Hi Kim – perfect timing (as ever, of course!) and thank you for this great post, as I am sitting today with a conundrum. I think you’ve addressed it, but I’m not sure if I am getting it.

    I am watching the ‘not-so-free’ (!) ideas behind the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset – reading their connection to cryptocurrencies and ‘Chrislam’ ; the how we will all thus ‘find equality’, and ‘save the planet’ – and yet seeing the massive control ‘they’ will have over us when we become absolutely nothing but data in the new system. And when it comes to cryptocurrencies, how can ‘their’ readying to make even more money than ever before from us (even if it’s $$crypto) match with the time being over of ‘those at the top desperately trying to keep the inequities in place so the wealth keeps trickling down’?
    These quotes following look wonderful, but are also the ideas of the WEF? I can’t believe the massively wealthy, never been anything but money/material-focussed, are tuned-in to Pluto…?!
    ‘We are moving into more fluidity in our identity, race and community.’
    ‘The old hierarchies of religion and government have no foothold in this new energy.’ Are ‘they’ mistaking ‘energy’ for ‘opportunity’?

    I love the sound of it though, and hopefully we can bring it about from the heart. I’m going to print this out and pin it on the wall for the next few months’ rocky ride!

    I don’t know if any of this makes any sense – I can’t find the words really, but this has helped me try. Thanks! And loads of good wishes. A

    1. Annie I think I do know what you mean. One of the areas of most discomfort for me has been seeing the reflection of my own beliefs and writing in evangelical christianity for example. What makes my version any better or more valueable? I think you’re right to talk about ‘top down’. That’s the old energies, based on old tribal hierarchies, the headship/handmaid idea. There’s also the corruption in these old systems, that comes from old truths about one person being better or more in favour with god, and thus deserving of taking all the wealth while others suffer. The sleight of hand I see in how some people justify this position is really something!

      The other area that I’ve been watching is what I’ve called, for my own purposes, the tech-bro transition – AI and big data, cryptocurrency, mining Mars. These are transitional technologies that we can make use of, but in their current form they lack the humanity to be useful in the longer term. We can see Pluto in the amassed wealth of Bezos and Musk for example, and in the dark money/data of the Koch brothers.

      The Great Reset might fall in this category, its using the kind of networked decision making processes the tech-bros have initiated (they have brought us all kinds of wonderful p2p social technologies) but it is still using old belief systems and top down applications. The new era just won’t support that kind of use.

      If I think about my two ‘children’ (in their mid 20s) they just don’t care about status, possessions, ambition. They care about others, have such empathy and equality as their base point. I see the future in them.

      1. Yes, I feel the people in power are rushing to solutions- which feel like they are drowning out the real progress we could make. How about canceling debt instead of creating cryptocurrencies? How about redefining profit as exploitation? How about the term “working poor” becomes like “slavery”- a distant memory of a time of exploitation? I have a much longer list, lol.
        But I doubt even my own solutions- do they go far enough? Are they still band aids on a system that needs to die? Or useful ladders to the next thing?
        I can’t even work in the nonprofit world anymore. They depend on the excess from this system for funding, so they can’t dismantle it. They are still trying to win clicks on FB, work their way into the good graces of the powerful, become powerful, manipulate people into supporting them. Numbers, money, influence- same game different goals. Yes, all for a good cause- but now its seems so last century to me. So patriarchal, even if run by women.
        I am exploring ways to make a difference outside this paradigm. More conversations. More imagination. Going deeper instead of wider. Exploring solutions together, instead of convincing each other we are right. Kim’s words give me hope that a crack is opening up where this will all make sense.
        Kim- I am also so impressed with the young people!

      2. My kids are 15 and 19 and they are the same! I think it’s why I’ve been so hopeful and continue to nudge them in this direction. They already get it, as do most of their peers. They’ll be leading us. So good, thank you!

      3. Hi Kim – I’m late in thanking you for your reply, even though I read it at the time and found myself nodding at it all. Now, two weeks on, the script/plot unfurls ever further and I just keep coming back to my heart and the light; it seems all I can do as I watch the mayhem volume rise! And keep my eye on the stats as well as the stars as I go up and down on the ‘fine one minute, exhausted the next’ roller-coaster! So hope you’re doing ok. Annie 🙏💝

  4. Excellent 5D weather report Kim – spot on as unusual. Sitting here enjoying the warmth of indoors with no particular pressures, a liminal space as I reimagine my future while not grabbing on to any particular outcomes (apart from preventing that nuclear power plant of course)! Like Annie above, I do have some uncertainties/reservations over this reset new world order malarkey though – can we trust it, or will it not go as the current power elite are planning, some sort of backfiring perhaps in our favour?

    Linda x

    1. Hi Linda, I always love a good malarkey 😀. I am so glad I’m not in any kind of conventional leadership position right now, I see the well intentioned people struggling, reaching for what might make a difference. The research indicates some simple things – creating caring resiliant communities, living more simply and letting go of the idea of growth (that’s Gate 41), putting our resources into developing new energy sources (beyond renewables).

      I see the growth thing in a more 5D way, humans are a living learning species, but growth as we see it now, in terms of money, is not where our future lies. We are breaking through into a new level of consciousness, and these current ‘new’ technologies are very transitional because we’ve not got enough of that on the planet quite yet to bring the new versions into being.

      Does that sit with your sense of things?

      1. Hi Kim,

        YES! It certainly fits where i am heading, a most surprising development, one not even imaged a couple of months ago! My path seems to be to lead locally what you speak of above. I announced to our power station campaign team, about the same time the US election was called yesterday, that I would be running for local office with the communities wellbeing as my core value! Growth must be organic and that care for people, place and planet are what need to lead our decision making. Yep, that fits, 100%!

        Feeling a little like I have steeped over a cliff and in need of a parachute, yet at the same time, I’m feeling its okay, everything is right on time and as it should be. May need a chat soon 🙂

  5. I’ve only read the beginning of this article, so I’m not sure how much this plays into it and whether it matters all that much, but my 62 design sun noticed that your details about the sun placement on October 31st are incorrect 😉 The earth will indeed be in 24th gate, but that puts the sun in the 44th gate, not the 61. The polarity for the 61 is the 62….but I’m sure you already know this 😉

  6. i am just blown away, thinking of how much work, and your self, you must have put in to bring all this out so simply, in shiningly-brilliant way… kim!

    all you have written hits me – in a nice way – directly in my body. so much so, that i chose… very leisurely and sure-feelingly… to read this slowly over time. honouring the way you have time-table-ised it.

    love you.

  7. Such amazing detail and insight. Thank you thank you thank you! Your energy and passion drips off the screen as I read! Thank you for the time you put into this. You are a seer of worlds. xxx

    1. Oh Cecilia thank you! Its absolutely my pleasure. I was thinking last night how my favourite thing is to sit in front of my computer with all my charts and books spread around me, and write.

  8. 👋 sending a huge thank you from Switzerland 💓 you are such a brilliant mind!
    I feel nurtured and released by being reminded about the big picture. Thank you for your generosity. Love, Christine

    1. Hi Christine, hi to Switzerland, I was there just pre-covid, watching people floating down the Rhine to escape the sweltering heat! Such a beautiful country, and thank you.

  9. Dear Kim, I have recently started following you on Facebook. Thank you so much for your spot-on words. It helps me to understand what is happening in me, the chaos, the new sudden insights, the pain and relief of letting go of so many things.
    I was wondering if you would have some words about science. I have this feeling that some aspects of science do not fit with what is emerging. Maybe aspects that are connected with power, creating a situation in which the voice of the ‘smart’ and educated and rational-verbally competent are valued highest. But also practices wherein science authorizes what one should do, for example as a professional. I am thinking about all kinds of protocols in for example psychology and psychiatry, and the habit of securing authority and professional competence in evidence-based practices. To me it feels as if something else is wakening, calling for something else, a new kind of compass and ‘professional rooting’.
    Hope you understand what I am trying to say!
    Much love and gratitude from the Netherlands!

    1. Hi Angela, I’m glad we’re connected now! And also that my writing helps, it’s a tricky time but we’ll get through it and into the next level of human evolution!

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