2020 Eclipse Season

Humanity has always known eclipses are important. Once we go through an eclipse we can never go back. The past is gone and the only direction in which we can move is forward.

Eclipses show us where change is necessary. They open a powerful portal of energy which continues to influence us for many years.

Every year we have an eclipse season. They usually come in groups of two, sometimes in a triplet as they do this year.

As we head to a major evolutionary tipping point in October/November 2020, we are experiencing three eclipses that will change how we view ourselves, and our humanity, forever.

First, the big picture

Pluto is transiting in Gate 61 with Jupiter and Uranus is in Gate 24. Saturn will join them in October 2020. Expect chaos and cultural interuption.

You are preparing for that time now, and the 2020 eclipses are taking you through the last of what you need to release.

5th June 2020 – Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Timing is everything. Notice that the Earth and Moon are in Gate 5 on 5th June and the Sun and Moon in Gate 15 on 21st June. These two gates make up the Channel of Rhythm, which tell us that all creation happens within the domain of time.

Not everything is going to work out for you, unless you surrender to time. Paradoxically, when we allow our desires to happen in their own time, we step out of time as most people experience it. We enter into an active creative flow of time, rather than a tic-toc external version.

The other rather excellent thing about working with time in this way is that we can relax. There’s no rush. Our bodies know what we need to be in the flow. All the responsibility is not on our shoulders alone. Taking pleasure in each moment becomes the most productive thing you can do.

In the quantum realm the most important thing is relationships. Increasingly our most important relationship is with universal consciousness. How we relate to the flow of life as it moves through us, as the neutrinos shift in and out of our crystals of consciousness.

Paying attention to internal rhythms opens us to a greater understanding of any resistance we encounter. It creates pauses and space for taking in the full opportunity of each moment.

Think of yourself as a fishing net, just being there, in the flow of the river, catching fish effortlessly as the water carries them past you.

Full Moon 5th June 2020 – Lunar Eclipse

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Mars was up in Gate 63, with Nessus, a centaur that has a shadow of poisonous feuds, revenge, cruelty and violence. The positive side of Nessus is to create a link between the higher universal consciousness we are just beginning to ground, and the old Saturn energy. Nessus brings Saturn an upgrade, pulling into consciousness the parts of ourselves we have despised, treated cruelly, bringing our attention to the hard places within us.

If we go to the adjoining Gate 4 – the young fool – we find the asteroid Narcissus. We are in the midst of a huge global healing of narcisstic wounding and we can certainly see it writ large in the leadership around the planet just now.

But there’s a healthy aspect to Narcissus, and its all about people seeing your needs and meeting them. When our needs are not acknowledged we feel shamed. It’s these shamed parts of us that are being healed and integrated at the moment.

Gate 63 is the pressure of inspiration that shifts us out of our old belief patterns and into a new way of perceiving ourselves. It shakes us into realising we don’t really know who we are anymore, where we are going or how to get there even if we did.

New Moon 21 June 2020

What happens when reality doesn’t line up with how you have always seen yourself? What if you realise your behaviour isn’t in integrity?

On the 21st June we have the Solstice, a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse (ring of fire) all at once. It’s all about reality-checking, the pain of taking in what’s real rather than what fits our stories. It’s like putting down your old suitcase, filled with yesterdays dreams, and walking lightly away.

This is a big new journey and not everyone in your life will get it, and you can’t take them with you anyway. This is about finding your own unique pathway, even if you have to go it alone.

New Moon 21 June 2020 – solar eclipse

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The Sun, Earth and Moon are in the same gates as the Nodes. This is a big deal. The transiting Nodes show the evolutionary pathway of humanity, and right now they are pointing us towards the danger that comes from treading in alignment with our heart. This is a reclamation of creative power that goes far beyond the politics of human existence.

Venus turns up in Gate 20, making a channel with the Earth in Gate 10. This is the Channel of Awakening, a commitment to living from higher principles. This is surrendering to your life geometry, through the Magnetic Monopole.

Gate 10 is packed with powerful minor planets.

Pholus is in 10.5 – a poster child for fractal theory, Pholus tells us that tiny shifts in our behaviour can create huge differences in outcomes. It’s so important that we take time to pause between actions, to check back in with reality, because every time we do something, the entire universe changes forever. That’s the power of your thoughts, your desires, your actions. In the bigger picture Pholus represents a turning point, the small beginnings of major change.

Ixion is in Gate 10.1 -representing the sociopaths of this world, but also the parts of ourselves we have treated inhumanely because we judged them as irredeemably bad. How can we forgive those shamed parts of ourselves, integrate them back into the wholeness of our psyche rather than dissociate whenever they are around?

Quaoar in Gate 10.6 – the chaotic completion and beginning, the time when things fall apart because we have entered a new cycle and we cannot keep hold of the old comfortable world. The best we can do is see the completed pattern and take it foward with us as a blessing into the future.

Cupido in Gate 10.4 – This is a line of great danger and Cupido speaks to how we move through this time, stepping out of codependency and into a new kind of cooperative relationship to create healthy families and communities.

Full Moon 5th July 2020 – lunar eclipse

Now we shift down to the Root Centre and into the Individual Circutry. Both lines in the two gates – 38 and 39 – speak of working with great power, of being called on by Heaven to engage with a great task. Dedicate yourself to reaching the other side of any struggle, rather than focusing on the struggle itself. What can you see?

Mercury is in Gate 52 with Hades, the minor planet that helps us take out the garbage. Have the confidence to stand in your own still calm centre. Don’t try to co-opt others but stay with your own process, find a very clear sense of your own distinct identity. If there is struggle and chaos, just deal with your own part of the process. Be aware of trying to control or take responsibility for someone else.

The Sun is in the same line as minor planet Vesta – 39.5, bringing a new awareness of how you have struggled on alone, trying to keep your own flame alive despite the desecration (de-sacred) caused by a lack of acknowledgement of your true self.

Vesta represents the sovereign nature of each person and the destruction of that sovereignty by the cultural processes of patriarchy and abrahamic religions. It is the cruel and violent theft of the sacred flame within each one of us, and the way in which we can recover.

How much of our energy has gone into rescuing others? Trying to keep the whole system alive, while our own corner of the universe has crumbled through lack of attention?

This is like suddenly finding your own songlines, and realising you have no choice now but to walk them.

There is a newly named dwarf planet in Gate 55, making a channel with the Sun and Vesta in Gate 39. Gonggong represents the attempts by the gods to destroy humanity in their own greed-fueled desire for more power.

There is an underlying narrative here, that humans are fodder for the gods, that we have no inherent purpose but to worship, obey, seek the spiritual nirvana of nothingness which leaves our own lives and greater purpose sitting empty.

In his greed Gonggong creates cosmic catastrophes – floods, pandemics, climate warming. He is particularly associated with rivers and melting glaciers. He was blamed for knocking the world off its axis.

The paradoxical nature of greed is that if we all had our healthy narcissistic needs met we wouldn’t experience greed, there would be no hungry ghosts amongst us. There is always enough, when we slow down and check in with reality.

Full Moon 5th July 2020 – lunar eclipse

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The saving grace in all of this hard work and cosmic upheaval is that Jupiter is firmly in the mix. The planet of happy outcomes, Jupiter needs us to do our bit so he can pull the rabbit out of the hat.

The Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn mix in the Channel of Awareness are making an astrological square with powerful dwarf planet Eris in 2020. Eris is about what’s hidden in the system. Those who seek to prosper at the expense of others like to keep things at the level of individual events so we don’t see the pattern. Think of how patiently the #blacklivesmatter people have been pointing out – we are suffering from systemic racism, not a few bad apples!

All of Gonggong’s cosmic catastrophes arise from a cultural construct based on greed. A greed for more power that arises from unmet narcisstic needs, from an inhumane cruelty that can ignore suffering because it is dissociated from reality.

The 2020 eclipse season is hard work, but its hard work for a good outcome. Before we move into the rich potential of new beginnings we have to find our own blind spots. We have to become aware of where we cut ourselves off from reality. We have to slow down and notice each moment so we can hold ourselves in integrity as we all work together and individually towards a new and better world.

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