2021: Outgrowing current reality

We made it through 2020! Well done us!

It’s been so tough for a lot of people, and the birthing pangs of the Pluto-Uranus initiation are subsiding, but we do have a few bumps in the road to go before we start rebuilding. And, like all transitions, these last stages may bring the greatest change.

Saturn and Jupiter have passed through the needle, and are now in Aquarius. This is the beginning of a new epoch, the first real on-the-ground steps towards the changes of 2027.

The most important thing to remember is this – we have outgrown where we live now. Our systems are breaking down because we have grown beyond them.

The Aquarian Gates

January and February 2021 is all about the Aquarian gates.

The Human Design chart has 64 gates, and each one sits within an astrological sign. As Saturn and Jupiter shift through these Aquarian gates we will taste the flavour of revolution, engage with the deep cultural shifts that reveal a new kind of future. Aquarius is the place where Uranus shatters the old Saturnian forms.

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Aquarian Gates in Human Design Mandala

It’s these Aquarian gates that should have all our attention in January and February of 2021, particularly these three channels.

Clinging to the Despots

In particular we are working on this crazy conspiracy theory wave that has swept the world. When Pluto went into Gate 61 everyone was all like – that’s not the truth! I know the truth! I feel it in my bones! But much of that so-called truth was (is) trauma projected outwards – the children being kidnapped and sexually abused, evil cabals and mysterious dark lords.

This is the place where we learnt to construct meaning from ‘on high’. We were taught what and how to think, and how to make sense of things. These are the last days of the despots, the Old King, the punishing Old Testament Lord. Unthinking obedience to the ‘head’ will not be a ‘thing’ for much longer.

Our experiences in 2021 and into 2022, will help humanity experience personal truth and reality on an individual level.

Psychotherapist Alice Miller wrote extensively on how and why people responded as they did to despots like Hitler and Stalin, and how these men were able to manipulate people to their own ends. We are coming to the end of that period of human development now.

In the careers of despots such as Hitler and Stalin, their suppressed fantasies of revenge can lead to indescribable atrocities. This phenomenon doesn’t exist anywhere in the entire animal kingdom, for no animal is trained by its parents to deny its nature completely in order to become a “well-behaved” animal 


The early part of 2021 will be a slow process of fast change. It will call for you to ‘grow beyond’ your clinging to the despots, your habits of obedience. We are learning it is safe not to split and dissociate, to know the truth, to experience profound joy in understanding the meaning of our own experience.

Here are a few particular points in time that hold, if you like, the structure of what is occurring.

Important Dates

You can click on any of the charts to access the full interactive versions in Taraka.io.

13 January New Moon – Sun, Moon and Pluto in the Gate of Universal Truth

The Sun, Moon and Pluto are in the Gate of Universal Truth, this is a profound call of one soul to another, or of your own inner truth.

If you listen, it can change your life.

The Earth (62) is in a channel with Chiron (17). Pluto and Chiron have been interacting in this indirect way since January 2020, connecting us to the flow of events in such a way that spirit moves into the world through us.

This New Moon is teaching us we find a new kind of personal power anchored in our own truth. We find safety not in doing what authority or status figures tell us, but in releasing ourselves into the powerful flow of life, soul, spirit, connectedness. It’s a challenge to our ego but we find it’s worth it! Gate 17 is Flow, the home of synchronicity, a term coined by Carl Jung after experiencing the wonder of the I Ching. It means coincidences that have personal meaning for you, where the outer world meets your inner symbolic reality. This is our guide, not external rules, and the new way of being is why the Quantum Ring-Pass-Not is so important.

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28 January 2021 Full Moon – Venus, Mars and Pluto in the Gate of Universal Truth.

On the Full Moon, Venus, Mars and Pluto are in the Channel of Awareness.

Listening, we learn to recognise our own truth. It quietens our emotions, softens our defences and allows us to recognise the truth in others.

Saturn and Mercury are in the Channel of Recognition (that’s the one that runs from the Root Centre up to the Solar Plexus). Mercury is in the Gate of the Clinging Fire – what we cling to gives us shape. When we let go of grasping at the wrong experiences we can make choices that create a perfectly simple external life which supports a rich inner world.

The Sun is in the Gate of Approach in a line that says – you are reawakening, coming back to yourself. The spirit liberated now belongs with you like parts of a previously separated whole. It will stimulate and inspire you. Jupiter and the Sun are both in the same line, you don’t get better fortune than that!

Just a side note – Lilith is also there in Gate 19 line 2. And centaur Crantor is in Gate 49 line 2 (Radical Change). Lilith says hell no! I’m not giving up parts of myself to play your game! And Crantor is all about the sanctity and precious nature of life. Say no! I will not waste another moment in this old way of being. (Crantor can bring sudden shifts, and he is in the Aquarian gate of sudden radical change, so there’s that!)

11 February 2021 New Moon – Sun, Moon, Pallas and Crantor in the Gate of Radical Change

The nature of this radical change is that we overcome corruption by changing the governing principle. We tap into the whole unfolding creative process. It enters into circulation and changes the world. We can see what’s emerging and have no regrets for what is gone.

Did I mention Hekate is there too? In that Gate of Radical Change? Hekate gives us three choices – go back, continue on, or change. But there is no real alternative. To quote iconic astrologer Dane Rudhyar, talking about the radical quality of Uranus

There is no death and no hell, save for him who refuses to become transformed.


If you’re feeling a bit nervous, there’s this – almost every important transitional event in early 2021 is accompanied by Venus. She says – you’ve done the work, you’ve envisioned the change, now let the universe do it’s bit. Venus is travelling with Jupiter, so we can have faith in good outcomes if we turn up. Remember, this change is happening because we have called it forth, we have grown beyond our current structures.

17th February 2021 – Saturn square Uranus

Remember Aquarius is about Uranus transforming the old Saturn energy. This meeting of Saturn and Uranus in February is a big deal. In astrology a square creates tension, and forces us to find a new kind of partnership between two energies that have previously been at odds.

The tension here is that by releasing our grip on our current reality and giving up something, we can gain more nourishment.

Saturn in Gate 41 line 6, almost exactly on the point that triggers the shifts in 2027 (40.4).

Saturn is making an astrological square with Uranus, which is in Gate 27 line 6.

Saturn in the Gate of Decrease

Gate 41 – Decrease – requires a sacrifice. It’s like when you go through your closets and throw out those old clothes you don’t wear anymore, to make room for a new wardrobe.

The Sun in the Gate of Clarity suggests we not get bogged down in the skirmishes, even though that keeps us in touch with our companions who don’t have the vision to see beyond them. We have to find the courage and capacity to walk alone, to identify and focus on the root causes. When we work from this core everything falls into place.

This is part of the work that Venus and Jupiter are supporting. It’s emotional work, to recognise where you have been making incorrect choices, what’s really true for you now, and who you are if you accept these insights. If you try to hold on to old ideas of yourself (keep wearing those old boring clothes!), or keep things safely in potential to avoid real life, you will miss the moment. (That’s Decaulion in 43.6 meeting Mars in 23.4). Don’t seek ‘positive’ outcomes, that’s probably going to create a strange attractor that draws you back in the old reality. Focus instead on realising the truth.

Uranus in the Gate of Nourishment

Uranus has been in and out of this gate since April 2019. The difference now is that he is joined by dwarf planet Haumea, who is in Gate 50. This is nothing short of a radical shift in the way we care for each other.

Haumea is all about creating new regenerative structures for the future of human life on earth. She teaches us the power of living in the quantum realm, where we are no longer individual objects, but flowing process in communication with universal intelligence and earthly delight.

Haumea opens us to new levels of conscious connection. Uranus is our higher mind. Together they give birth to emergent peer-to-peer networks, where everything is our peer. This is, after all, a participatory universe.

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The simple message in Gate 27 line 6 is this – be nourished by what came before, but don’t be limited to the past. Use it to create something new. Saturn, the builder, gives us the key to HOW we do that – by looking at what we have and pruning away what is no longer vital and alive, no longer nourishing us. This restores our connection with life, with consciousness, with personal clarity and with each other.

This time will be short and sharp and may ask to you step into the unknown, to release your grip on your known self, on what’s kept you safe and comfortable.

To quote the North Node activation (in 35 line 6) – Tap into your strongest motivation and deal with your troubles later. You may not have a clear idea of how to direct your energy but hold fast to a single central goal, something specific and within your realm. Put thinking, common sense and even your fears on the back-burner, you can return to them when this is done.

Some Galactic Input

It’s intriguing to me that the South Node is hovering over the Great Attractor at this time (in Gate 5).

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The Great Attractor bends space and time, giving a simultaneous view of the past, present and future.  It appears to be receding from us and approaching us at the same time, and heading in both directions at an almost impossibly fast pace.

When the Great Attractor is activated, a choice occurs. Curiosity pulls you towards accepting an intriguing invitation to engage with something that captures your interest and draws your attention.  Once you connect, you are inexorably drawn into a journey of exploration which begins on a specific frequency.  However, a single idea soon leads into an understanding of the vastness of what we have connected with.

This leads me back to where we began, with Pluto in the Gate of Inner Mystery. Our attention is being captured and manipulated, what we pay attention to matters. What we cling to creates the structure of our reality. We must simplify our lives so we can make conscious choices about what we pay attention to, and so we can begin to ‘hear’ that unique frequency being broadcast to us from the Great Attractor.

The Changing Nature of Reality

In the first half of 2021, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus all change gates.

Pluto shifts into Gate 60 in March 2021. Neptune shifts into Gate 36 in May 2021. Uranus shifts into Gate 2 in June 2021.

When these outer planets shift gates, the sub-structure of our reality changes. When all three shift within a few months, it can feel like we are suddenly living in a different world. As we move through 2021, after February, it will be a time of inner work, of listening, moving carefully, re-arranging and reconnecting. We are learning how to be available to co-creative relationship, to own the power and responsibility of that.

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20 thoughts on “2021: Outgrowing current reality

  1. the article… seems benign on the surface. but i hear huge rumbling in its belly, kim.

    it seems… the article is alive, like a seed… and it will grow as every day progresses.
    that’s the feeling i am left with.

      1. There’s that SEED metaphor! Go deep, grow roots and let the seed decide when to sprout and what it dares to be!

        1. All that mutation needs strong roots!! I was thinking this morning Stacey, about how relaxing that Gate 60 is, limitations and measuring – enough for now!

  2. Hi Kim. I love what Biren says above – yes! That’s how it feels to me, too; my old head is ‘confused’ by your words, my heart is very happy with them, and a ‘new brain’ somewhere in my body is quietly, yet even a little excitedly, saying, ‘Yes’.

    This: ‘Don’t seek ‘positive’ outcomes, that’s probably going to create a strange attractor that draws you back in the old reality. Focus instead on realising the truth.’…. Truth, Truth, Truth has seemed the only thing to stay ever more inquisitive about in the last few months, and is getting ever stronger. Not the ‘concept’ of what I’ve experienced as Truth (as opposed to the small-t truth of truth vs lies) before, but ‘the real deal’…. Yet I still feel the need to ‘stand in the doorway’ in my ‘job’ of ‘welcoming/guiding people through a door into the new’, using old and recognisable words – my place in the ‘between place’. I wonder if that will change soon. (Heck, there a lot of inverted commas in all that, but it’s because I sense we’ll be using a whole new vocabulary, too, and the old words really don’t fit very well any more.)

    Thanks for another wonderful ‘map’ (blog) and loads of good wishes coming your way.

    1. Honestly Annie, if I let my head too much into this process it wouldn’t happen, I need to feel the truth in my body as I put the pieces together, so I’m right there with you. The inverted commas, it seems to me, are confining the old truths within the spaces of your words as you stand in the doorway looking in both directions. Thank you for the wishes! ♡◇☆

  3. Wow, Kim!!! Each time I read your blog it seems more and more informative and extremely clarifying in a very deep down (cellular) supportive way.

    Thank you so very much!

    1. Yeah Lucy, I’m glad you are getting the ‘transmission’ in that way! I have a kind of matrix sitting in me and each time I write another bit makes itself known, its a bit of magic and I love to watch how that happens. It’s like watching flowers bloom in a garden I’m tending.

  4. Whoa, Kim… thank you, but this has made me apprehensive. With so much happening along with my Saturn return in 19 & 41, I am anxious … I had thought 2020 was at last getting over. Even now, I am expected to explain my different path (40) from many of the past, and now I am getting nervous, how much more will I go over further to the side of truth.

  5. Hi Kim,
    This all feels exciting and good to me. My husband and I are relocating to a different area of the northeast U.S. right after the new year. It’s been a long, slow, slog getting to the point of closing in our new home which we’ve been hoping to happen in November or December 2020.
    It’s going to be an interesting and exciting time in every aspect of our lives.
    Thanks for this fabulous blog.
    Happy Christmas and New Year.

  6. Aaahh Kim!! Those sentences. Those ideas. Those seeds!! February 17th shook me. I got to the end of the blog and I was left wanting more – don’t stop now….
    Thank you for opening up and guiding us through the matrix!

  7. It’s time for us, all of us, to cultivate a perspective of hope and expectation; in part based on the successes of the past, but better said, the absolute promises of the future. I think humanity has always been assured of its success. We just didn’t think it would be such a pain in the a** to get there. Better said, we need to surround ourselves with the accouterments of a successful voyage forward, first some and then others. As we become more selective in the threads we choose to follow, we become leaders. Others will follow.
    Link: http://www.COREresonance.com/we-swarm

  8. Hello Kim,
    As always a great read even though i have had to go over it several times to take it in.

    The Full Moon on 28th Jan 2021 feels especially exciting since it is my birthday . Also quite a few of the activations in the last several months have both lifted and then plunged me almost at the same time to a place of utter exhaustion.
    So much to say but unable to find the words…

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights with us. Xxx

  9. Kim, related to this blog, Pluto moves to 61.6 on February 7th, just prior to the line up of 5/6 planets in Aquarius all together. Would Pluto’s move mean that the collective will be ‘forced’ to face their inner truth and change ? (Ra has called it the line of mutation). If that’s true, wouldn’t it mean shaking up the world some more ?

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