HD Transits: 22 to 28 February 2023

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We create our own reality. And yet…how can you and I be responsible for what is happening in the world? In our world? 

We’ve been conditioned to believe in safety; we’ve traded freedom for submissive security. If I do my job well, I won’t get sacked. If I call the police, they will protect me. If I go to the hospital, the doctors will give me that abortion I need to save my life. You know, things like that. The problem with our current situation is that the corrupt, garbage-filled core is starting to stink. This cruel system no longer has marginalized, invisible victims to keep its foundation secure; now it desperately seeks out those of us who thought we were safe.

It’s genuinely frightening. But take heart, because there’s also a vibrant opportunity to escape comfortable servitude and break out into the wilds of real life. 

We are reviewing and re-making the bargain with our fellow citizens. We are imagining a new time and ways to birth it. You and I came here for this. 

What Abundance Really Means

As I write this, we have a few days left with the Sun in the Gate of Abundance (55) and the Earth in the Gate of Dissolving (59). Abundance may sound desirable, but it’s a challenging energy. We want to curl up with a good book and wait for the frightening things to pass us by, but life has other plans. It flings open the front door, bombarding us with difficult choices and tasks that leave us feeling overwhelmed. 

We would prefer to block it all out and only deal with what’s manageable. But truly, this is a time when you are ushering in a whole new order, and you have been blessed with the gifts of co-creation, confidence, and strength.

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The Money Channel Re-Viewed

That confidence comes from Jupiter, which has just moved into the Gate of Biting Through (21) and will soon be joined by Mars (in 45). I know I say this a lot, but it’s always true: this is a big deal. Firstly, Mars and Jupiter together lead to a glorification of causes — particularly Mars’ favourite thing: a good crusade. So we can expect a few weeks of the usual crusaders doing their thing.

This duo also creates a renewed sense of optimism and courage, enabling you to take risks for the things you believe in.

The two planets will be joining up in what’s known as The Money Channel, an unfortunately limiting moniker for a channel that holds such vast potential for the healing of human society.

Let’s start with Gate 21: Biting Through. It’s about realising that the truth has been obscured and now we need to ‘bite through’ the obstruction to find it. This emerging truth requires, in turn, a re-evaluation of the agreements we have with others. This is, after all, the Tribal Circuitry. Within that circuitry, Gate 21 is about the ways in which we maintain social trust. What are the rules? Who makes them? How do we uphold them?

And the most important questions this week: What happens when the rules break down? When they no longer align with actual reality? What happens when the rules are cruel, punishing, and aggressively inequitable?

Let’s bring in Mars, who is in Gate 45 from February 24 to March 9. Commonly known as a gate denoting the big boss, this is an energy that gathers people together with shared values and goals. People can invest the best of themselves, and even the most mundane action brings a sense of personal purpose. It’s all for a greater good, helping and supporting each other to a better life. Nonetheless, expect a lot of old-style autocrats to be throwing their BOSS DNA around for the next few weeks.

This is, though, our opportunity.

Gathering Your Inner Self

This week you may feel disorientation around your own sense of purpose. Gate 45 is about people gathering together, but it’s also about an internal gathering, about you organising your thoughts around a newly realised central truth, getting yourself together. You have time for this.

If you have an undefined Heart Centre this may be a very difficult time, as you struggle to realise your worth. But there is hidden territory here; you can begin without knowing your exact place in the universal scheme of things. Start by feeling into your own sense of creative transformation and watch things unfold.

This is a channel that asks us to re-examine the agreements we have made. They may be between parts of ourselves. They may be with family members. They may be in our wider societal relationships. If your life is to be purposeful and well-ordered (gate 21), you will need to have new rules that reflect your own values and goals (gate 45).

This is a moment of incredible energy and transformative power. It won’t be comfortable. It’s not a soothing time, but one where our good fortune is released when we take action. We are at the tipping point of the unravelling of the old hierarchical structures, and the birthing of a new Matrix of Brilliance.

The Tribal Circuitry is Evolving

And while we’re working with that potent expansive energy, the Sun and Earth will quietly slip into the Channel of Community. These two gates–37 and 40 — are astrologically opposite, which means they represent the potential to complement each other after some initial difficulties getting on.

Gate 37 is your refuge, the place where you share wealth, work, and values with your genetic and/or chosen family. It is the foundation from which you can move out into the world and expand your influence. It represents both your internal psychic structures as well as your capacity to nourish and support those who mean the most to you.

Gate 40 is the dragon emerging free from the river of ghosts. It is the release of tension that comes from shaking off the burdens of badly fitting family bonds. This week, if you feel a need to move on with purpose, you should do so. Take action, be the dragon. But if it’s not quite your time and you need to slowly and mindfully sort through the knots of fate in your home, take the time and space for that. There’s no judgement here, just timing.

The Channel of Community is a powerful transitional point in the tribal energy of your HD chart. It is about re-arranging the roles you take responsibility for, to make way for your personal fate. This is a week that calls for some inner housework! What would feel more like home for you now?

Women Behaving Badly

While the patriarchy is distracted, there’s just one more thing I want to share with you. Venus is up to some very fun stuff this week.

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She starts out in the Gate of Innocence (25) today, making a channel with Juno (the bargains women make for security and safety).

On February 23, she shifts to Gate 17 and joins Vesta (competing desires around longing for purpose and also for family). They are both opposite Ceres in Gate 18, which is doing some very heavy lifting. Ceres is calling women, in particular, to ask themselves: Where are your roles and responsibilities keeping you from breaking free and living life on your own terms? Ceres is the planet that is revealing the corrupt core of crony capitalism this week.

And then on February 28, Venus joins Jupiter in the Gate of Biting Through (21). But more on that next week.

And one last feminine energy, a new minor planet called Gǃkúnǁʼhòmdímà ,is currently in Gate 45 (with Mars). She is shifting the archetype of the warrior (Mars) from aggressive, dominating, and power-hungry to a more balanced, protective energy. We are living in precarious times because we have forgotten the nature of human experience that has made us so successful. It wasn’t fierce warriors, but gentle wisdom and protective courage that has brought us so far. Aggression was rare.

Watch the potent rage of women rising up this week. You may feel some of it yourself. Give it space. It’s imagining new social bargains, showing you internal division, dissolving old blockages, and releasing very powerful new beginnings.

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9 thoughts on “HD Transits: 22 to 28 February 2023

  1. Love, love, love this post – and how I’ve been experiencing these activations showing up in my life recently! It feels SO validating for me, about the accuracy of HD. Thanks for an amazing post, Kim. I’m feeling inspired forward.

  2. Awesome, looking forward. With my natal Jupiter in 55 & 37, Pluto in 40, Earth in 21, Uranus in 59, absolutely things seem to be coming to a head, in respect of my purposeful enterprise. Mars is truly playing God in my life. Your newsletters have been giving such significant reassurances in goading me towards the purpose irrespective of all that has been happening over the last three years. My sense of gratitude has no words of adequate expression.

  3. SO on point – as always! Thank you for all your amazing insights that shine the light on the path forward as we navigate through challenging times.

  4. Thank you for writing such solid and thought provoking content. I love your insights into how the gates and planets interact with our humanity through the lense of human design. I so look forward to reading your perspectives!

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