Have you been feeling weird?

Get used to it. Who we are is changing. In fact, the very concept of ‘being someone’ is changing. We are becoming a flow of consciousness rather than a person as such. Your old ideas of being a single consistent individual are shifting. It can feel like scrambling to get a hold on … something … reality perhaps?

Except that reality doesn’t exist anymore. It got removed from the matrix! And we’re all like this.

Going, I see it but I don’t believe it!!

I keep thinking back to the 70’s and 80’s and having a laugh about how lovely we thought ‘ascension’ would be. We would all sit around sipping fragrant tea and speaking in hushed tones about loving everyone on the planet. It’s turned out not so much ‘lovely’ as powerfully extraordinary.

Okay, so enough of the reminiscing.

Speaking of powerful and extraordinary, today we have a touchpoint that changes everything, but only forever. Saturn and Mercury are on the Galactic Centre. Which is a big deal because the Galactic Centre is pretty much the vagina our world was born out of. Or to put it in more dulcet tones – the birthplace of our universe. It’s the place where space and time were created so that you and I could play here.

When anything activates the Galactic Centre we have a whole new level of evolution flooding into our matrix.

Mercury is the messenger of the gods. And when I say ‘gods, these days I am talking about the ground of being, quantum vacuum, the place before the big bang that everything we know and love come out of, the place where consciousness resides in potential. Like that.

Saturn is both the old system – shall we say he is the quintessential patriarch? And at the same time, because he’s magic like this, he is also the doorway to a new golden age. Saturn represents freedom in the sense that he releases us from old rules and structures and beliefs that have kept our unique genius trapped and unable to function.

So, let’s say Mercury and Saturn on the Galactic Centre is all about a shift in the fabric of consciousness in our universe, releasing your genius to get free of sticky old belief structures which have been embedded in culture and society.  Watch the pushback from your ego-self and mind, which want to hold  on to the old idea of who you were. They may feel anxious and uncertain. But something in you knows the way through. Just keep breathing and walking.

At the same time, Mars is making a channel with Pluto. This is a major upgrade of the masculine energy on this planet. Have you noticed? Look at your own Mars activations to see how it is impacting on you. Your personal will is being taken up and combined with a divine sense of greater purpose. If you feel conflicted, it’s your personal will resisting. Imagine you are two years old and you will get the feeling right. Let your two year old inform you of what’s been suppressed in you. There’s a wildness to her which needs to break out.



Have you noticed that many who are heavily invested in the old paradigm seem to be talking nonsense? It’s because that paradigm is basically removed from our reality matrix now, and it’s corruption is left out in plain view. As part of our evolutionary strategy up till now, you have been giving away some of your power in exchange for being governed, kept safe, fed, housed and all the other tribal perks. That changes today. Saturn is asking you to step up in the ‘creating your own reality’ stakes.

Richard Tarnas has talked extensively about humans shifting into a more mature consciousness. Today is a major leap in that process.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.