A New Kind of Revolution

2021. You have outdone yourself!

If you’ve been watching the Capitol Building being overrun and you’re concerned (which, of course) this is a watershed moment and the tide is turning. This is a whole new kind of revolution.

This started back in December 2016, when Donald Trump was elected to the US Presidency and the swamp was activated. I wrote at the time about the combination of Jupiter and Pluto in the Channel of Transformation, and how dark money and dark power would come out of the shadows. Trump supporters may have believed he would drain the swamp, but in the bigger picture he is there to dredge up every bit of slime and bring it to the surface.

The Channel of Transformation brings change by slowly building up the pressure and then boom! In one moment everything changes forever and we have to run to catch up with events. That happened when Trump was elected, when the UK voted for Brexit, and this week, when the MAGAs overran the Capitol Building. (There are other events, Hong Kong for example, but I can only track a few key processes)

Life is moving faster and we need skills that support us to live in uncertainty and create from our hearts, especially when we are creating the road ahead rather than following it.

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On 6th January 2021, as a mob stormed the Capitol, the Channel of Transformation was active again, bringing to the light the disaffected shadow of western liberal democracy, beating policemen to death, building gallows on Capitol Hill and carrying zip ties.

6 January 2021 Human Design transits – click here to access chart on Taraka.io

The Channel of Transformation operates at a shadow level when we give up our principles and act out of personal ambition. We saw some of that at play! It operates at a much higher level when we have the integrity to stick to our principles in difficult situations, even when we feel we can’t directly influence events.

Ambition is an important component of the hierarchical god-structure, where nearer I am to thee means closer to the top of the pile rather than having a more open heart.

Zeus and his Thunderbolt

It is no coincidence that Zeus joins the Sun and Moon in activating the Channel of Transformation. The most powerful representation of the patriarchy, Zeus is the original sky god who shook off the matriarchal influences and took charge of Olympus.

Something intriguing has arisen in my background research on asteroids in Human Design. If we go back to around 5000BC, before the Aryan people rode their horses down from the steppes and used their weapons to intimidate and colonise, there were no other civilisations anywhere in the world that had a culture of violence and war. The evidence overwhelmingly shows that societies were peaceful and egalitarian. 7000 years on, the entire world considers that ‘human nature’ is violent, war-like, ambitious for power. Zeus is the personification of a people who (I don’t think this is too much of a stretch) glorify toxic masculinity and have shifted the axis of humanity.

Evolution demands of us that we adapt to change or die. And we have adapted to patriarchy. But evolution is moving on and Zeus needs to move with it. We can no longer allow violence and intimidation to prevent change. But also, as the Channel of Transformation tells us, we won’t succeed if we tackle it head on. We can’t win if we play it at it’s own game.

Which brings me to the story of Rapa Nui ….

In the golden era of colonisation, when Europeans were spreading their ‘civilising’ influence around the globe, they discovered a jewel of an island in the middle of the Pacific. They called it Easter Island, but to the original inhabitants it was Rapa Nui which means navel of the world.

The story goes that these foolish uncivilised natives were incapable of managing their resources, outgrew their food sources, depleted their soil and forests and, by the time the European saviours turned up, were killing each other in a fight for survival. But this seems a massive projection to me, and there’s evidence to suggest that, similarly to the experience of Australian Indigenous peoples, the people of Rapa Nui were doing just fine till the smallpox, slavery and theft turned up to destroy their communities and environment.

Why is this relevant? Because dwarf planet Makemake, the creator god of Rapa Nui, is very active in our energetic mix right now.

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Makemake is currently in Gate 18, opposite Chiron in Gate 17. These two gates work together to bring corruption to light, to repair ancient family curses (abuse patterning) and to release people back into a universal flow. Makemake is currently a powerful force for repairing the damage done by colonialism.

Beginning Collective Recovery

We have moved beyond personal spiritual growth and into an era of collective recovery. You can work really hard at being as good a person as possible, but you cannot (because you are human) disconnect yourself from the collective unconscious. While a portion of humanity still carries a collective trauma that allows them to be manipulated by oligarchs and demagogues none of us can break free of patriarchy and colonialism.

We’ve seen Makemake and Chiron at work in 2020 through the Black Lives Matter movement, and in the growing challenge to white entitlement.

The day before the mob stormed the Capitol Building, two democratic senators – one black and one Jewish – won seats in Georgia, wresting control of the Senate back to the Democrats. These two events are surely linked, because what Zeus wants, more than anything, is for everyone else to be subordinate to rich white men. Colonisation is essentially about slavery and environmental plunder.

But people like Stacey Abrams in Georgia have foiled Zeus, by organising grassroots campaigns specifically designed to demonstrate that ‘other’ people can influence events, that their vote counts, that they can play a real part in democracy. And this is crucial to where we are at right now. Organisations like Black Voters Matter have been quietly working within their spheres of influence for years to heal the internalised powerlessness of those who have suffered from colonialism and it’s offspring – systemic racism and other forms of discrimination.

This is the epitome of how the Channel of Transformation works – when we find ourselves in difficult situations, in subordinate positions with little ability to act directly, our best option is to align with our core principles and find where we can make the best contribution to change.

Ambition, the negative kind, arises when arrogance blinds us to our place within the larger collective and greater good. Our actions rend tears in the fabric of love and light, of true creation, and this is how karma is born. I expect Ted Cruz has a bit of karma building around him right now.

We need to connect with the truth that arises from our core principles, which are never fixed. I’ve been challenged so much in 2020 to find all the places where I have assumed white privilege. One of the larger contexts of human evolution is the intermingling of previously separate peoples into a culture mix of global proportions, and this requires us to respond differently when faced with the unfamiliar.

A New Kind of Revolution

There is a lot of activation to the two Revolution gates (49 and 13) in the first half of 2021. This is a mopping up after the terror attacks that prevailed when Neptune, Uranus and Saturn moved through Aquarius from 2004 through to 9/11, and beyond.

Revolution means the abolition of the old order in preparation for a new one. Things have gone as far as they can, and something entirely new is called for. You should not be afraid of the changes you want to make in your own life.

On the global scene, there is likely to be some old style terrorism in 2021, but with Uranus (planet of Revolution) in the Gate of Caring (27) with Haumea (Goddess of Birth of New Consciousness) in the Gate of Beginning A New Era, I expect we will see something very different arising this time around. This is the beginning of a deep dive into the healing of human collective trauma.

What Happens When We Care

Uranus is in the Gate of Caring at the moment, making a channel with dwarf planet Haumea. Like Makemake, she is a Polynesian creator god – this time from Hawaii. Haumea is in the Gate of Values, specifically the new values brought about by a new era.

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That new era is not about dual partisanship, but about recognising the many ways people are marginalised rather than fully connected, supported and integrated into our society. Some, of course, much more so than others. It’s about recognising that I am not somehow more deserving because I have white skin, a home to live in, sound mental health. It’s about recognising the way our social systems preference some over others and how that preference has been, until now, invisible to those of us getting the benefits.

This requires even the best among us to think and act differently, to shift our core principles. What kind of society do we want to create now, so that people have homes, real jobs with real pay, access to support services, free health and education.

Ironically, there are some who believe so fiercely in white privilege that they fail to see their own slavery. They hold the collective trauma of the white enslaved, and have no conscious access to their real needs or how to meet them in healthy and wholistic ways.

And speaking of socialism, did you know the happiest people in the world are the Danes? And they say it’s because they feel secure and supported by their system of social democracy?

What could Trump have tapped into if all people in the US felt this level of support from their government? Probably not much. (And I can’t escape the irony that they are calling for freedom from government, that is, they are demanding even more of their current precarity).

During 2021 we will be asking questions about how we address those who carry the collective trauma which makes them easily manipulated by demagogues. As a species, we have some real work to do in recovering the health of our psyche.

Eris: Revealing Dark Influences

Indulge me in talking about one last dwarf planet. On 6th January, the Earth was in Gate 53, making a channel with Eris in 42. Significant in the chart of Joan of Arc, Eris can act to call out large numbers of people on a divine mission to overthrow oppressors. We definitely saw that happening.

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The other aspect of Eris is to reveal all the hidden players. People wielding dark influence prefer to be invisible. While Eris has been so active in 2020, Julian Assange has been seeking his freedom. He has Eris conjunct his Design Sun and is being held because of the secrets he revealed (and possibly more he holds).

Since 2008, Eris has been in the Gate of Increase (42), shifting humanity’s idea of how we can continue to grow and evolve without exhausting the planet. Currently in line 3:

The situation seems unfortunate but they will turn out to your advantage if you maintain your principles and be especially careful about doing the right thing. By holding fast to what is right and riding through the difficult times, you will strengthen your character, develop new skills and gain valuable experience for the future.

Jack Balkin, The Laws of Change – Hexagram 42 line 3.

There is a recurring theme here. We are in difficult times. We might want to take the pressure off by pushing back but the only way through, the way that will reveal the abuse patterning of our culture and propel us into a new epoch of human evolution, is to be slowly adherent to our principles, weaving them into each day of our human lives.

January and February 2021 will continue to be intense, but there is some relaxation after that. Although with so many planets shifting into Aquarius we can expect revolution and unrest to be our background setting.

The USA has a Pluto return in February 2022, so there will be unrest for another year at least, and in 2021 we see it play out through the relationship between Saturn and Uranus meeting three times in Aquarius (the sign of revolution) – the old and new battling it out. But remember, Haumea is the planet of regeneration of a new higher level of human consciousness and she will spend these years in the gate that heralds a new epoch based on a rethink of our shared values. (50).

Don’t expect a return to how things were, because right now life is initiating you into a new level of being. Difficulties are designed to bring you face-to-face with reality in an entirely new way so that you can find and express the best of yourself. Shock wakes us up to a new reality, clears the old traumatic mesmerisation away and allows us access to parts of ourselves that have been sleeping forever.

When it seems like you can’t do anything, enjoy the sweetness of what’s available, and make preparations for when you can act. Let go of who you thought you were, and practice being who you are in this moment. Notice life.

Important Dates – January and February 2021

13 January 2021 – New Moon in Gate 61 with Plutoclick here to view chart on Taraka. A delicate balance of listening and taking in information without getting carried away by emotion or blocking out facts that may not fit your narrative. Be open to what is valuable in all your interactions, and allow yourself to be influenced by the emergent potential.

20 January 2021 – US Presidential Inaugurationclick here to view chart on Taraka. My main concern here is the Mars sitting on Uranus, but it is making a channel with Haumea which is a protecting influence, and this is the Gate of Caring. The I Ching says, quite aptly, danger but good fortune. The Sun is in the Gate of Limitations (60.5) – if you want to influence others you must lead by example. Mercury is in Gate 13 – Fellowship, and Lise Heyboer quotes Rumi for this position – Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. Not to say we should accept ‘wrong’, but that we have to dig deeper to find the unmet needs, the lack of care in people who can be influence, who we can connect with.

28 January 2021 – Full Moon in Gate 41 with Saturnclick here to view chart on Taraka. The Sun, Jupiter and Lilith are all in Gate 19.2, Venus is exactly conjunct Pluto in 61.5. This Full Moon is drawing us towards greater connection with each other, giving us faith that we can reach across the divide and find something valuable in our sharing. There are some serious aspects here, Mars and Pluto in the Channel of Truth for example, indicating potential violence. Crantor (sudden endings) in the Gate of Revolution (49), but the influence of Jupiter, Venus, Ceres, Pallas and Vesta suggest a positive outcome.

11 February 2021 – New Moon in Gate 49 (Revolution) with Jupiter in 19. Click here to see the chart in Taraka. While we will see unrest due to the involvement of the Gate of Revolution, both Venus and Jupiter are in the channel, so again we have this positive protective influence.

January and February are about learning how we connect with others while maintaining our own truth – taking in their truth but not so far that get emotionally unstable or lose our bearings. We are in the beginning stages of recovering the collective trauma of humanity and some of that is beyond rational understanding.

Saturn square Uranus in 2021

17 February 2021 – Saturn in Gate 41 will be astrologically square Uranus in Gate 27. Click here to view chart on Taraka.

Transformation requires new truths, and new truths require we release something of who we thought we were and what our world was. What kind of world do you want to create? And what do you need to surrender in order to get it?

There will be three Uranus Saturn squares, the second is on 19th June with Saturn in Gate 19 and Uranus in Gate 24 (Pluto is in the 61) – chart here.

The third is 24 December 2021, with Saturn again in Gate 19 and Uranus in Gate 24 (Pluto in the 61) – chart here.

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  1. Just awesome, Kim! I can’t put any of my thoughts into words, but just awesome. Reading it was like reading a map of a place not yet discovered or reached, but reassuring to know that there’s a map, and a place, somewhere. Thank you!

    1. Annie I am seeing layers upon layers now, after following these themes for so many years. More powerful than pretty for a while but we’ll get through this and probably more easily than we may now imagine.

  2. Whew! Great read and of course, I will read it again and follow some of the links! Draining the swamp means draining all of the swamps! Time for Zeus to go back to where he came from or better turn into a bit of fairy dust (with sparkles). Kim, your work is a breath of fresh air, the likes of what we see only occasionally – unless we look in the mirror with a big grin on our face knowing “all is well,” as we witness and support change for planet earth! Even Conan the Barbarian [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_P-0I6sAck] is lining up for what’s next.

  3. Thanks so much Kim for putting your energy into, once again, clarifying the present in a way that is real and grounding and reassuring and enlightening.

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