A View of the Future – What Can You See?

The story so far ….

Stranded on a beautiful planet in a far away galaxy, those who were brave enough to answer the call have taken on a task of herculean proportions.   To make it more fun …  and when I say fun, I mean interesting ….  each time they think they know what’s going on, the game changes.

And now, for this week’s episode –


We all know about yin and yang.  We might think of them as feminine and masculine, and we can blame Carl Jung for that.

Jung split us into anima and animus.  These were useful gender distinctions back in the early 1900’s, and no doubt helped us all get our groove back.    But it’s time now to move on, to spin the wheel and watch the confluence of yin/yang and what it creates.

The whole concept of the I Ching is that yin and yang are two creative forces that work together, and never alone.  Yin never exists without yang and yang without yin.

Your Human Design chart is a binary code made up of yin and yang.  To watch the strands of yin and yang weave through your life is to understand your own DNA and how it creates you in each moment.

Between now and 25th April, Jupiter is in the yinest of yin gates – Gate 2.  This gate carries a lot of history.  Matriarchal history.  Earth history.  Herstory.

There are many interwoven themes here, as we would expect.  After all, we live in interesting times!  All the themes gravitate around the concept of earth.

Releasing Trauma

Firstly, there is a strong karmic element to our lives just now, as the South Node sits in a channel with the Earth.  This channel (48/16) connects the Spleen Centre (our bodies) to the Throat (expression), and is a key indicator for trusting life.  Will we survive?  Will it provide for us?  Will we be safe?    When we feel that trust, down to our very cells, we can relax and enjoy life.  We let go of small ideas of what we might achieve and watch the treasure flow from deep within us in each moment.

Pluto and Saturn are involved with this channel (Saturn in 50 in the Spleen and Pluto in 38 in the Root), and both planets are strongly linked with karma.  Oh, and did I mention the asteroid Karma is conjunct the South Node?  We still believe in the linear notion that if we do X we’ll get Y.  Even though we never have and there seems little sense in continuing on with our struggle to create that magical Y that’s going to solve all our ills forever.

Let’s face it, if you do X and I do X, we’re going to get completely different versions of Y! Let’s break out of a belief that we are cogs in the machine churning out a one size fits all version of success.

Saturn tells us:

Before you can access the whole rich potential for new beginnings, you have to clear out whatever old stuff is blocking communication and flow.  The most important thing here is to have the promise of a new life and long term growth.  So turn conventions and dignities upside down if you have to, do things that feel awkward and imperfect if that’s what it takes.  The ends are more important than the inelegance of the means.  

Hilary Barrett, Saturn in Gate 50 line 1. 

When stable and conventional Saturn tells you to turn your life upside down, well it’s probably an unavoidable option!

Release the Primal Self!

Transneptunian Object, Typhon, is also in the Spleen Centre, in Gate 18.2.  Typhon represents hell on earth – natural disasters for example.

But there is much more to Typhon than earthquakes and tsunamis.  In the mythology, Typhon’s mother, Gaia (Earth), asked him to free the Titans, primitive, primal and instinctual creatures who carved out the shape of the earth in antiquity.   Typhon represents two things in your design.  Firstly, where you are longing to release something earthy, instinctual and primal.  Secondly, how you respond when you find yourself in ‘hell on earth’.

I’ll add a third thing here – how the suppression of the ‘earthy’ self creates a feeling of hell for us.  Trapped here in a body and not able to be fully embodied.

Sins of the Karmic Mother

Typhon is in Gate 18 line 3, which is about correcting the sins of the karmic mother.  Let’s face it, mothers aren’t always perfect.  I know, it’s a shock but true!

The mother’s job is to create a safe and nourishing space for the children to grow and prosper.  We both know that doesn’t always happen.  In fact, when it does happen it’s something to celebrate.

Since Gate 18 relates to healing our DNA, anything transiting there represents a very deep shift in our way of being.

In particular there is a profound sense just now of not having enough, or that what we haven’t isn’t quite it.  We’ve made do and we’re starving for what we truly need to nourish us.  Unfortunately, we’ve been herded away from what we need and are terrified of even wandering in it’s direction for fear of being rejected, cast out and starving to death!

The mother’s influence represents instilled fears that cause us to answer to tradition and form rather than to our own inner sense of truth.   These fears are held in demonic forms in our imagination, invisible to our adult self although they can dominate our motives and define our views of success.   

adapted from Carol Anthony, A Guide to the I Ching

This frees us from choosing experiences and relationships that have us delving into past hurts trying to find solutions to past troubles, rather than being present and nurtured in the moment.

The Frozen Self

Mars is creating a channel with Makemake just now (59/6), accentuating the idea of being in emotional conflict (Gate 6) because of the suppression of something primal (Mars) in favour of our more civilized and conditioned selves (Makemake).

Unfortunately, our civilized aspects are seeped in the energy of externally imposed form and substance.  While Saturn may call us to a more flexible and intuitive approach to our lives, we are not accustomed to living without somewhat harsh external supports.   We have a tendency to go to battle against ourselves so we can keep the amazing creativity and vitality of the Sacral Centre frozen over.  After all, who wants to know what emotions may be released if we melt the blockage.   We don’t want to lose our cool or look foolish now do we?

So, back to the karmic story, we are getting a profound opportunity to release our earthiness from where it has been deeply buried, and to respond to life much more intuitively and instinctively.  The wounds of past incarnations are healing – and Typhon will make sure it’s your own personal hell on earth that’s up for repair –  and our fear of responding to our bodies is repairing at the level of our DNA.

Let’s honour how much we’ve done in the past decade.  With Uranus opposite Typhon we could have expected something catastrophic about now, but instead we’ve gentled it out to facing our own, by now fairly minor, demons.   But it’s the future, rather than the past, that is creating fear at the moment.

Pluto, sitting down there in the Root Centre, is quietly pushing all our karmic buttons and we can respond like jack in the boxes, reacting to every little hint of fearfulness and possible dissolution of self by shooting out of our bodies.  Staying put is a challenge, and something that takes a whole lot of courage when we can’t get a clear view of the means or the ends!

New Potentials

Dwarf planet Ceres, the Earth Mother,  has moved into Gate 3 – the teaming chaotic profusion of new potential that arises from the interaction of yang (Gate 1) and yin (Gate 2).

Coming conjunct with 1992 QB1 today, she lets us know that sometimes the best preparation is not to rush forward until we know what we are rushing towards.  We can put our affairs in order by not beginning anything in particular just yet.  We can best create by not re-creating, but awaiting the new energy that seeks to birth through us.

We can feel the nurturing sense of this, when we relax and trust we feel great.   And yet, we have been taught to mistrust this type of solution.  It appears that we are doing nothing.  There is also the underlying fear of how big our task might become if we release ourselves into it.  It seems too big for us to hold, to control.  And it is.  This old way of owning, of identifying and of controlling can be released in favour of relating and committing.  In each moment, what would you like to relate to?  What would you like to commit to?

The past pulls on us, attempting to seduce us to harder labour but when we rest in the calm stillness of our earthly selves we know that we can make progress by honouring where we have been, rather than going back there.

Ceres conjunct 1992 QB1 represents a watershed of choosing life over death, choosing what nurtures us over what starves us, choosing natural abundance over external wealth.  This is a big deal.

Pulling Off Our Invisibility Cloak

Our nemesis right now is finding that part of ourselves which has been invisible.  Ophelia is conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Opposition.  She represents what gets lost amidst the politics and the financial wheeling and dealing.  The sacred and creative aspect of self has lost it’s value and we live in lack.  As we unhook from the old political selves, we find a new freedom of movement and we stumble upon a softer and gentler creative self.

The challenge is learning to trust the substance (earth) of something that seems, to our conditioned heaviness, so ephemeral and unworldly.   The irony is that this is part of our Earth Self, released from tyranny.  We create our lives with light, but we need to mix in some clay or we have no form and substance.

Kassandra meets Vesta (25/51) just now, and heals the shock to our innocence in not being seen  nor heard, our inner flame (Vesta) spluttering out leaving us all in darkness.  The oracle Kassandra holds information about about other dimensions, the other Earth matrix and alternative realities that are right before our eyes and yet cursed into invisibility.  As champions of our own inner creative flame, our own ‘hearth fire’, we come home to ourselves and find a way to withstand any shock that comes upon us.

Regardless of how difficult our circumstances, we cannot make progress now by struggling for survival.  We must create life on our own terms, face the symbolic death by choosing more and more life in each moment.  This feels terrifying and counter-intuitive.  Surely we should DO something?  And that part of ourselves that knows the way to live free and in abundance says ‘of course!’.  If we could simply acknowledge what we are doing, we would be sure that what we are doing is not only exactly the right thing, it’s also the most effective thing.

We are gaining a view of the future, and as yet, we have no idea what we are looking at!



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