About Kim Gould

I started Love Your Design way back in 2003. At the time I lived with my two children – Cam and Meg – in a little cottage in the Australian bush, about one hour back into the mountains behind Byron Bay. Cam and Meg learnt to play quietly while I recorded Human Design readings on cassette tapes and posted them out to all parts of the globe.


 Some of My Back Story

I spent many years trying to be ‘normal’ – bank teller, lawyer, marriage and kids. As a result of all this effort, in 1990 I collapsed and was diagnosed with a severe case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Returning to work was out of the question. And I knew I needed to focus on discovering where I’d gone so wrong that I had created such a devastating illness for myself.

As many of us do, I looked everywhere for answers – conventional medicine, osteopathy, buddhism, naturopathy, meditation, homeopathy, reiki. On and on it went. They each were useful in their own way, but I always felt I was missing an important piece of the puzzle of who I was meant to be.

In 1997 I moved to a small alternative town called Nimbin. Once here, I met some special people who helped me to put the pieces of my life together in a way that made sense. Living amongst beautiful mountains and World Heritage Rainforest, I began an apprenticeship in the spiritual evolution of humanity. Guided by many angels, devas and other multi-dimensional beings, my life took a definitely ‘not normal’ turn.


Discovering Human Design

But still, I’m a practical girl, and after 5 years in the forest, I wanted to take what I’d learned out into the world so that I could assist people. That’s when I found the Human Design System. Just like many of you, I saw the Human Design mandala and immediately knew that this was the tool I’d been looking for.

No one is normal. Each one of us is unique. Learning to live that uniqueness is our life’s journey.

I created Love Your Design on the web in 2003 and have been using the Human Design System to help and support people from all over the world, people just like you, since that time.


The birth of Emergent Human Design

In 2005, when a whole lot of new planets were discovered and opening us to a new galactic consciousness, Emergent Human Design was born.

I was feeling limited by my standard HD chart and went exploring for my ascendant. After all, if it’s so important in astrology I figured it might have some significance in my Design. I was slightly amazed to find my ascendant in my bridge gate, linking my four motors to my undefined Throat Centre. This discovery changed my life. It launched me into an exploration of the Subtle Layers (based on the work of Eleanor Haspel Portner), the minor planets and asteroids and progressions. This was the first part of what I now call Emergent Human Design.

I have spent years developing these areas of Human Design, and you can learn all about them here.

The second chapter of Emergent Human Design is all about the science. Human Design is based on 4 ancient esoteric wisdoms and each of those in turn has real correlations with quantum science, chaos theory and complexity – all the science of our modern world. More here. Human Design is a premier tool of human consciousness and this is where my research is now taking me.



Emergent Womens Program & Emergent HD Coaches Training

In 2017 I launched the inaugural Emergent Womens Program,  giving me an opportunity to share with my years of research and experience with women who are navigating personal and global change. You can join me for 2018, registrations are now open. Click here.

In mid 2018 I will run the Emergent HD Coaches Training for the second time. I have been coaching, and mentoring professional coaches for many years. I love to study coaching and apply what I learn to Human Design. Over the years I have gained multiple coaching certifications. My purpose in the HD Coaches Training is to make Human Design a tool you can use with confidence to support and guide your people.


If you have any questions about me or my work, please email me. I’m always happy to hear from you.