Albion was the first minor planet discovered after (and out beyond) Pluto in 1992. It represents opening the doorway to new worlds, standing at the threshold, and forming new connections that catalyse major change in society.

Albion shows that pivotal moment when the individual emerges from tribal laws (religion, authoritarian society) and begins to develop the consciousness to align with universal law. This is not a return to nature, but a convergence of the individual consciousness within a larger collective.

Albion is an name for ancient Britain, said to have been inhabited by giants. Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote in the 12th century about landing on the shores of Britain – “It was uninhabited except for a few giants…. they drove the giants whom they had discovered into the caves in the mountains.”

The Discovery

The discovery position is very telling of the meaning of an asteroid in our Design. Albion was discovered on 30 August 1992 by Jewitt and Luu in Hawaii. It was originally designated 1992 QB1 and eventually named Albion in 2018. At the time of its discovery, Albion was in Gate 25, Line 3. Gate 25 has special significance, as it sits on what’s known as the Aries Point – 0 degrees Aries, where the completion of the inner process (Pisces) shifts to a new phase of exploration. To quote astrologer Celeste Teal:

The Aries Point represents a movement from an inner quality to an outer manifestation. It orients us towards the world at large – society, public events and all relationships propelled from the individual to the collective. It can represent a spectacular outrush of energies and involvement with the world at

Gate 25 in Human Design is about disengaging from the old security-based rules and social conventions, releasing extraordinary energy, and allowing a freedom and responsiveness where we are ready to benefit from the unexpected.

In Line 3, to quote Lise Heyboer:

Who relies too much on rules and laws reckons too little with the unexpected. Rules are man-made and nature often does not heed them. The one with a free mind, looking after himself and able to assess risks, is seldom struck by mishap and is often pleasantly surprised by a slice of good luck.

What Albion means in your Human Design

The minor planets tend not to have a personal influence on our Design, unless they are activated by a personal planet like the Sun, Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. When that happens, you are acting as an emissary for it’s energy.

If Albion is active in your Design, you are here to use your own personal circumstances as a way of drawing attention to bigger issues. You are more attuned to universal laws that those of society and find rules an imposition. You are continually wanting to disentangle from the expectations of others and find what makes you, as an individual, happy. You hold inside of you something that continually pushes boundaries towards the new. You can be a catalyst for major and sudden changes.

3 thoughts on “Albion

  1. I have Albion in the same gate (30.2) with my conscious sun (30.5) and resonate with what you wrote in that final paragraph. Especially about wanting to disentangle from others’ expectations (and my own) to find what makes me happy and being a catalyst for change.

    I also have a lot of other stuff going on in that gate with Lilith (30.5), Pele (30.1), Pholus (30.2), Vulcan (30.4) and design Midas (30.6).

    Thanks as always for sharing your insights Kim! I always look forward to your posts.

  2. Wonderful as always Kim. I bet I have Albion in my Design as that last paragraph sums me up 😂

  3. Interesting indeed- as always!

    Albion doesn’t figure significantly in my design, but I do have Personality Earth in 25.3….

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