Aries New Moon – The Gentle Warrior

Back in the early noughties, around 2003, I used to write a lot of poetry.  And perform it.  Then one day the poetry just stopped coming through.  That was when I started writing blogs.  My first blog was back in the day when they were called  e-journals, and  I called mine The Journal of Lightbeing.

But just before that shift happened I wrote a poem that continues to resonate with me even now.

My partner and I were running regular women’s spirituality groups at our home and on this particular day she asked everyone to write or draw something to represent the theme of Coming Home.   I wrote a poem about a roman soldier who had been at war.  Weary of killing, he was looking forward to being at home where he could relax and reacquaint himself with love.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that poem in the past few days.   This weeks Aries New Moon was in the Ji Centre.  This is the area of the bodygraph that represents unconditional love.  The  Sun, Moon and Mercury were all in the Gate of Innocence.   Uranus was only 3 degrees away, close enough to create considerable disturbance.

How does Innocence and a heart filled with unconditional love make sense when we are thinking about Aries?  Or the ruler of Aries, the war-god Mars?   And yet a New Moon and the sign of Aries represent new beginnings, and new beginnings are, by their very nature, sensitive, subtle and vulnerable, often in need of gentle protection.

I wondered if Mars himself may have an answer to that question.  At the moment of the New Moon Mars was in the Heart Centre.  The Heart Centre holds some of what we might call the lower octaves of the heart chakra energy – courage, willpower, supportiveness, healthy personal boundaries.  Some of the more human heart qualities, we might say!

On the New Moon, Mars was in Gate 40, which is about returning to normality after something extraordinary has happened.

Sometimes when we have a difficult experience we can hang onto it, either to keep engaging with our own victimhood or to accentuate how great we did in getting through it.

If we keep reliving the hardship, for whatever reason, we just recreate it – again and again.  We find ourselves in circumstances that accentuate our victimhood.  Or our ego connects our identity to our win.  Over and over again, we recreate some difficulty for ourselves so our ego can prove that we are either the oppressed or the hero of the story.

This is self-destructive.

When the hardship is passed, it’s best that we give gratitude for the experience,  forgive ourselves and everyone else involved where we can, honour what we have achieved, and move on.  We all need to be a warrior sometimes, but when hanging tough becomes a way of life, that’s self destructive.

The victim self and the “tough as nails” hero came face to face on this week’s New Moon, leaving us all a bit shocked by the interaction.  Should I be tough?  Should I be gentle?  What has happened to my innocence in this relationship?

There’s a gentleness in this Aries New Moon that is like coming home.  No more need to battle on and on.  We are birthing a new more powerful way of connecting with others.  It’s gentle and it’s inclusive.  And it starts right at home – in the heart chakra.  We are becoming warriors for the power of  gentleness.




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5 thoughts on “Aries New Moon – The Gentle Warrior

  1. wow- thx Kim….so resonant particularly in regards to that shock- what to do indeed….gentleness in the Aries new moon….and Gate 40 connecting to my “wounded healer” Chiron in my Gate 37……healing through the letting go in the emotional realm……fragile hummingbird heals through grace……

  2. இவங்க எல்லாம் எப்போ சாவாங்க? தமிழன் ஆட்சி முதலில் தமிழ்நாட்டில் இருக்கா? எப்போ ஒரு தமிழன் வேண்டாம் ஒரு மனுஷன் நம்ம நாட்ட ஆள்றது ?சனியன் படிச்சவனுக்கு ஒரு சாவு வர மாட்டேங்குது

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