Asteroid Kaali

Kaali is a Hindu Goddess, the most powerful form of Shakti – the dynamic forces that move through and shape the universe – and the personification of divine feminine creative power and it’s relationship with time. Her masculine counterpart Shiva/Siva is matter and space.


The discovery position is very telling of the meaning of an Asteroid in our Design.

The asteroid Kaali was discovered in 1942, in the Human Design gate 4:

Rather than using self-discipline, self-criticism or punishment, we do better to recognise our incompleteness and educate ourselves into more correct alignment with universal energy.

The pathway of development for this asteroid is shown in its Nodes. Discovery South Node is in Gate 13.4 and North Node is in Gate 15.1

Kaali begins with developing an understanding of how to protect our own rich creative inner space with robust personal boundaries. This protection should not shut us down to creative energy, but allow our inner space to be free from interference and premature expectations. We can’t journey creatively with others if we don’t know our own inner creator. (South Node in 13.4)

Her journey (our archetypal Kaali journey) is towards letting go of any need to be at war with ourselves or others, but instead, knowing as we do our own creative spaces, we can honour the creative nature of others. In this way we can set out and explore life without any burden of having to prove ourselves or control others. (North Node 15.1) 

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As one of the prime Hindu deities, Kaali has a rich mythology. She is associated with death, destruction, sexuality and violence. In Sanskrit her name means ‘she who is death’. She is most commonly known in her destroyer aspect, ‘the hungry earth, which devours its own children and fattens on their corpses’. So, yeah, that. But Kaali is not just indiscriminate evil, she has purpose and trajectory. She represents the fullness of time, the time when things are complete, the changing aspect of nature that brings things to life or death. Kaali is also seen as the Mother of Language and all mantras. I find this interesting, given how important language is to the process of creation in all cultures. Negative self-talk might represent the hungry earth aspect, destroying the child within you.

In spite of her fearful form, Kaali is often considered the kindest and most loving of all the Hindu goddesses, as she is regarded by her devotees as the Mother of the whole Universe, as a great protector. In this regard Kaali is similar to Medusa, who in one form represents the frightening mask that creates a boundary to protect the creative inner space. 

Kaali is often depicted holding a severed head and a sword. Again there are similarities to Medusa here (losing your head, acting from rage, transformation). These represent our path to divine knowledge through shedding the ego or mental self 

She is often depicted naked, symbolising her being beyond the covering of Maya, a pure being of consciousness. Her dark colour shows a supreme un-manifest state. Colours do not apply to her, nor do other concepts such as light and dark, good and evil.

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Looking at the meaning of Kaali brings up issues of the role of the dimensions of matter and energy in our universe, as well as the polarities of male and female divinity and creation. 

As the partner of Shiva, Kaali takes unformed potential of matter and our individualised creative energy (kundalini) and makes it move. She supports us in understanding our proper creative role, when and how to act. And she does it through teaching us how to heal the separation between our humanity and our divinity. The more these two aspects of ourselves are separated the more isolated and vulnerable we feel and the more self-protective and self-seeking we are.

In her destructive mode, Kaali takes out any ego-constructions that stand between us and our personal creative role in the universe. 

While the general spelling is KALI, the asteroid is named Kaali, so I have used that spelling in this article. You can find both Kaali and Shiva (spelt Siva) in your Human Design at

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  1. Thank you Kim. All your information is interesting and overwhelming. How to deal with that? Just feel, what it means for my inside? Thank you

    1. Hi Beate, lovely to hear from you! I always recommend to let your curiosity or intuition guide you to what’s most important. You will never learn or master all the information, it’s basically unlimited! What’s important is where you are in each moment and what’s calling your attention. I hope that’s helpful.

  2. Thank you Kim. I feel my usual planning is not helpful for being in the Floor of life. Love,

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