Asteroids in Human Design: Awakening the Feminine Archetype


Kim Gould is a leading innovator and practitioner of Human Design. Working with multiple chart layers, she brings a more fluid approach to Human Design.

Kim does such an amazing job in relating information about the Asteroids and their significance. I’ve been waiting a really long time for this book. Thank you Kim for providing us with such insight.

Wow! Kim Gould demonstrates not only her Human Design mastery in this easy to follow resource, but adds a plethora of Asteroids for an ever expanding richness and depth. There are many examples to illustrate how they can help enhance your understanding of your own chart and the charts of others.

Asteroids in Human Design: Awakening the Feminine Archetype – available now at your favourite online bookstore.

Most of the gates in your Design – all the white gates that look empty –  are filled with archetypal energies like Psyche, Persephone and Pandora.  You are living out the story of these archetypes every day. You just don’t see them, because you haven’t explored the asteroid layer of your Human Design.

Now, with this book as your guide, you can!

Discover a hidden layer of your Human Design

There is a layer of your Human Design that’s hiding in plain view – the asteroids. This how-to book leads you on a journey of discovery, including how to find which asteroids are most important to you, what they mean, and how to integrate their transformative power into your life.

Feminine DNA

In your standard Human Design chart you have 13 planetary activations. All but two of them are masculine archetypes like Mars, Saturn and Pluto. If your Human Design is a map of your DNA, where are the feminine DNA codes?

They are in the Asteroids.


The book is available now, in ebook and paperback, at your favourite online bookstore.