Asteroids in your Human Design

In the original Human Design revelation, Ra Uru Hu was given 13 objects to include in the chart. When you look at your Human Design chart that’s what you see – your own unique arrangement of those 13 planets.

But what if there’s more to Human Design? What if we can find other ways to explore who you are beyond that one standard chart? Well, you’re in luck! Because we can.

Why asteroids are important in Human Design

Asteroids are bits of rock floating in space. There are tens of thousands of them, mostly found in the Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. They are increasingly popular with astrologers these days. How do we incorporate them into what we know about Human Design. And really, why would we bother?

I’ve been using asteroids in my work with Human Design since 2005. I have found that they precisely and accurately reflect our belief systems and experiences. They give a precision that you simply can’t get from reading the standard chart. Consider this. Most of the gates in your Design that you consider to be empty are actually filled with archetypal energies that you are living out every day. You just don’t see them, because you haven’t explored this layer of your Human Design.

I’ll give you an example.

Greta Thunberg has her Sun in Gate 38. She has nothing in Gate 28. But wait!

Great Thunberg Human Design chart
Great Thunberg Human Design chart

She has Nemesis (justice, balancing the scales) and Medusa (women’s rage/dealing with great change) in the adjoining gate – Gate 28. This adds a powerful new dimension to understanding her Design.

Thunberg’s Sun activation tells us she grows as a person when she faces opponents with whom there is no apparent possibility of finding agreement. There is a huge yawning gulf between them, and this means that she can easily get overwhelmed by her task (that’s the gate 28, overwhelm). But what if she DOES have activations in Gate 28 that allowed her to work more effectively with that Root Centre energy? What if she could turn up as Nemesis, the goddess of retribution, using her Medusa energy to help us understand that we are heading towards a point of no return due to the arrogant actions of a small proportion of people and that we should be angry about that?

What if Nemesis and Medusa gave her a powerful reason to turn up and fight for what she believes in (her Sun in Gate 38)?

Can you see how this knowledge can be incredibly empowering? Without knowing about those two asteroids, we might be tempted to say oh that Greta, she’s always looking for a fight but she has no way to know what is worth fighting for!

Dan Levy Human Design chart

Dan Levy is the much loved star of the tv series Schitt’s Creek.

My favourite place to go looking for asteroids is in the bridge gates, which Levy doesn’t have because he is a single definition. But I am more than a little curious about his Design Sun in Gate 2. He has vision (gate 2) but how does he develop it without the Gate 14? Turns out he has Arachne there. If you don’t know her story, let me share. Arachne was so talented (like uber-talented) that Pallas (who represents creative brilliance in your Design) couldn’t take the competition and turned Arachne into a spider. So, in the Gate of Skills, Levy is uber-talented, and his Sun in Gate 2 gives him a natural gift for attuning that talent to it’s proper direction.

But wait! Levy’s Design Mercury is in Gate 23, and he has his design Arachne in Gate 43. So it turns up not once, but twice, in gates that relate to using his unique talents (14) and insight (43) to strip away (23) anything that doesn’t support the individual’s ability to find their place within the collective (8/1). That just about sums up the storyline of Schitt’s Creek!

In case you missed Schitt’s Creek (which, I’m sorry to hear that), Levy won Emmy’s for all his multiple roles in the series, in which he co-created, co-wrote and co-starred. Uber-talented!

But Human Design is already sooo complicated!

Look, this is true. BUT. Once you’re got a handle on the basics of your Design, using the asteroids is going to blow your mind. You don’t have to figure out all 200,000 of them either. There are just a few asteroids that will have been influencing your whole life and it’s really good to know about them.

When I first started exploring the asteroids, back in 2005, I discovered I had Ceres and Vesta in a channel with my Moon. That has completely shifted my understanding of my life purpose, and helped me understand what informs my writing and teaching. I have developed a process to help you identify which are the most significant asteroids in YOUR Design.

Feminine DNA

There’s another reason why the asteroids are important in Human Design. Remember those 13 planets that make up your standard Human Design? They are almost all masculine archetypes. Most of the feminine consciousness in your Design lies in the archetypal layer – in the asteroids.

The I Ching, which is the basis for the Human Design gates, has an identical structure to our DNA, and so learning about the feminine archetypes in your Design activates your Feminine DNA. It’s not just about finding these energies, but discovering how we have taken on the patriarchal overlays. Pandora can show us how to shift from shame to pride in your gifts. Psyche helps us shift from passive co-dependence to actively seeking what we desire. Vesta helps us see where we have dimmed our own light and how we can tend to our inner heart flame in a healthy and creative way. Each archetype has so much richness.

At a time when women are taking a global leadership role it’s important to know where you are still unconsciously living out old cultural stereotypes, and how you can unwind them from your life.

I'm Kim Gould, founder of Love Your Design. I have been innovating and taking Human Design to the next level since 2003.

Beyond Type and Strategy, beyond the keywords and rigid rules, there are Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Multidimensional Human Design and Holographic Human Design to explore. Come join me!

Want more? Join our Love Your Design Communitywhere we break the bounds of standard Human Design and explore it's full multidimensional potential.

6 thoughts on “Asteroids in your Human Design

  1. Hello Kim,
    I just love your blog.
    Such useful information, written to help us understand our lives and
    what is pushing or pulling us through it.
    I feel blessed to have found you.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Hi Kim, it’s a joy to discover you 🙂

    I have a question, how we can know where are the asteroids in our chart?

    I’m interested by your course, but I’m wondering that.

    It’s with a kind of software?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Farah, I’m glad you are exploring the asteroids. You can find the software at, or just check the menu bar on and the link is there. Have fun playing!

  3. Hi Kim,
    I find your knowledge and writing immensely fascinating and awe-inspiring. I haven’t studied HD but have my chart and the book. I don’t feel I have the capacity at the moment to study it and wonder if there is a way I can have a personal consultation that brings in the Asteroid information? I have a friend in Ireland who studies with you…perhaps she knows? Thank you for sending me your blog x Ann

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