Eclipses are powerful events, they show where change is necessary and provide a new pathway for transformation. The old pathway is removed and our only way is to go forward in the new way.

Each eclipse has it’s own purpose and process. Both eclipses in August 2017 were influenced by a dynamic Mars energy – activating the masculine and military energy.  The Lunar Eclipse encouraged people to band together and find new common ground. There is a need to complete old cycles, and clearly it called forth the specter of Nazism and the US Civil War.

The upcoming Solar Eclipse in August 2017 is a pattern interrupter. It is the first total solar eclipse to pass over the US mainland in 99 years. One might wonder at the power of such an event, just as the ancients did! The Solar Eclipse Mars activates the energy of a government mired in corruption which ends in chaos. It’s simple message is this – we need to focus on the future and what we are creating, rather than on the past and what we have lost.

Our task now is to create new patterns for living.


Solar Eclipse – Darkness and Light

The Sun, Earth and Moon are in the hexagrams of Dark (29) and Light (30).

This is a meeting of inner and outer light. In March next year Pluto will shift into the Gate of Truth (61) and we are on Pluto’s training ground now, post-facts and all.

We have outgrown our previous life and are falling through the darkness with nothing to hold onto. We are in danger, but not lost.We are in a situation that is difficult because there is so much change going on. It’s imperative that we keep our wits, accept that there is no guarantee of safety, be unreservedly present.

We can take small steps. We can make humble offerings. We can act on a small everyday scale. We have only the power of our commitment to this transition to carry us through.

We may be in darkness for a while, which gives us an opportunity to explore. We are learning the ways of darkness.

Not corrupt darkness, but the true darkness of creation.

Amidst the darkness we can live in a way that catches the light. When you are falling you need clarity to know what to hold onto.

This is a new kind of relationship with reality and truth. You can build connections with the signs and messages around you. You can take time to allow yourself to consider what events and people truly mean to you, what purpose they bring to your life.

As you learn to live in this new way, you shift from having flashes of insight to holding continuous illumination.


Creative Skill of Clarity

Clarity is immensely important as we move forward into a new world that we can only dimly perceive from our current limited vantage point. Clarity is the basis of our newly emerging creative power.  We are beginning to give ourselves permission to MAKE MEANING based on our own insights. This throws the whole concept of truth and facts out the door.

I’m not talking about a philosophical post-modern take on the subjective nature of truth. I’m talking about a collaborative grass-roots experience of culture that arises from the clarity and whole-hearted commitment of each person to the inherent intelligence in their own node of cosmic consciousness.


Culture is all about creating meaning

Till now, culture has been based on a top down structure. It was the Great Mother or the Holy Father. They made the rules based on what they believed the culture should be. You and I followed those rules (or broke them, but we were still in relationship with the rules).

That ‘head-ship’ is coming to an end. We are at a watershed of both culture and consciousness. We can see the corruption quite plainly (thank you Trump), and we are being forced to choose a meaning that differs from ‘the head’ of government. We are being pushed by events to question and find our leaders wanting. We are being given the opportunity to step up as a collective and make new meaning from the events.

If this makes you feel powerless, consider – this system of governance is based on the old science of Newton and Descartes. That science is being overtaken by a whole new version of reality – systems theory, complexity, quantum mechanics, epigenetics, cosmology and the science of consciousness. In these systems, wealth and influence aren’t concentrated. Each part of the web of life has abundant resources and the capacity to influence every other part.


What Does It Mean to YOU

The only way to deal with such a huge transition is to break it down to a practical day-to-day experience. After all, that’s the only way you can live it.

We are learning to live life as a series of small transitions. As each transition completes, you get to assess where you are, and make the next transition based on your up-to-date experience.

This is a massive shift from living from our heads, re-creating over and over again from old patterned concepts that might not even be relevant to our current circumstances.

Instead we are learning directly from our experience, we don’t go running for intellectual answers (which come from outside ourselves and aren’t directly applicable). We open up our world to the possibilities of unpredictable options beyond our current experience. New patterns of living emerge.


Pattern Interruption

Human’s differ from other animals through being conscious. We quickly scan our environment, find what looks important and fill in the gaps from our existing beliefs. We have patterns mapped out that help us understand quickly.

This eclipse is messing up those patterns. We look around and can’t make sense of anything. You can see in the amazement each day as people watch the news. Is it nuclear war? Or civil war? A terror attack? Or environmental vandalism?

Right now is a good time to question what you believed to be true. You can pay attention to the smallest of details in your thinking, tune into your bodies response (your ACTUAL physical response) to everything.

Become like the gazelle on the plains, take nothing for granted except your own personal responses. You must learn to have unmediated personal experiences and to make your own meaning from them. As a beginner in a new world, your established patterns and frameworks will be stripped away. Life is opening up your world to the possibility of unexpected things.

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Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.