Ceres in your Human Design

Ceres is a dwarf planet, the largest body in an asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. 

The best description of the effect of Ceres in the chart comes from Demetra George in her iconic book The Asteroid Goddesses ~ Ceres represents the development of our self worth within relationships, and our ability to hold a space for true nourishment and nurturing on the planet.

Ceres also represents what makes life worth living – the gate she activates shows

  1. what we need to feel life is worth living, and
  2. how we respond if we fail to receive that nourishment.

In a HD reading, Ceres is an important part of how I determine your greater purpose, because without that particular nourishment you will always feel like a hungry ghost, perpetually going without. And when you are well nourished by your Ceres activation, you naturally want to give to others. Ceres shows precisely WHAT you are here to give.

Why Include Ceres in Human Design?

The ancient astrologers knowledge of the cosmic world ended when they reached Saturn. Then we got Neptune, Uranus and Pluto and we moved into the more subtle spiritual realms.

There’s no doubting we are in a period of exponential expansion of consciousness.  In 2006 the International Astronomical Union added five new planets to our cosmic pantheon. One of these planets was Ceres.

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One of the most intriguing aspects of Ceres is her recognition of how her brothers, the Olympians Zeus/Jupiter, Hades/Pluto, etc, used humanity to build up their own sense of being special. When they refused to return the kidnapped Prosperpina/Persphone, Ceres threatened to starve humanity, depriving the gods of their worshippers.

There’s an intriguing connection between the planets Pluto and Ceres. Astronomers found they are made from similar material, and may have been born in the same realm. Somehow, Ceres was pulled into a closer orbit and now sits between Mars and Jupiter in the Main Asteroid Belt, creating a bridge between our more human aspects and the galactic realms opened in 2005 by Pluto.

There’s a deep and mysterious sense of the earth’s cycles in our Ceres activation.  Her connection with Pluto and daughter Persephone, the Lord and Lady of the Underworld, accentuate her connection to the mystery of deep transformation through attuning to natural cycles, whether they be emotional (recovering from grief and loss), natural (growing crops) or physical (maiden, mother, crone).

Rather than keeping us locked in the old cycles of keeping the gods happy, Ceres brings us into a deeper relationship with our own cycle of divine growth. She brings us into relationship with something beyond culture and religion, the hidden dimensions of creation which we are opening to via the new dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto.

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Feminine DNA in Human Design

In the standard Human Design chart we have only two ways to view the feminine – the Moon and Venus.  The feminine has many more aspects and much more to offer us when we are exploring our consciousness.

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When the feminine asteroids Ceres, Juno, Vesta and Pallas Athene were first included in an ephemeris in the early 1970’s, it co-incided with an upsurge in the rise of consciousness in women.

In 2006 when Ceres was declared a Dwarf Planet, many saw feminism entering a crucial ‘fourth stage’ that has women moving beyond demands for equality and choosing instead to step into leadership roles.  It is time to gather the women and step into the lead, and Ceres is an exceptionally important indicator for our role in this movement.

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It’s so important for us to realise how invisible this ‘feminine’ energy has become in our lives.  

We can see it clearly in the way archeologists interpreted neolithic cave art. They assumed everything was based around the hunting rituals and ignored anything relating to women as unimportant.  

In this way they completely missed the sacred nature of the Great Mother.  All those pregnant women, all those drawings and sculptures of  vulvas, were ‘junk’ just like dark matter and most of our DNA.

Ceres brings us an opportunity to go within to reclaim our connection with a force that is, at it’s core, a link between our earthly existence and the greater cycles of conscious life. 

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6 thoughts on “Ceres in your Human Design

  1. This is brilliant, I am in the process of integrating my feminine, soI am glad I was lead to this page.
    So much valuable information to contemplate and learn.

  2. You are brilliant. I’ve been on this integration of deep feminine for many years, and seeing you bring it to life in these archetypal and embodied realms of asteroids and solar system and human design is a masterpiece. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for this, Kim. It’s brilliant. I’ve long known the energy and history of Ceres to be very important for me, at a soul level.
    Also, re: Ceres as the Great Mother – in the ancient Northern (Scandinavian) pantheon of Gods and Goddesses (prior to Christianity), the Great Mother archetype was/is held by the Faery Queen, Freya: Goddess of abundance, fertility, good fortune, seidr (deep magic) and the ancient star-wisdom held in the Runes. What fascinates me about this pre-Christian Goddess is Her being situated within Unity consciousness, rather than divided/dualistic consciousness: She ‘rules’ with her brother, Freyr – and has told me they are like two sides of the same coin, two aspects within the one. For me, Freya/Ceres is an archetype, a Goddess who is very much for the times we are moving through currently, as we shift back into Unity consciousness again.
    Thanks Kim, for a really wonderful, nourishing post about the Divine Feminine, and the importance of Ceres in all our lives.

    1. So many interesting things there Deb. I’m so touched by how deeply you connect with this energy.

      You make me think of Artemis/Apollo, the twins who are androgynous. Apollo was known to be bisexual and Artemis was possibly asexual, if we are going to label things in that way. Although its said Artemis had many lovers amongst the nature nymphs, and there was Orion.

      Also, you can check Freya in taraka.io. It’s spelt Freia.

      And, last thing 😀, do you know the book New Age and Armaggedon by Monika Sjöö? I think you might love it!

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