Using the asteroid Child in your Human Design

The asteroid Child shows where you are connected most strongly to the the experiences of being a child, both the traumas and the joys. This activation in your Human Design is a place where you can explore reuniting with your inner child in a way that brings her magic into the present.

This asteroid was named after Jack Child, a software engineer and Asteroid Project Manager at the World Space Foundation, as a mark of respect and appreciation for his many years of introducing newbies to the work of Asteroids in Space. So, nothing to do with children although it did have echoes of caring for those who were younger and more inexperienced. 

Discovery of the asteroid Child

When it was discovered on 4 March 1989, Child was in Gate 32 line 4. The discovery position is very telling of the meaning of an Asteroid in our Design. Gate 32 is about how we weave things into our lives so that they become enduring.

Whatever becomes part of the heart’s circling journey will last. We bind things – influences, ideas, people – into the fabric of our lives by integrating them into the daily round of our way of living so that they are carried with us through change. 

Hilary Barrett I Ching

Line 4 speaks of wanting things to turn out in a particular way, but they just didn’t. Instead we have to move on into a wider landscape and choose what we want to weave into our lives in the present. 

The Definitive Book of Human Design talks about working with the inevitability of change while conserving what has lasting value. This is a tribal energy that needs recognition of what kind of transformation is of most value. 

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In the adjoining Gate 54 we find, intriguingly, the asteroids Atropos (endings) and Echo (repeating what you want over and over but no one is listening). This adds to the idea of the Child activation being a place where we can access the trauma of the inner child and heal it.

The Child asteroid is mostly strongly connected to the Moon, which is in Gate 21 line 5 with Diana and Hekate.

You are engaging with tough longstanding problems, persist and don’t allow difficulties to frighten you away. You can find gold, something pure and true. There is an authentic reason why you are involved here, a shining promise, and it holds value no matter what happens.

Hilary Barrett I Ching

This says it all really!

Meaning of the Child Asteroid

I have been so intrigued by this asteroid. I use it in every reading, at the very least as background information. It shines a light on the fundamental nature of any struggle we face, in the context of it arising out of some core childhood need.

There is a trauma of staying stuck in what we didn’t get – recognition, support, love. Needing recognition of our capacity to see what is most needed in our day to day lives for ongoing transformation – the trajectory that delivers us to a place where we can be of most service to the tribe at the highest of levels. 

Martha Lang Wescott considers this Asteroid reveals our own experiences as a child, how we relate to children and where we might respond childishly (whether that means innocently or foolishly). That seems to be a cover-all kind of definition. 

My own Child asteroid is in Gate 27, and I have times when I simply cannot feed myself and I know from working with the energy of my Child asteroid that I should just get myself to a place where I can be fed. I might go see some friends or head off to a local cafe. The worst thing I can do is stay alone and hungry. I can pinpoint a very early experience that may have triggered this trauma, but that’s not so important as what I do about it now, how I relate to the whole wide ranging concept of feeding myself. 

There is a real sense of pain and a kind of passivity of the child (the Echo influence) who can’t ‘do’ for her or his self. You may find it takes some attention to reveal the truth of this asteroid in your Design and more gentle probing to discover how to find your own active adult self who can support the maturity of the child stuck in the past. And then comes the magic!

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