Collapsing Into The Path of Least Resistance

__wormhole_by_libre_meditacion-d6t0yweWe have entered the powerful lead up to this week’s Full Moon.

Venus and Mars are mixing up our beliefs about getting things done – should I act? should I wait?

Ceres is helping us see through our own set of ridiculous rules about life – is this really what I have to endure to gain my desires? Could it be easier?

And then the piece de resistance, Mercury in a channel with Uranus.  Think Tower card from the Tarot, where everything comes tumbling down because it is no longer sustainable and it’s just basically time for change!

The number one question for this week is – what needs to change in my life?

I will add another question – who am I now that I have committed to that change?

Oh okay, one more – how can I release myself into a path of least resistance?

(I am so happy to have gotten the question mark key fixed on my computer yesterday, and look how many times I’ve managed to use it already! Happy days.)


Venus is in the Gate of the Receptive

As I write this post, Venus is in Gate 2 – the Gate of the Receptive and the yin gate of the I Ching.

We are labouring under a great misapprehension in our culture that our success rests solely on our own shoulders, the result of our own individual effort.  Venus is here to let us know this week, get over ourselves!  We are not that powerful and all seeing!  Rather than working ourselves into a lather of action and busy-ness we would be much better served, personally and collectively, if we could

  • keep our destination in mind – where do I actually (and really) want to be?
  • be open to all possibilities for arriving there
  • be in constant motion to draw in guidance
  • be loyal to that guidance
  • make it a priority to work responsively with our potential allies

By the time of the Full Moon, Venus will be in the Gate of Stripping Away.  (23) This is about letting go of what is worn out, discovering what was always there right under the surface waiting to bloom and blossum.  In particular, people who are no longer on your fractal will fall away. Let them go, with gratitude and appreciation for where you have been together. This will, paradoxically, leave you more centred and less vulnerable.


Mars in the Gate of Beginnings 

As I write this post, Mars is in Gate 3 – the Gate of Beginnings.  Master Huang describes this as a rough situation for a newly born being.  But we do have strong roots to support us, and we must use them to gather an abundance of life force for our growth. Sprouting is the very beginning, a growing centre. Take a moment to close your eyes and feel into your growing centre.

What happens when the most sensitive aspects of our spiritual nature, newly arrived in our bodies, burgeoning with life and desire to attain full growth, meet resistance and feel tempted to define it as ‘reality’.

Ceres is transiting in Gate 60, creating a channel with Mars.  This is the Channel of Mutation – the hub of all evolutionary possibilities to bring to life what is new.  This is laminated space time, where the mutation or evolvement happens in the gaps.  Trying to push things, based on the adrenalised energy of the Root Centre, can only create chaos and confusion. Gate 60 is a gate about rules.  Rules that are too harsh, too bitter. Rules that we learnt about how we should behave even if they took us against our true nature. Rules that are cloaked in descriptions like being polite or doing the right thing or succeeding or doing whatever it takes or self-discipline.

chickenIt’s a bit like a chicken hatching.  These old rules and beliefs have held us in a safe place while we could grow, but now it is time to throw them off and move into a bigger place.  Hekate is also transiting in the Gate of Limitation (60).  This crone of the crossroads is a tell-tale sign that letting go of unnecessary limitations can completely change our path in life this week.

Ceres is a planet that calls us to value ourselves, to nurture and nourish ourselves with what we truly need to thrive. What rules and beliefs can you safely ditch now, because they are simply binding up your true and awesome self in a place where it can’t function without some level of pain? What  rules and beliefs can you release because they are working against your dreams, rather than for them?  As Hilary Barrett says about Gate 60 – sweet measures bring good fortune.

By the time of the Full Moon, Mars will be in the Gate of Nourishment (27).  This gate is not just about food, but all the processes and structures that sustain and  nourish you – physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  This is also a gate where we can ‘over-care’, which means instead of true caring we get caught up in obsessive worrying or anxiety or overdoing, and miss the gentle calm of real nourishment. This requires us to locate power and meaning within ourselves, and to take responsibility for what we need rather than expecting it to come from some god or parent replacement figure.

There’s a fine balance here between working in concert with ‘the universe’ and surrendering our personal power to guide our own lives. Going with the flow is fine, so long as we are in action towards our dreams at all times. It looks like this – each breath I take is guiding me closer and closer to more of me being present.


Mercury and Uranus in the Channel of Initiation

Mercury will be meeting with Uranus until 2am on 2nd April UT, challenging us to step out of our same old same old, and transcend our normal lives. We have the courage to cheerfully leap into the void and choose to be initiated at deeper and more profound levels of soul, aligning with our own unique spirit. We may experience shocks that force us to orient ourselves again and again in our own hearts, our own inner surety.

This activation is geometry, it opens us up to new life directions, previously unconsidered. It is filled with an increased understanding of what love means in our lives, and how we can live more of it.

By the time of the Full Moon, Mercury will be in the Gate of Following (17) which Master Huang describes as moving forward with joy.  As you move forward, ask yourself what you value most highly and hold to that through all the upheaval.  Good fortune comes of being true to your achievements and confident in your path’s unfolding.


Full Moon – 4 April 2015 at 12.05 UT

Full Moon – 4 April 2015

While the lead up to the Full Moon encourages us to leap, that void can be a scary place and what if it all goes awry?  The key is to come from our inner knowing of what feels right, rather than neurotically probing our outer reality seeking clues.

Our concept of security is undergoing a huge shift. We are developing trust in life to bring us what we need, plus a bit more icing on the cake.  This is a whole different energy to the greed of grabbing as much as we can get our hands on.

How do we access this bounty of ease?  Through learning how to work with the universal law that says – life brings us exactly what we need in each moment.  Our every moment is a uniquely crafted answer to our request for a better life. It may look like something else entirely, but keep asking the questions –

  • What is the good in this for me?
  • What can I best learn from this experience?
  • How does this experience move me closer to what I desire?


And never forget the massive task we have at hand, to shift ancient conditioning of fear and it’s limitations from the dna of humanity.  To replace that fear of what’s out there, with a profound experience of what’s in here, and what it’s connected to.

The Sun and Moon are lining up in the same gates as the nodes, another indication of a need to step into a new life path this week. But don’t despair if you feel nothing is happening! It’s a slow process. Read about Pluto’s influence on our slowing down here.  But, while your external reality may appear to move slowly, you must begin to vibrate at a higher frequency.  (That’s Chiron in Gate 22 btw, but more on that later.)

I love Abraham’s way of describing this process, using the idea of the high flying disc.



The Sun is in the Gate of Biting Through (21) helping us learn how to take responsibility for our lives in a whole new way.  This is not about keeping control, because if we define success by the amount of control we exercise, what happens when we run out of willpower?  When we are tired from trying to control everything?

We crash into ‘out of control’.  Control > out of control > control > out of control > … oh I’m feeling a little bit weary, how are you feeling?  When we are trying to control ourselves and our lives, we have a decreased capacity for self-compassion (I can’t believe you ate that last cupcake!!)




And what are we trying to control anyway? Since what’s out there is simply a reflection of our own inner being, projected out into the world.  It’s a very inefficient way to go about creating change!

We also lose some capacity for harmony and union with others, because hey! we’re busy keeping control of things!  The programming partner is the Gate of Depth (The Well, gate 48).  And when we are busy keeping control, we lose touch with our own depth.  Most of us at some time have preferred to labour on, keeping busy, taking on more and more responsibility in our external world rather than slow down and listen to the messags of change.

A hint:  this week, do some listening!  As Carol Anthony says, in her I Ching book, the sage knows how to make evil circumstances work to your good; it isn’t necessary to intervene.  

The Science of Implosion

This week’s Full Moon puts us in the dynamics of implosion. An implosion happens when instability causes the structure of something to crumble inward.  Think of a building collapsing in on itself.




Some of you may recognise this feeling!  But implosion is not just about destruction.  Dan Winter considers it to be the gateway to bliss, heart coherence and living in the field of sacred geometry.  (Download the implosion pdf)

Implosion is a movement inwards, where explosions move outwards.

Explosions are wasteful and inefficient, using loads of resources for a small result. Think of explosions as our efforts to control life by acting on what is outside of us. In stark contrast to nature, the conventional motion of explosions moves along straight paths and causes resistance to build up exponentially with speed. A small increase in speed causes a large increase in resistance.

Implosion is a much more efficient method of changing the state of things. It’s a suctional process that moves inwards, creating a vortex, curving and flowing.  The outside of the vortex moves slowly, but …. and I want you to remember the high flying disc right now …. the inside moves fast.   The vortex is one of natures healthiest and most prolific forms.

PicMonkey Collage



What happens when keeping control is leading us towards implosion? When the pressure for change is too much for our old lives to hold their shape any longer? When our lives are shifting inexorably towards a new geometry – a vortex? When we can no longer live on the surface because our depth is rising to overtake our lives?

When the void is seen as something to be feared, this is a terrifying and confusing prospect.  But what if you were able to trust that life is bringing you just what you need, plus a little bit more?  What if you are being sucked into the very depths of your own nature?

The Earth and Moon are in Gate 48, the Gate of Depth. We are being called to a deep heart opening. A greater coherence, a more wonderful alignment with our higher/bigger selves. This will go against all our logical and rational and linear beliefs about life, especially about life being hard. Because in the vortex we follow the path of least resistance.  It may well put our ego/mind in conflict with our heart (and other inner intelligences like our Sacral and Spleen and Solar Plexus).

And the biggest question of all – how do you implode gracefully?  It comes back to how we make ourselves secure in our world.  We are learning to do this by going within, shifting our very geometry.  We are stepping into greater amounts of self, and unhooking from looking outside for the conditions to be who we truly are.  We are learning that everything we need …..   everything …. comes through the process of implosion rather than explosion, through following our innermost yearnings rather than rushing and being busy and taking on responsibility for things.  It comes back to one small step in the direction of your dreams, and then another, and then another, whilst always trusting that everything in your life is there for your good.

It occured to me while writing this post, that a vortex is one part of a wormhole.  And a wormhole is a shortcut through space and time.



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  1. A lovely post, dear Kim. Thank you. I especially enjoy the image of the tower imploding – falling in upon itself. Fall out can thereby be so very much reduced!
    And the notion too of vortex as wormhole as shortcut to another reality… See you there 🙂
    Love, midi

  2. Just a great hug from me for your reading weeks ago.!!


    Just about to buy a book on the “wormhole ” fascinating .

    Wonderland here we come!!.


  3. Dear Kim,

    Again such a brilliant post! Every time again it amazes me how the things you talk about are relevant in my own experiences at that time. And so it is a huge help to keep me confident and trusting the process of unfolding.
    The additional info of Abraham and others are great too. I enjoy all of it to the max!!

    Much love, X

  4. Such a gorgeous post Kim.. so relevant to what I’m going through and i’m sure the collective is whilst you speak it : ) Totally experienced imploding : ) and journalled with the questions you posed there.. yes! love that your question mark key was fixed.
    so much love to you .. this was amaze balls : ) xx

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