Coming Home

With Jupiter and the Earth in the Creative channel this week, you might think we should all be off learning to do watercolour landscape painting or finally writing our novels. But that’s not what this week is about.

This is the beginning of us coming home to ourselves, to each other. We are learning how to care for each other, how to bring our own values to the collective so that each one of us included, our contributions valued.

The Heart Centre is connecting all the way up to the Head Centre for most of this week (if we add Sisyphus and Medea into Gate 43 and Ceres in Gate 61) and this tells us something so important. We are giving up on our need to fit ourselves to the expectations of others. This is changing what we want to contribute, and the way we relate to each other.

New Moon on 8 May 2024

On 9 May, the Sun moves into Gate 23 and the Earth into Gate 43, adding even more energy to this shift – inspiring our shifting sense of identity.

Who Gets The Glory?

Medea (now in Gate 43) has a lot to offer this story. She was so taken by the handsome hero Jason, that she begged to be taken along with him and his Argonauts on their search for the fabled Golden Fleece. It was a dangerous adventure on the high seas with little chance of success. Every problem that beset the heroes was overcome and they succeeded! How? Because Medea was a skilled alchemist and magic woman who found strategies and solutions every time they stumbled.

When the Argonauts arrived back, holding the Golden Fleece aloft as evidence of their skill and bravery, Medea was forgotten. If you look up the names of the famous Argonauts, Medea is not among them.

The Golden Fleece, Herbert James Draper. Public Domain.

Parting Company with the Heroes

I’m sharing Medea’s story because, right now, it is the story of each one of us. So taken by the handsome hero – the bold, questing perfection of him – we have given ourselves up to a journey that has nothing to do with us, and from which we won’t derive any of the spoils.

Jupiter’s alignment with Heaven (gate 1) and Earth (gate 2) in this week’s New Moon is waking us up to the knowledge that our story and the hero’s tale have parted company. Jupiter is a myth maker, and this week he’s reminding you of YOUR story, of where YOUR creative activity fits in a larger whole that expands out way past our current post-patriarchal existence.

When I talk about creativity it’s not in the narrow sense of being, for example, an artist (not that being an artist is in itself ‘narrow’!) The creativity we find in Gate 1 – Heaven – is the dynamic creative action of the universe given form through you.

Today’s New Moon (8 May) is in Gates 1 and 2, in line 6. This combination of activations speaks to making space for all that’s real (Gate 2) and aligning it with Heaven (Gate 1). Despite the hero’s tale of possible new life on Mars, the Earth is the whole point of life. Humanity arose from the Earth, and we can be guided by her to act in ways that flow naturally with events rather than trying to resist or enforce our will. This is not about being resigned to the world, but learning to nourish both the world and ourselves through being present to it all.

The Earth in Gate 1 line 6 tells us this: we have flown so high we have lost the world altogether. We have lost touch with reality and what supports us. We have coupled ourselves with Argonauts rather than the Earth and her deep wisdom.

The good news is that Gate 1.6 is a sign of change. It is the beginning of a new cycle of partnership between Heaven and Earth, between inspired dynamic action and the possibilities it holds within the supportive space of Earth.

Choosing Who To Trust

On 11 May, the Nodes move. The North Node is finally shifting from the Gate of Shock (51), and moving to the Gate of Biting Through (21). The South Node will move to the Gate of The Well (48). Although the North Node will still be in the Heart Centre, this is a major shift in focus.

Since January, the North Node has been in Gate 51 – the Gate of Shock. This gate is, in a way, quite simple in how it operates in our lives. It triggers us to wake up, become more aware of what’s going on around us.

This week, the North Node moves into Gate 21 – the Gate of Biting Through. This gate is much more complex. At its heart it is about keeping our world, and all that sustains us, in good order. The underlying issue with Gate 21 is this: who says what ‘good order’ looks like? Who gets to choose what sustains us and what doesn’t?

We can dig even more deeply into the meaning of Gate 21 and say it’s about social trust. Can we trust those who make these decisions to have the same values as our own? Do the rules they make support and sustain a healthy community? What ‘community’ are they serving? As I Ching scholar Bradford Hatcher says about hexagram (gate) 21:

…sometimes laws will make nearly everyone a criminal to give the state more control. This creates moral injury and we begin to lose our trust in justice.

Bradford Hatcher,

The energy of these Nodal activations will head in two apparently divergent directions. The first is an intensification of existing movements to destroy democracy and the rule of law, a move towards authoritarianism. We can see the objectives of that movement in the playbook (their words) of Project 2025 – here and here.

The second direction is the disintegration of our ‘buy-in’ to the direction in which some want our society to move. It may seem like trying to stop a juggernaut, but the truth is that each day you are making small micro-adaptions that support the objectives of those who don’t care about you.

If It’s Not The End, What Is This?

Gate 21 is, in part, about intersectionality – the way in which we all live together. Indigenous Peoples, sexual and neurologically diverse people, disabled people, are all marginalised. To describe someone as marginalised simply means that society is not accommodating them. It says: we can’t afford to make rules or spend money to make your life worth living. It says: we don’t see your contribution as worthwhile. It says: we don’t care about you.

You are lending your own labour – emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual – to this marginalisation. We all are. And we are exhausted from doing it. Notice this. Where are you denying your own truth to add your subtle contribution to a system that doesn’t care about you, that doesn’t share your values?

What small micro-shifts can you make in your emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual way of being that will release you from this?

There’s a lot of talk about society collapsing. That’s not where we are. We are taking back ownership and control. We are changing the narrative about how we want our world to be. Instead of being co-opted into that nihilistic end-times way of thinking we could perhaps be thinking more about that ways in which we can retake ownership of our society, starting with our daily lives.

I was reading a piece on micro-feminism and it’s fun. I thought you might enjoy it too. This one made me laugh.

Ursula Le Guin wrote a short story called The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, about a city without kings, wars, slaves or secret police. We often fall into the trap of thinking these things are necessary, that we can’t do without top-down control and governance. In fact, this type of social organisation is fairly new, and, for millennium, humans, even in large cities, existed without them. We can organise ourselves differently.

In her short story, Le Guin said this:

We have a tendency to write off such a community as Omelas as ‘simple’, but the citizens of Omelas were not simple folk, they were not dulcet shepherds, noble savages, bland utopians. There were not less complex than us. The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid.

Ursula Le Guin, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Evolution seeks ever more complex ways for life to experience itself. It’s direction right now is for us to learn, amidst the teaming diversity of human life, new ways to be together, happily living in dynamic and inspired creativity.

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3 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Enjoying the post patriarchal experience!

    I visited my across the water neighbour today who suffered a stroke. She was carried out of her house by 6 firemen 6 weeks ago. She is very brave and living the post patriarchal experience with a lot of bravery.

    How are you Kim? There is so much wisedom (pun intended) in your weekly updates. Unfortunately I cannot visit the Australian human design meeting. I hope we’ll meet in Europe when you visit Paris again in the future and maybe you’ll come to the Netherlands as well. You are so welcome!

    1. Maaike I’m sorry to hear about your neighbour. I’ve been thinking a lot about Paris lately. If I come to yours we can go rowing!

      1. The old city of Utrecht has lots of canals, so we’ll definitely have a beautiful sight seeing tour!

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