Coronavirus and Late-Capitalism Patriarchy


Have you noticed how the coronavirus is showing up the utter incompetence of our late-capitalism patriarchal governments? As we are all busy noticing how often we touch our faces, and being surprised to discover that washing our hands could save our lives, the incompetence sends a new wave of chaos washing over us.

Which team do you want to be on?

Tipping points in evolution can bring two responses. The first is OMG, GO BACK! The second is WOW, I wonder where this is leading us!

Unsurprisingly, the GO BACK team is led by entitled rich white men. As luck and good fortune would have it, their greed is gradually whittling away at the number of people who believe in their world view. And if they are not to lead us forward, we must ask ourselves where we go next.

Which brings us to the WOW team. Which is you and me.

The Wow team
Img: Patricia Huong

The WOW team is all about growth through partnership, integrity and engaging with the open innovative nature of the time through creative imagination. It is about dancing with flow rather than creating blockages designed to syphon off wealth into enclaves of privilege.

But sometimes its hard to let go of old habits, and in the quiet corners of our psyche most of us still look for an old-fashioned version of security. It’s just that, right now, that quiet corner is being disturbed by a growing level of chaos.

Coronavirus Blockages

Pandemics are ruled by the planet Neptune. In January 2020, Neptune shifted into a channel that includes the Gate of Blockages. Since then, the coronavirus has blocked international travel and trade, crashed stockmarkets and devalued currencies.

Human Design tells us that blockages can be caused by people who are a consistently, exclusively and pathologically negative influence and sabotage all attempts at progress. (Hilary Barrett I Ching, hexagram 12)

It also tells us that the time of blockage brings the opportunity for us to find a new response. We should relax, take a deep breath, stop buying into the old agenda. Something unique and wonderful is waking up within each one of us. Pay attention.

What I’m seeing is that the global spread of coronavirus triggers something existential – the fear of death. Coronavirus may be the last straw for many who have, till now, believed the authorities had their best interests at heart. They believed their governments would take care of them, but it turns out they can’t be bothered, too busy snuffling up tax dollars, watching the stockmarket, and rorting the electoral system, sorry not sorry.

Tomorrow the Sun will be conjunct Neptune in the Gate of Grace (22.2) Expect further blockages and chaos.

Human Design System Channel of Grace
Channel of Grace – Human Design System

You may want to push against the blockage, strive to rise to a higher level, but the concept of ‘higher’ is what’s shifting here. Neptune is a planet that solves our problems by foisting us into a fog, and then raising our heads above it into a new higher frequency panorama.

You can’t act on this situation directly, things grow and change at their own pace. All you can do is take care of yourself, wait patiently for the changes to show. Its also likely you will feel exhausted, possibly emotional, and want to withdraw somewhat from the world for a few days.

The complementary gate to gate 22 is the Gate of Confinement – gate 47. Expect a LOT of people to be isolating themselves or being forced into isolation due to the coronavirus.

2020 – Unprecedented Shifts

Neptune is not the main game here, but more a guide to the real action.

Tomorrow, Jupiter will shift up to join Pluto in the Gate of Inner Truth (61). On 12th March Venus will shift into the Gate of Returning (24). On 17th March, Mars will join Jupiter and Pluto in Gate 61. Let’s all take a nice deep breath!

Human Design System - Channel of Awareness
Channel of Awareness – Human Design System

This is the operation centre of the unprecedented shifts in consciousness we are experiencing in 2020 – in the Channel of Awareness. And the next 2 weeks is a warm up for May through to the end of the year – when Uranus will join the crew. Expect the unexpected!

These transits bring a tremendous amount of energy to the mental realm. That’s important – at the moment this is still about ideas, rather than action.

At it’s essential core, 2020 is about how we define our personal reality. It’s triggering our inner-gaslighting. It’s ramping up authoritarianism (external authority). It’s teaching us how to become Emergent Leaders – leading naturally and organically by living our own truth.

Jupiter and Pluto bring transparency to ideologies based on amassing wealth and power. Uranus brings revolution. Our part is to know how to live in accordance with a new emerging paradigm so we can walk the meandering pathway between the worlds.

When Mars hits Jupiter on 23rd March and Pluto on 23rd March expect things to get intense. Venus is playing around the edges which will soften things, but the effect is likely to be a sudden unravelling and attempts to bring things back under control. This is a time to focus on having your own life in order so you don’t get caught in the wild weather.

Minor Planet Albion – the thresholder

There is another planet in the Gate of Returning – gate 24. And it also turned up for the great plague and the Spanish flu, so potentially is a trigger point for the Coronavirus pandemic.

That planet is Albion – a thresholder, catalysing major change. Albion aligns with universal rather than man-made rules, disentangling us from co-dependence and helping us be responsive to subtle and unexpected energy shifts.

Minor Planet Albion - the thresholder
We must support life if we want life to support us.

Albion works with other great disruptors like Kaali and Eris, to catalyse change. It can feel like we should be holding back the overwhelming tides of chaos. But we have to resist trying to hold things together rather than allowing them to fall apart into the new patterning. It can feel like so much is flooding into our minds that we are going mad. (That’s also Deucalion in Gate 43 by the way).

Albion is in Gate 24.1, awaiting the arrival of disrupter Uranus in May 2020.

The turnings of the path always bring you back to your source, if you need to change direction you’ll always be set right. Allow your energy to take root in the field of real possibilities, turn around and come back to source.

Hilary Barrett, I Ching

What will become clear during the remainder of March, is that leadership which is focused on its own selfish interest is incapable of planning for real world chaos and crisis, as opposed to its own manufactured version.

I don’t expect a lot of deaths, but I do expect a re-calibration in the minds of more people around what they expect from their leadership. We are entering a time when we cannot just go along relying on our own lucky circumstances (look at me, born in a wealthy peaceful country!).

We have to pay attention to what supports and sustains us, and we have to understand (as most indigeneous people already do, and have been telling the rest of us forever) that its a two-way street. Or, a better analogy, an infinite loop. Life will not support us if we do not support life. And what does that look like in the 21st century on planet Earth?

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