Are We Crazy Yet?

GetYourHappyOnWe may be going crazy. Or maybe we’re going sane.  I suppose it depends entirely on who you talk to.

All the relationship dynamics that kept our crazy freak on the inside are dissolving.  Family beliefs that kept us struggling to be someone else entirely (yes, I know, it wasn’t working so well for any of us!) are falling away.

We’re into the Sun opposite Neptune thing.  (Yes, it’s a ‘thing’!) Neptune connects with the Sun twice each year, so {yawn} nothing new there.  Oh yes there is!  Because this year is different.  This year Neptune and the Sun are not just facing off in their bi-annual rotating dance, they are doing it in the same Human Design channel.

Would you like to know why this is a big deal?


What Was Really Going On In The 60’s?

2005-12-28 09.48.12If you were born between November 1959 and September 1964 you are part of the generation that launched the revolution. I know, you were just a baby. But your DNA was potent!  You had a combination of Chiron in Gate 37 plus Pluto and/or Uranus in Gate 40.

When this energy landed on the planet, the old ways of doing family and community were blown apart.  The family rules couldn’t contain you.

Neptune transiting in Gate 37 since April this year, has been teasing out the highest possibilties for the power and passion contained within this generation, connecting you with the right people and activating your purpose.  You’ll find yourself leaving behind old family rules about who you and what you’re here to do. Are we crazy yet?  You bet!

(Apologies to my sisters for posting this photo.  I’m the one on the left btw.)



What’s Terrorism Got To Do With It?

As our experience of family shifts, we are leaving behind the negative legacy of family, tribal and national identification that has plagued us in the past.  We’ve seen evidence of this on the world political scene in the past few months. It’s possible there may be some intensification over the next five days, and that will help galvanise Neptune’s higher idealism for a concerted global response.

Jupiter is playing into this picture, giving us the courage to withdraw from connections that don’t feel like ‘family’ and allowing a space for true family to form.


When Opposites Unite

These two gates – Gate 37 and 40 – are divergent energies that don’t seem to fit together.  It’s because they form an ‘opposition’ which means putting them together is a bit like mixing oil and water.  It can be done, it takes time and patience.

Gate 37 – The Family

Families are not the easiest of places to live.  And yet, they are the foundation of who we are.  Our families are not always biological. Sometimes our friends are truer family than those who share the same blood.  Whatever our experience of family, it forms the place from which we feel safe to venture out into the world.  We can say or do anything there.  We have a bond created by shared experiences, and a shared sense of what’s important.

The true family is a place where you can grow freely into your natural form and find your place in the world.  This is a place where you are able to invite in what inspires you, and  you feel supported to venture out to explore what intrigues you.

It’s not just the outer family that’s affected by this transit.  It’s also about having what Laurel Mellin would call creating sanctuary inside yourself.  When you have a healthy inner sense of sanctuary you speak well to yourself, treat yourself with love and care. It provides a safe foundation to provide for the basics like your wellbeing, plus the more prosperous experience of growth and exploration, including all the luxuries that you desire.

How’s the health of your inner sanctuary?  Do you allow yourself to know what you truly desire?  Or are old family beliefs of not allowing, keeping safe, managing rather than thriving, keeping you from your more expanded sense of who you can be in the world?

More about:  Neptune in Gate 37 


Gate 40 – Release 

In conventional Human Design, this is a gate of ‘aloneness’.  So already there’s conflict with the idea of family.

At a deeper level, this gate is about letting go of the struggle to achieve … well, whatever it is you believe you have to struggle to achieve.  Your reasons right now are likely to be strongly coloured with the need to rebel in some way.  If you took a few days to step back and consider what is right in front of you, what might happen?  What’s truly and deeply important to you?  Where do you long to be free to invest your time, your energy, your attention?  Touch base with yourself.  When you know where you’re coming from, it’s a lot easier to figure out where you’re going.

unicornA lot of the work I do with my personal clients is getting clear about what they truly want.  I saw somewhere an estimate that only 1% of people have ever even vaguely considered what their desires are.  1%!!

If you want to be part of the new 1% (not the old boring 1%), all you have to do this week is tune into what’s calling you.  And not buy into all the stories about why you are too busy struggling to be someone else entirely to listen.  It’s time to believe in yourself!  That deep authentic self is not a unicorn, you really exist.

Which brings me to another aspect of Gate 40.  When you get caught in struggle, take a deep breath and come back to your inner sanctuary.  From that place you reconnect with what’s important to you and can start out on your journey refreshed and renewed.  In this way, you can bring the transcendent (the unreal) into being, with grace and ease.

This upscaling is going to be fun and easy.  Say it out loud. This upscaling is fun and easy!! I’m releasing anything that is not fun and easy!

At times when Gate 40 is activated – and especially when huge transpersonal energies like Neptune are connecting with deeply personal energies like the Sun – we can be swept away by euphoria.  There seems to be an unusual freshness and sense of renewal in the air.  It’s important to check and see what everyday things need doing.  It’s as if a thunderstorm has passed over and we are so pleased we survived and the sun has come out that we don’t see the debri that needs sorting through and cleaning up.  If we try to leap forward without this kind of everyday grounding, we will risk having to go round the old cycle again.

Similarly on the emotional front, there may be old debri that needs to be released.  Hurts grieved, misunderstandings aired, wrongs forgiven.  It’s time to move on.   This is a global houseclearing, as we prepare for our new lives.  To quote my friend SheKaNah, this is where it used to fall apart, but this time it’s where it all comes together. 


 Gate 37 and Gate 40 fit together perfectly when we repair our inner sanctuary

and attract into our lives the ‘family’ that supports our most powerful creative self. 


 What Else Is Going On?

Here’s what is going on behind the scenes while the Sun and Neptune do their thing.


New Relationships

Until early on 1st September, Venus will be in the Ajna Centre making a channel with Chiron.  This activates the highest frequency (Chiron) of our inspired minds.

This is a channel of transition – we’ve completed one cycle and are figuring out the new territory we’ve discovered.  We must pay attention through this transition and not get lost in early celebration.

Venus and Chiron together can heal broken relationships.  This is personal, and it’s also part of a global wave of relationship completion.  We are ready to move into new relationships that are more allowing of our expanded selves. We’ve got a lot of new skills to learn.

We won’t master our new relationships overnight, sometimes we”ll feel foolish. Venus suggests we can trust in the process.


Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It 
On 1st September Venus shifts to create the Channel of Discovery with Mercury.

There’s a sense of danger here, as the seed begins to unfurl. We become conscious of a need to commit to an idea, a mission, a direction.  We have no idea where this is going.  The HOW is not so important as the deep sense of urgency to get it moving into the world.

Neptune’s influence is strong here, as we give birth to something previously intangible. We feel ourselves pregnant and beginning to birth something precious. Align with the natural order (don’t stress out or struggle) and set out towards warmth, light and activity.


How Will You Use Your Power? 

At around 6pm on 1st September UT (Eastern: 2pm on 1st September and Sydney: 4am on 2nd September) the Moon heads in to create a channel with the North Node for about 10 hours. This is a quick and dirty hack to our self empowerment.  No bullying ourselves into old patterns.

How will you use the power being made available to you?  How will you invest your energy? Your attention?  Your time?   Here is where we stop casting around for any old  sort of postive outcome (please Universe, we beg!), and stand in our power to CREATE what we came here to create.  Be clear – CHOOSE it!  Say out loud .. I CHOOSE.

These few hours have an immense potential to shift us from survival to creation.  From death energy to life energy.

On 10th September, Venus in 40 creates a channel with Neptune in 37, before Neptune shifts back into the Gate of Abundance (Gate 55) on 14th September.

These transits, and those playing out during the remainder of September are both subtle and powerful. They can sweep us off our feet if we let them. But this is about grounding something that was previously ephemeral, a dream landscape we carried within us.  Be present, and trust in the process. Natural law is at work in your life and it is looking for every possible opportunity to support your good.

What’s birthing in your life?







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4 thoughts on “Are We Crazy Yet?

  1. “What’s birthing in your life?”


    “Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It
    On 1st September Venus shifts to create the Channel of Discovery with Mercury.

    There’s a sense of danger here, as the seed begins to unfurl. We become conscious of a need to commit to an idea, a mission, a direction. We have no idea where this is going. The HOW is not so important as the deep sense of urgency to get it moving into the world.

    Neptune’s influence is strong here, as we give birth to something previously intangible. We feel ourselves pregnant and beginning to birth something precious. Align with the natural order (don’t stress out or struggle) and set out towards warmth, light and activity.”

    and WHAT do i do to ‘get in line’?
    i felt… if there was more time, i would have asked for another ‘hour of togetherness’ with you… to get out more.

    what do you feel? and say?

  2. Whew! I can really feel the energy, amazing change unfolding in my life, including starting to give birth to 2 businesses. Global housekeeping- interesting- I am doing deep decluttering and releasing in my own space. Out with the old and in with awakening to the birth of my authentic self and new empowered life, what I have longed and dreamed for. I will be seeking more coaching soon as the businesses prepare to launch.

    What time on September 1st in USA, NY time is that powerful time?

  3. I can never quite believe how much I can feel what you’re writing about. I feel as if most people I know would not really understand.

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