Creating a New Joyful Centre

Feeling the pressure? It’s not just because it’s christmas and the stores are ho-ho-hoing the dollars right out of our pockets. There’s a potent mix of energies that are creating a shift from fear based reactivity to a more centred and trusting response to life.  With all those activations to the Ji Centre, I’ve been living with regular heart palpitations for days now, but it feels good, realigning.

It feels as if so many things can and will go wrong, and yet somehow everything keeps turning out just right! This is a time to risk, to trust, to calmly and gently face our demons and realise they no longer hold the power over us that we thought they did.

Look at the way Haumea brings the physical body into the picture by connecting the Spleen Centre (lower left) to the Ji Centre (yellow diamond).  Have you been feeling your body needing to be taken into account in your life?

Transits for 23rd December 2011
Transits for 23rd December 2011

Haumea brings a subtle and gentle influence, which feels to me a bit like a fairygodmother. But I’m sure that’s partly because there’s tinsel and fairy dust sprinkled amongst the transits, making it difficult for the roaming forces of darkness (yes, they’re there!) very little to work with.

Haumea is meeting up with the Sun in Gate 10, a gate that shows us how to tread close to danger without getting drawn in.

Where have we ignored our intuition and created unnecessary difficulties?  Where have we allowed laws and rules and authority figures to persuade us against our better judgment?  How can we relax and allow a new era to begin in our lives?

One of the strong influences I’m watching at the moment is the breakdown of the influence of money on our personal choices.  It seems people are being pushed to the brink (not only financially, but emotionally in regard to the constant pressure on their finances), and making a value judgement to care more for other things. More on this over the next few weeks.

Eros is in Gate 29, a gate that shows how to flow past and avoid (or endure) danger.   Eros is the cause of love, creating it out of the void (or in other words, drawing it out of nothingness).  Makemake in the adjoining gate 46 adds the dimension of courage, the ability to launch ourselves into the nothingness in search of greater life.  Like a small seed gently reaching for warmth and light, we are inexorably drawn towards what we crave.

Creating love from nothing is definitely on the agenda just now!   Our intent and ability to create in this way is strengthening.

Neptune has been in Gate 30, Illumination, since the beginning of 2010, a long term transit that has been shining a light on what was previously dark and filled with fear, lifting the veil on surreptitious attempts to farnagle us into apparently glamorous lifestyles at our own expense.

Venus joins Neptune for the next three and a bit days.  I want to quote LiSe Heyboer about hexagram 41:

Get rid of all conditioning and forms. You think you need them for being present in the world, for being visible, being you. But what they do is hiding you. They hide your soul, your essence, your creativity, and they can even destroy all this.

If you dare to be your naked self, you will be amazed how great and rich it is. Diminishing is augmenting.Only an empty cauldron can receive others and blessings.

Let go in order to find.

Part of the pressure comes from Pluto in the Root (58), here we can respond to our deep need to transform our lives to something simpler and more joyful.

Tomorrow Ceres shifts to Gate 36, likely to bring a sense of being blocked from what nourishes us. The South Node in adjoining gate 35 speaks of being comfortable in a place where we are making no progress and suffering our light to be dim. Better the devil we know! Well not really, perhaps just now better to know your devils, than be thoughtlessly avoiding them!

When Venus tries to smooth over the difficulties rather than stand in the naked power of her attraction, she creates a false complexity.   There’s no need to get involved in what doesn’t concern you, we are simple, happy and creating love.  There is power!  That’s all there is at the moment.  The Earth in Gate 15 helps us connect with a natural humility, to move away from a need to prove anything.

Mars has just moved into the Gate of Exhaustion.  When we push out beyond the small magical garden that contains our joy we can feel overwhelmed.  There’s no need to be continually pressured to be beyond yourself.   Don’t pay attention to this type of pressure, be comfortably grounded in the centre of your being this week.   Feel yourself moving in and out of this place.  Experiment with how that works for you.

Take your time, flow with what presents itself to you, respond from a place of trust and illumination. Be alert to attempts to pressure to complicate your life.   There are demons lurking, but they hold little power when we gently turn our face to them.

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  1. Creating joyfull center is a cool post – it resonates well with the work of Thomas Campbell (My-big-toe) as well as Steven Kaufman (unified-reality-theory)

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