Dancing With Reality

Have you ever watched a child at play?  If they stub their toe, they cry because it hurts.  If they see something beautiful they stop to look at it. They spend time with the children they like, and avoid the ones they don’t get on with.  They only do what they love to do.

Have you ever watched a child walk into a clean house with wet muddy feet?  Completely oblivious to the demands of civility, they are natural and free and in the moment.

What happened to us?  When did we get to stop listening in to our own fear, hurt and joyfulness?  When did we numb down on the beauty of life and spend our time instead mopping the floor or sitting on the commuter train staring at our ipad?

We are in the process of breaking through into a much more integrated consciousness.  It can feel quite weird, as parts of you get clear of the dross, the numbness, the fear, and come out to play.  Our culture has been very persistent about one thing – that we should all listen to our mind over every other piece of information coming in to our system.  The body is at best unreliable, and at worst evil in its intent.  Our emotions are, of course, completely hysterical and out of control and no guide at all to a good and proper life.

And inspired thought?  Well we know where that leads – most of us I suspect have past lives where we’ve suffered considerably for expressing our personal inspiration against the orthodox view of life.

Ceres is conjunct Uranus in the Gate of the Innocent (25) just now.  This is a heart gate, in the Ji Centre.  It tends to suffer from shocks that push us into trauma and out of our pure and simple selves.  Ceres is healing those long held traumas this week.  All the times we longed for interested curiosity and careful sheltering of our vulnerable growth into maturity, and instead received harsh treatment and training in civility – don’t cry!, hurry up!, I told you not to touch that!

Both Ceres and Uranus are headed for the Gate of Leading and Following – Ceres on 1st February and Uranus on 13th March.  This is Gate 17, in the Ajna Centre.  A mental gate that says – I am the leader and you are the perpetual child and follower.  Because of my exalted position as leader, you will follow me and believe as I do.   I run a multinational bank, have millions of dollars, and my own private jet.  I am entitled to create your reality for you.

Gate 17 has a tendency to bind the body up in outdated mental patterning.  Your body lives not in the past or the future, but in the present moment, which is constantly moving and changing and evolving.   This is the creation of your life within universal consciousness.  It has been made invisible, your power to be removed from your view.   We have been civilized to death.  Your mind is designed to expand into universal consciousness, to listen to your body, your emotions, to dance with all that and more.

The child inside us who is has been cut off from our knowing is beginning to break free of it’s enforced civility.  Now reality begins to peak through, and we dance with life.

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7 thoughts on “Dancing With Reality

  1. wow, that bit about gate 17 explains a lot! dh’s design earth is in that gate, and my adjoining gate 62 gives his 17 an access to the throat…

    1. The undefined throat giving access to the other is a big understanding to have gunta, that whole mental expression process is so much a team event :).

  2. That’s so funny you mentioned mopping the floor. I have spent an inordinate amount of time in 2011 sweeping and mopping my floor. It is really tied in with my ego. My floors have been looking terrible lately and they have really gotten me down. This week I finally had a professional floor company come in and restore the tiles and grout. I feel like a brand new person! Maybe now I will get out of the house and come out to play!

    1. Good to have that solid foundation Tara! I suspect the Root to Spleen channels have a lot to do with needing a clean floor!

  3. Such wisdom as usual. I can feel on the edge of something, and then it slips out of view, and I slide back into something of the past – what a process



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