There is Vitality in Who You Are Becoming – Full Moon April 2017

Back in the day, when I was a hippy, I lived on a community with a mix of private and communal land. Our homes were on individually owned parcels of land and we shared the ‘commons’, which was our hall, our agricultural plots, forests, walkways and roads.

This is a model of community that goes back into the history of humanity.

Early humans owned the results of their individual labour – their skins or jewellery – and everything else was shared. In the middle ages in Europe there were the commons, where anyone could graze sheep or collect wild herbs. In our modern era, those commons are being eaten up by global capitalism. It seems some believe we no longer have the right to communal resources like air, water, parklands and essential services.

This plundering of the common-wealth is being undertaken in the name of progress. We are told that without it, we will all suffer some dire consequences. Perhaps loss of our jobs, or some lower standard of living. And yet, what life do we have without access to air and water and land?

This week’s Full Moon is in the Gate of Increase. It tells us that increase flows without limit. Let yourself imagine where you want to be, don’t limit yourself!

But this is only one part of the picture. 

Typical of the fragmented mechanistic mindset of the old world we are leaving behind, this focus on one side of the story to the exclusion of the other side leaves us blind and vulnerable to manipulation.

Life has two simultaneous processes – decrease and increase. Our modern economic system is taking over our planet like a cancer because it relies only one one of those processes – increase. We are supposed to believe a fantasy that decrease doesn’t happen. Yet we can see it clearly these days, in environmental and cultural degradation.



In the Human Design System decrease is in Gate 41 – this is where we ‘sacrifice’ what we can no longer can make vital use of. 

Those clothes you haven’t worn for two years. The boxes of books in the spare room that we keep just in case we might read them again. These things create stagnation in our lives. It’s not just our old stuff that can cause stagnation, but also small tasks left undone and old trauma stuck in our bodies unnoticed.

The increase in anxiety in our modern age is partly a panic at the amount of stagnant energy each of us carries around from day to day, not knowing how to release it.

I pulled out an old land law textbook this morning, because I remembered it contained an idea that has stayed with me all these years.

Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau says in his essay Discourse on The Origin of Inequality, that we should not own more land than we can personally cultivate. This fits exactly with our modern scientific understanding of the difference between a machine (can always be repaired, works on and on without out direct input) and something or someone alive (sensitive, open to input which creates constant and simultaneous decrease and increase/change).

What we cannot use directly becomes stagnant and stands in the way of what is vital and changing. It sits outside of the field of living consciousness, relegated to work on and on without having a direct part to play. You may recognise this feeling!


Full Moon on April 11

Increase is in Gate 42, which is being activated by the Sun. But increase is not about getting more of the same – more clothes stuffed into our wardrobe, more books piled into the bookcase, more money in the bank. Increase is about change. Increase is about being open to feedback from life, to being sensitive to our environment and the vast web of information we live in. Increase is about being constantly in the process of becoming.

You may have heard the saying – I am a human being not a human doing. This is true as far as it goes, but actually you are even more than a human being. You are a human BECOMING.

Your Human Design shows how you can synthesis both energies – the decrease (what’s no longer vital and needs to be released) and the increase (what life is giving you and what changes you need to make to become that new version of yourself who can receive it).

This week’s Full Moon is focusing on the increase, but just like the Tao, we can never have one without the other. To increase you must decrease. To change you must let go of being who you are now and become someone else. Still the same person, but different.

The Earth and Moon are in Gate 32, which is about how we maintain ourselves despite this constant process of becoming. How do I recognise my best friend, even though I haven’t seen her for a week? She’s had a few big ah ha! moments, and yet she is still the person I had coffee with last Wednesday!

We synthesise our destruction and creation by choosing what we weave into our lives. If we want more of something, we gradually increase that thing. If we want less of it, we gradually decrease that thing. Even if we can’t get an actual material thing to increase (more love, more money), we can have more of the frequency of that thing.

This seems simple enough, and yet holds a key to universal creation that we miss in our current cultural climate.


Uranus, Eris and Being the Odd One Out

Much will be said about this Full Moon falling upon Uranus and Eris, both of which are also in Gate 42. This IS important in so far as our story of being the black sheep, always left out, is coming to a close. Uranus is simultaneously the individual who rebels against herd mentality, and the brilliant networker who understands we are all in this together.

Uranus is the ultimate version of oneness, as we each find our own shape within the collective.

Eris is a higher vibration of Uranus. She is a harbinger of the systems view of life. We can never point to a direct cause of anything, because everything is connected to everything else. Blame loses it’s meaning here. We are all responsible for everything. You are particularly responsible for those things you notice – what you filter INTO your conscious awareness. They are your pieces of reality to attend to. What do you want more of? What do you want less of?

Uranus and Eris are team players. Take some time to notice the people in your life who open the door for you to feel your new version of yourself. Who supports you stepping into this changing landscape? These are your people now.

What’s not widely known, and what we can only see in the Human Design transits, is that the Earth and Moon in 32 activate Pluto in Gate 54. This is a promising sign of what is to come, but reminds us we have much growing yet to do before we are at our full potential. Take care as you plunge into this new flow, be alert to how you can best make your home here.


Where to from here?

There are a few simple strategies you can use.

Firstly, don’t limit yourself to short-term modest goals. Let yourself feel how immense this change is. Don’t underestimate the scale of it, but know you don’t have to live it all at once.

Second, this is an active creative process. You are joining into the universal flow of creation and that is no small thing! You may fear you will lose yourself, but you simply need to learn to dance between inspiration and reality, weaving something from the two on a daily basis.

Third, new people are coming into your life. Choose wisely, based on who makes you feel you are naturally able to be your highest and simplest self.

That old world, those old relationships, they are no longer viable and you are coming to harmony with heaven.

16 thoughts on “There is Vitality in Who You Are Becoming – Full Moon April 2017

  1. Dear Sister across the sea,
    Once again you penned the words
    For deep understanding.
    You constantly amaze me.

  2. ok wow! and just yesterday my intuition, guided me to Eris, whom I found on my natal chart, right next to Lucifer ( whom I reconnected with, big-time during the last New Moon) in Aries/8th and biquintile with Uranus. Lovely bit of synchronicity, Thank you!! Namaste

    1. Carly I must add Lucifer to the MyDivine.Design asteroids! Lucifer has a great connection with Venus, I was just talking about it today. They are both known as the evening star I think!

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