Solar Eclipse: Letting Go of Holding On

What happens when the things we’ve relied on to keep us safe begin to fall apart? So many people feel a sense of precarity – that’s a whole new word I learnt in 2020, it means living in precarious circumstances. As if we are trembling on the edge of a cliff. This week’s solar eclipse has the potential to be a tipping point.

The eclipse and New Moon happen in the tribal gate of Gathering. This is the point of shifting from a pyramid-style hierarchy with a few billionaires and powerful politicans at the top, to a more organic matrix style hub. Nature doesn’t do linear hierarchies. It does integrated support networks. We are, despite appearances, part of nature. Linear hierarchies are not how we are meant to live. They create stress. They force us to fit into spaces we weren’t made for. If we spend too long in these systems we are overwhelmed by the effort.

This weeks solar eclipse shifts the structure of human society – particularly in what we might call western democracies – from top-down to a more natural series of connected hubs. You might be part of many hubs, or just one or two. Each of those hubs is also connected to other hubs. And in this way we all find our place.

The power of this eclipse is not just that it happens in the Gate of Gathering. It is joined by Mercury in retrograde. It interacts with the second of 2021’s three Saturn-Uranus squares and it makes a channel with Chiron in Gate 21. It’s bringing the big guns to play.

The underlying energy here is a shift in the relationship fractal.

With Mars in the Gate of the Traveller (56) – you aren’t sure anymore where you belong – there is a sense of having to do a pretty deep review of our lives. Which, did I mention Chiron in the Gate of Biting Through (21) means you are likely questioning how you organise your day to day life? Something seems to have shifted. You yearn for more meaning and depth, more freedom to move and experiment, fewer rules and restrictions from your ‘old life’.

Even the people in your life feel different. Are they still right for you? Or is it time to move on?

Carrying on in the same way might bring the illusion of safety, but it’s just going to be more struggle. You don’t have to know your new direction, just simply that you can be guided by this sense of potential arising from what used to be comfortable. It’s so subtle as to be invisible, unfeel-able. But pay attention, it’s there.

The solar eclipse is in Gate 45 line 3. In his Line Companion, Ra says this (I’ve paraphrased for brevity and context):

This is extrememly difficult for the tribal leader. The bonds and agreements between the people and the leaders come under strain because the people want to experiment. The rules aren’t working for them anymore. The quid pro quo just isn’t there. We may feel excluded from the material processes, how things have been on the material plane. We ditch the leaders and dance outside the lines.

Paraphrased (a lot) from The Line Companion, Ra Uru Hu

Who leads us in this dance outside the lines? IT is our friend Terpsichore, an asteroid sitting opposite Chiron, in the Gate of Depth (48). She would love to play nice, do the perfect swan lake, but she just can’t make herself follow the rules anymore and she has to let her body take her on a journey of self-expression. We are all that dancer right now.

But this is not about throwing caution to the wind. This is a slow careful process, the first steps for a new world, to be followed by millions (perhaps billions) who come after us. Step carefully. You will find your new people, your new place, a way to relate to the world that makes sense. You will have to give things up for this, but they were past their use-by date anyway. You were only holding onto them to stay safe. It won’t work after today.

Taraka members can click through to the interactive chart

Chiron is in Gate 21 (deep understanding of how you need your life to be) with Hekate (crossroads). The Earth (grounding yourself deeply in your form) is in Gate 26 (making the most of great potential), joining asteroid Siwa (breakdown/through process that precedes insight, destruction of fixed beliefs, crisis of regeneration) in Gate 44 (disruption – how far could this change go?)

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22 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse: Letting Go of Holding On

  1. Gotta love Terpsichore! Dancing outside the lines yes, definitely feeling the illusion of safety and the pull push of change. Thanks Kim x

  2. Wow thanks Kim I woke up in the night with so much of this going on inside of me and now have greater understanding.

  3. The best thing I have read in a long time! Thank you Kim for your quintessential insights and vision.
    Feeling so much in tune, in sync with all of this.
    And that is deeply validating.

  4. WOW!!! This message so so supports what I am experiencing now!! A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with my partner addressing this exact energy.

    Thanks Kim, once again, for articulating, grounding, and making sense of the deep part of this process. I forwarded this to my partner and sent him a “must read” text along with it.

  5. This is exactly my experience ,Kim! Once again you have made sense out of the chaos. Thank you

  6. Thank you! This is very much how I am feeling. And the eclipse is right on my T-square — Saturn in 9 Sag (3rd house) opposing mercury in 10 Gemini (9th) both squaring moon in Pisces at 8. There has been so much pressure and tension. This is very helpful! And encouraging to think of a global shift to less hierarchical matrix.

    1. Hi Judy, your Saturn at 9 Sag (gate 9 in HD) also has Venus making a channel, bringing Root pressure, but Venus transits are all like … hey, take a break, put your feet up! so you can relax and feel the calm. You have the North Node hovering over your Mercury as well! (In gate 16 in HD) so much going on!

  7. ‘We ditch the leaders and dance outside the lines.’ I don’t know whether to drop to my knees and pray for the first part, or just run through the streets – outside all lines – shouting yessss!!
    Brilliant and timely post, thank you Kim. It explains my push-pull, lift-drop, implode-explode feelings! 💝

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