EVERYTHING is changing right now.

Even though things have been a certain way for thousands of years, they WILL change. It’s up to you and I to decide how that change will happen, and what kind of change we want to see. Don’t get stuck in outrage, confusion, disbelief or rebellion. We have to see BEYOND this process, and be clear what we are creating on the other side.

There are two techniques being used to manipulate consciousness just now – the switch and bait, and gaslighting. They keep us scrambling to grasp hold of reality, and keep what’s really going on hidden from view. That hidden version of reality is coming into view now, and as it does, everything changes.


Eclipses bring a surge of higher consciousness

Since humans first gazed up to the heavens, eclipses have been considered powerful signals of change. They open portals of consciousness that remain active for about 5 years. The two eclipses in August bring unexpected shifts in perspective. Things will suddenly LOOK different. This is a kind of grass-roots of creative consciousness rising up and gathering momentum, coming from a clear-eyed view of what’s really going on.



At the time of an eclipse the sheath of the Earth is broken and a surge of energy from the collective higher consciousness enters the planet, according to Astrologer, Jan Spiller.


What You Need To Know:

  1. No-one can define your reality except you. It’s not just your thinking that’s changing, but how you create your patterns of reality.
  2. The vitality of life is in your core. You don’t need to get it from anyone else. Create from there rather than trying to push out into the world. Spend 15 minutes each day during August allowing yourself to feel the core of life within you. It might pulse, burn, flow, still.
  3. Build up your inner and outer resources ready for when they will be of use, rather than rushing into activity.
  4. Engage with life by entering into it. Lived experience will change you, and your experience will change consciousness itself.
  5. If you’re comfortable, you probably need to move about a bit. Your sense of who you are should be shattering, and a whole new sense of self reforming.
  6. We must learn to live a life where there is room for the sacred, and for us to be alive to our own inner truth and insight.

These are the birth pangs of a new consciousness!


Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on 7th August


Everything is about money. No, just kidding. But that’s the dominant story. People must be thrown out of the military because they are too expensive. We can’t afford healthcare, minimum wages, education for our kids.

Our habit of struggling has led us to this – where it is all struggle and little creation. We thought we had a bargain with our gods, with our governments – I will work hard and in return you will ensure I survive. Turns out, not so much! We struggle, our creative energy is literally stolen from us, some prosper.

Our communal agreements seem to have degenerated so quickly we’re still trying to figure out WTF is going on here!

A recent Oxfam study revealed that 85 people own as much wealth as 50% of people in the world.

This audacious grab for the common-wealth is not human-nature. It’s the last desperate chapter in the story of those who are refusing to change. They would rather die and take us all with them.

The Lunar Eclipse shows what your soul needs to become aware of at this time.

Our greatest strength and meaning resides in our core, which is always connected to the universal flow.We can remove the middle man, the priest, the employer, the government, the parent. We can bypass the corruption, creating a new universal pattern of meaning as we go.

The Lunar eclipse brings a major cyclical completion of the separation between our human existence and our spiritual longing.

We are completing ancestral emotional patterning so quickly now, and it’s giving us space to see where we really are. No longer stuck in using the present to process the past, we have so much more creative energy available to figure out what we want to create. It’s not so painful to be human, and our spirits can drop another layer down into our bodies.

Patterns of consciousness that felt solid are dissolving and we must create new patterns from the chaos. What do you want to create? Step by step, we create change. There is no ‘they’ who have more power to create our reality that we do. We are taking hold of the tools of creation, the building blocks of a constantly evolving world. It can feel as if our anchor in reality has been lost, but look around. We are finding new ways to be human! And we are learning, very fast, that we must find the ways to do this together.


Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon on 23rd August


This is a world of BECOMING. Dreaming is important, but change is created through the experience of living.

What are you doing each day to create change? Are you always thinking of how things could be, if only? Or celebrating wildly and loudly about what you are in the process of creating and becoming?

We used to say we were human beings, not human doings. It’s now clear that we are not so much human beings as HUMAN BECOMINGS. We are not objects, fixed and immutable, but processes of intelligent life exploring and creating.

This eclipse brings a powerful shift in our perception of what a life is all about.

The Solar Eclipse shows how you can use that soul growth to help others.

Once we swooned and swayed and connected with spirits and imagined ideals. We were tribal, totemic, identified with a protective cohort and leader. We had our rules about what was and wasn’t allowed. There was no room for mutation, it threatened the dominant paradigm, and brought our communal survival system toppling down.

Now we live embedded into a new kind of reality. We are, almost suddenly, thudding to earth and learning we prefer a simple more concrete approach to life. We can be individuals and survive. We can be ourselves and find love and support. We can concentrate modestly on the practicalities – how things ARE and how they can be. We prefer the lived experience to talking about concepts and ideas.

Nothing is outside us. We are not objective, impartial, observers. We are engaged in every aspect of life, through our lived experience. This is a massive shift in perception.What matters is how we perceive, and how we respond.


Dissolving our old ideas about God

We are learning to draw what we need from the unified field, rather than praying to God or calling on the government. The old godhead is dissolving, and in it’s place we are collectively creating a new world. WE are now god. This is monumental.

There is a whole story, and there is now. You live both – the whole story of creation and this human moment. If we are to live a sacred life we must create a way for the sacred to constantly enter in. There are dark forces at work, and we must learn the way of these dark places. Not the corrupt places, but the true dark – the power of what is unspoken and unseen.  We are making that darkness visible through bringing forth our own lived experiences. No longer hidden, in the dark, we claim ourselves as creators.

As we land here in this new place, it’s clear we know little of where we are. Some might continue to try to be ‘the authority’, to have us believe they always have the answer, that they never experience doubt or confusion. These people are no longer to be trusted, because they avoid the truth of their own vulnerability. They lack authenticity. They deal in concepts and lack (or deny) lived experience.



The Solar Eclipse brings a sudden shift in perception.

It switches on a new level of intelligence, and you are a node in that network.

Your awareness of the creativity inherent in each moment draws forth unlimited new energy and life.



Our western culture and economy is based on the illusion of lack. It’s used to keep us in fear, to sell us on austerity, on budget cuts, on working ever harder for less.This old story is about to burst. Multidimensional shift does not happen in a straight line. Old energies swirl, and then something new comes into view. Subtle at first, only a few notice it. Then more and more, till it bursts forth, seemingly inevitable.

Rather than struggling to make things happen, or relaxing into an impotent dream state, it’s time to gradually move to where you can exert the most influence on the world. Imagine yourself as a matrix of intelligence, rather than a mix of human, soul and spirit. Imagine yourself as connected to everything always. Imagine your breath, in and out, is giving and receiving, always communicating.

How We Have Been Manipulated

So, what about the switch and bait, and the gaslighting? It’s important you get clear about these techniques. People switch and bait when they want to switch your attention from what’s really going on and bait you with something that you will react to. The original discussion is lost in the resulting argument. It’s classic political fare. Here’s a great example.


Our own Aussie fundamentalist tweeting about an article in a conservative newspaper. There is a respectful debate going on in Australia about whether the Scripture classes we all took for granted when I was a kid should be replaced with comparative religious studies or ethics classes or just done away with all together. Lyle, bless his cotton socks, does a classic switch and bait – lets not look at the actual intelligent debate, instead let’s do the switch and make it seem like the discussion is on banning Jesus. It’s hard not to react!

Gaslighting has become VERY familiar to us all. It’s simply the process of repeating fake versions of reality and making people doubt their own sanity.You might have seen some of the techniques lately – for example, telling blatant lies even though its easy to find proof they are wrong.

This is the end game of patriarchy, because God made man in his own image (so the story goes) and so man got to say what God meant in the Bible.

Some men (and some women) who are still operating on the basis that THEY get to decide reality for the rest of us, and unfortunately these people are increasingly loopy.  Because we are so enculturated to believe what these people tell us (because, remember they are like God), it’s been an interesting process of re-orienting ourselves.  Each day brings another outrage and implausible explanation. Notice how often the explanation goes back to money! We are making this crazy decision to put flammable cladding and only one fire escape in this public housing tower, because …. money.

We are at a delicate place in evolution.

The next few years are the birthing of a new humanity and a new consciousness. Births don’t always go well. This one can, so long as you attune to the creativity in each moment, beyond the story of fixed cultural rules, beyond the old baggage of lack and struggle and servitude, beyond the giving up of power to those supposedly higher up. Watch for switch and bait. Watch for gaslighting. Trust what you know to be true. Look for those who share your world view and co-create with them.

You are a creator, an intelligent node of energy within a vast web of consciousness and right now, that is the most real thing about you.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.

Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.