Emergent Human Design Coaching

What is your unique role in this time of emergence?

A long time ago, I was lawyer. For which I’m thankful. I loved walking into court, custodian to my client’s secrets. The flourish at the bar table.

And then the story unfolds. Is retold.

These days, I work with a different kind of story. It’s the new stories we are creating together. Who do we want to become? Both as individuals and as a collective? How do we, day by small day, create massive change to make the world a better place?

It’s time for a new story of who you are

This time demands a complete change in how we think about ourselves; even new ideas about what reality is. How do we move in our dynamic, chaotic world in a way that supports creative flourishing?

How do you, as a unique individual, find your place within an emerging new collective movement of change?

How do you, as a Human Design Coach, support your people to find a deeper and more authentic experience of self?

Coaching with Kim Gould 

I’ve been using Human Design to help people since 2004. In 2015, I began coaching and training others using my expansive view of Human Design.

This work is personal, precise and powerful. It unlocks your potential and leads you to explore ways to integrate it in your world.

I work with the deeper layers of your Human Design using asteroids; the dwarf planets’ and galaxies’ creative energies; the Multidimensional Human Design System; and Holographic Human Design. All of these layers support a new, truer, story of who you are.

If you are a Human Design Coach (or would like to be), we will uncover your unique niche  and how you can best help others using this work.

This is deep, personally transformative work: for you and for what you are imagining.

When you are ready, email for more. Let me know what you’d most love to get out of coaching with me.


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