Discover Personal Coaching that takes you to a whole new level of

conscious participation in your life and your part in global shift.

You have a special role to play in creating our new world.

When you coach with me you will discover what you need to become that person and live that life.

Kim Gould

Hi, I'm Kim Gould.

Since 2004 I have been supporting, guiding, coaching and teaching people from all around the world to access their own unique way to create personal change.

I use the Human Design System - a coaching tool that gives me precise, powerful and practical information about who you are truly here to be, and how you can become that person.

Do you

  • Struggle to imagine what you even want to create for yourself?
  • Want something new in your life but find yourself resisting?
  • Feel overwhelmed by trying to keep things together?
  • Doubt your value and hold back?
  • Get anxious figuring out HOW to move forward?
  • Feel like a failure because you don't know how to pull all the pieces together?

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

Arundhati Roy

Emergent Human Design Coaching

Coaching is very different to having a Human Design reading.

Coaching is where you and I work together to go deeply into how you APPLY your Design.

You may think you are already doing this, but in my experience people leave MOST of their potential untouched, simply through not having the awareness and experience to see what's possible with small shifts of perception and action.

Even if you know nothing about Human Design, you will learn HOW to live as your best self, week-by-week.

Kim Gould

Kim Gould -

Founder of and

Creator of Emergent Human Design

I am a multi-certified coach with 15 years experience in deeply living what I teach and coach.

After helping thousands of people find their natural way to their own unique version of happiness and fulfillment I know exactly how to guide you.

Would you like to spend the next 3 - 6 months working personally with me?

I will be virtually at your side, guiding you week by week to become the person you KNOW you are here to be.

Thank you so much for your wisdom, leadership and love in this journey. What a wise blessing you are. I can't remember ever feeling so VITAL and alive!

Linda, Sydney

A lot of women believe if they could be just a bit more perfect, just find that one missing piece, a doorway will open to the life of their dreams.

What If I'm Not Ready?

You will never be ready! There will never be a perfect time.

On the other hand .....

If you don't take that first step, when will you ever have the thrill of experiencing who you came here to be!

This one single belief can keep you stuck for years! 

I needed a coach who knows about these two things: starting a heart based business and Human Design. I googled these words and found Kim.

Don’t doubt, just do it, your life will never be the same! Kim’s support is loving, caring, warm, clear, to the point. She knows exactly where to put emphasis or asking further questions to pinpoint the core issues. She’s sharp as a knife to notice the smallest changes in your mien that could be vital in that moment. Besides she’s gifted with the talent to detect your feelings or state of mind when something is off track or out of alignment.

Kim supported me to learn to listen better to my Self and to trust my Self.  Her knowledge about Human Design is huge and so she was the one to guide me in navigating a whole new way of living as a Projector.

Mirjam Liefting, Netherlands

Don’t doubt, just do it,

your life will never be the same!

Why Do I Need A Coach?

1.  You can't create real and lasting personal change by yourself

At least 90% of you is operating on auto-pilot, recreating a past that feels safe, comfortable and familiar. When you set your intention for real change, it's essential to have a guide who lives in the space outside your comfort zone and can guide you to new possibilities.

2. Being truly yourself is always a risk

When you have a coach who uses a consciousness tool of such power and precision as Emergent Human Design, your transformation is gentle, focused and organic.

3. You need time and support

When was the last time you to spend an hour absolutely focused on yourself and what you WANT and NEED? When do you ever have someone guide you from a place of deep recognition?  Encourage you to talk about your wildest dreams?

4. It's skills you lack, not possibilities

It's not possibilities you lack. It's the skills to bring your possibilities to life!  Whether your desires are for your personal, spiritual or business life, you need brand-new practical on-the-ground skills to create the changes you desire. When you coach with my we shift into the Quantum realm, and fast-track your progress.

5. Align with a big picture version of yourself

This is the perfect time to align your personal genius with global transformation and a universal shift in consciousness. As you look around at all that's going on, I want you to know that you CAN be an active and engaged part of the solution.

5. Women tend to write off their own progress as 'good luck'.

I will hold up a mirror to your capacity for creation. With guidance and support, your efforts and intention for deep embodied transformation are leveraged into real and lasting results.

Thank you for becoming this amazing source of information and guide to other people.

I experience you as extremely knowledgeable, courageous, grounded and caring. And this is a rare combination.

Sandra, Switzerland

Who is this coaching for?

If you are on the cusp of change and can't figure out how to make it happen, this coaching is for you.

  • You are trying to apply the same techniques that worked for you in the past and not getting results. That's because your level of consciousness has shifted and you need to discover your unique quantum strategies for natural success.

  • You may have a lot of experience with Human Design or you may not even know what it is.

  • You have done the workshops, learnt the spiritual techniques, figured out who you are. And yet, there is definitely something waiting to be birthed through you!

  • Now you are at a crossroads and need a guide who can take you out of your old comfort zone and into a whole new experience of being yourself.

You don't create personal change by learning even more about your Design!

If you are like most people who come to me for Human Design readings, you have spent some time (maybe a LOT of time!) learning about your Design.

You've applied your strategy and tuned into your inner authority. It's helped, but you still have challenges that you can't seem to shift. In important ways, you haven't yet touched on the potential you feel is there inside you.

Can't I just have a Human Design reading?

This is not JUST one standard Human Design, with its Type, Strategy and Authority!  When you coach with me we drawn on your multidimensional layers of consciousness, your archetypal story via the minor planets, your universal creative energy and so much more.

You can learn to live on the edge of your own personal EMERGENCE!

I coach people who have spent YEARS studying their Design and are missing some really fundamental steps in applying it. It's not that they're doing anything wrong. It's just that none of us can see where we are still operating unconsciously.

But it means some of your knowledge is going completely to waste!

Each week we build on what you did the week before. We are in effect LEVERAGING YOUR CREATIVE POWER to create the life you have been dreaming of.

Subtle Layers -

You have more than one layer of functional consciousness.

Your Subtle Layer charts reveal what switches on and how you can apply your multidimensional layers.

Feminine DNA -

Discover where your original feminine archetypal energy has been overlaid with disempowering myth.

Your Asteroids tell more of your personal story than you know!

Soul Progressions -

What's going on for you right now. Your standard chart is your birth potential.

Your Soul Progressions show your life trajectory in real time.

Emergent Human Design includes

Kim has given me a clarity of focus, a way of distilling a lifetime's work, and courage to take a leap forward in the dark.

Bronwen, UK

What's Included in your Coaching Program?

Change is happening so quickly now.

You have made an inner commitment to change your life but HOW you make those changes is different now. 

Week by week you will be applying new strategies and techniques of quantum consciousness. You will clearly see what you are creating now, and making choices about what you would prefer to create.

You will learn your own unique QUANTUM STRATEGIES that ONLY Emergent Human Design reveals.

In additional to your regular one-on-one coaching, you'll receive:

  1. Personal email support
  2. Access to our full Emergent Human Design chart service where you can discover your Subtle Spiritual Human Design Layers, Soul Progressions and all your Emergent Archetypes.
  3. Your Personal Evolutionary Life Cycles Report, worth $399 (where you book 3 months coaching or more)
  4.  Bonus: enrollment in Emergent Women 2018 online course: 2 hours of webinars and a comprehensive Ebook.
  5. A full set of your very own unique Multidimensional Human Design Mandalas.

Most important of all - each week you will have the chance to create subtle powerful shifts in consciousness.

Breakthrough Coaching Package

Duration: 3 months

Includes: Up to 12 one-hour personal coaching sessions (via Zoom or telephone) and email support

Investment: $3000 usd (Easy Payment Plan Available):

Includes: Up to 24 one-hour coaching sessions

Would you like to talk to me about coaching before you go ahead? Click here to schedule a 30 minute Discovery Consultation.

Premium Coaching Package

How do I get started?

Emergence Coaching Package

Duration: 2 months

Includes:  4 one-hour personal coaching sessions (via Zoom or telephone) and email support

Investment: $1200 usd (Easy Payment Plan Available):

Includes: Up to 24 one-hour coaching sessions

Duration: 6 months

Includes: Up to 24 one-hour personal coaching sessions (via Zoom or telephone) and email support

Investment: $5000 usd (Easy Payment Plan Available):

Includes: Up to 24 one-hour coaching sessions

My enthusiasm for my business was at an end. I desired a definitive change but did not know exactly what that change may be.

Now that I have been working with Kim I have the courage to tackle my real dream, which is a rather large cumbersome “save the world” type dream, without the fear or the guilt of wanting this large dream to come true.

My journey with Kim has been one of the most satisfying experiences I have had in many years. As I incorporated the knowledge and techniques learned while with Kim I became much more in touch with my true desires. Understanding myself and how manifestation truly works has awoken a whole new world of creation to me. I now believe that I can truly have it all!

If you are thinking of working with Kim, my advice is don’t walk, run!

Kim has the ability to bring out the inner you and is a great guide and friend when it comes to helping one determine what is one’s true purpose and vocation. She also helps build the foundation that strengthens and empowers you to have the courage to be who you truly are meant to be! She is a brilliant coach with a lovely sense of humor and touch of grace!

Lauren Wilder

Working with Kim has helped me become the woman of my dreams

Would you like to spend 6 months together focusing on your unique way to create what your REALLY want?

  © Kim Gould 2017