Emergent Human Design

One day back in 2006, I was thinking about my Ascendant.  It’s so important in astrology, and I wondered where it might be in my Human Design chart.  I  discovered that it was in a gate that bridged two separate areas of definition.   Those of you who know something about Human Design will understand that this is very significant.   If the Ascendant represents the way in which we do things in astrology, I wondered, what could this mean for me?

That exploration started me on a quest to discover what else might be ‘hidden’ in my design.  I was already using some of the multidimensional charts and I also began to experiment with the newly discovered dwarf planets.  When I added centaurs and asteroids to the mix I found the chart opened out with an astonishing amount of precise information.

This was the beginning of what I have come to call Emergent Human Design.

Soon after that I began formulating the Holographic HD layer, an adaption of the astrological technique of progressions. This layer gives astonishingly accurate information about how the purpose of your life unfurls from the seed of your standard HD chart. 

Six Modern Sciences

From 2011 I began to research recent discoveries from diverse sources like the HeartMath Institute, Joseph Chiltern Pearce’s work on brain development, Dan Winter’s work on embodied bliss and the relationship of the human heart to universal holograms, Elisabet Sahtouris’ work on evolution biology, Philip Shepherd’s work on the body consciousness, Katya Walter’s work on the I Ching and DNA, sacred geometry,  the science of the micro world of quantum reality and the macro world of chaos theory.  And much more.

The four ancient wisdom traditions that form the structural foundation for the Human Design System naturally align with six modern sciences. They are all part of the consciousness code that is Human Design. 

Overall the pieces fit together to create an incredible new experience of the Human Design System.

As we shift from a dualistic Cartesian consciousness to one aligned with our emerging quantum reality, we face immense challenges on both a personal and a global level.  Every aspect of our day to day life is changing, and will continue to change – relationships, health, work, the environment and the economy.  Emergent Human Design is all about shifting into this new reality with as much ease and grace as possible.  It holds keys to your emergent self.

There is so much more to the Human Design System than type, strategy and authority.  We are creating a new world, becoming emergent beings.  Evolving on purpose.

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